New York Times Crossword Clues and Answers for 16 September 2023, Saturday

Here's all New York Times Crossword answers for 16 September 2023, Saturday (09-16-23). Find all answers and solutions here. We've also tries to explain why the answer is the correct solution for each clue.
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Clues and answers

Clues followed by answers and an explanation underneath.

Actress Hoss of “Tár” : NINA

The answer to the clue "Actress Hoss of 'Tár'" is "NINA" because Nina Hoss is a German actress who starred in the film "Tár."


The word "aims" suggests a desired outcome or objective. The word "ends" can be used as a synonym for goals or objectives, making it a suitable answer for this clue.

Appear to be the case : SEEM SO Down 1 Site of a sea change?

The answer to "Appear to be the case" is "SEEM SO" because "SEEM" means to give the impression of being and "SO" is used to confirm or agree with a statement. So together, "SEEM SO" means something appears to be true or the case.

Article of summer wear : TANK TOP

The answer "TANK TOP" is the right solution because it is a common article of clothing worn during the summer. It is a sleeveless shirt that is typically made of lightweight fabric and is designed to keep the wearer cool in warm weather.

Awards for great pitchers? : CLIOS

The answer "CLIOS" is the right solution because it is a play on words. "Great pitchers" can refer to both baseball pitchers and advertising pitchmen. The CLIO Awards are prestigious awards given to recognize excellence in advertising and design, making them the perfect fit for the clue.

Barn locks : MANE

The answer "MANE" is the right solution because barn locks refer to the locks or tresses of hair found on the neck of a horse, which is called the mane.

Bit of merch : TOTE

The word "merch" is short for merchandise, and a common type of merchandise is a T-shirt, which is often abbreviated as "TEE". Therefore, "Bit of merch" can be clued as "TEE".

Biz ___ (corporate strategy) : OPS

The answer to "Biz ___ (corporate strategy)" is "OPS" because "OPS" is a commonly used abbreviation for "operations" in the business world.

Caught ya! : AHA!

The answer "OHO" is the right solution because it is an exclamation used to express surprise or realization when catching someone in the act.

Changes, in a way : EDITS

The answer "EDITS" fits the clue "Changes, in a way" because when you edit something, you make alterations or modifications to it, which can involve making changes to the content, structure, or appearance.

Comic’s batch of bits : SET

The answer to "Comic's batch of bits" is "SET" because in comedy, a "set" refers to a collection of jokes or routines that a comedian performs during a show.

Component of a Mr. Clean costume, say : BALD CAP

The answer "BALD CAP" is the right solution because a bald cap is a common component of a Mr. Clean costume. It is a cap that is worn to create the appearance of a bald head, which is a defining characteristic of the Mr. Clean character.

Credit lines? : HAT TIPS

The term "credit lines" can refer to acknowledging or giving recognition to someone. In this context, "hat tips" is a phrase commonly used to show appreciation or recognition. So, "hat tips" is the right answer because it fits the clue and represents the idea of giving credit or acknowledgement.

Cut (down) : PARED

"FELL" is the past tense of "fall," and it can also mean to chop down a tree or to cause something to collapse. Therefore, "cut down" can be a synonym for "fell."

Dallas’s ___ Museum of Nature and Science : PEROT

The answer is "PEROT" because the Perot Museum of Nature and Science is located in Dallas.

Derivative, essentially : RATE

The term "derivative" refers to the rate of change of a function. In calculus, the derivative measures how a function's output changes with respect to its input. Therefore, "RATE" is the right solution as it is essentially a derivative.

Dim sum dessert : EGG TART

The answer to "Dim sum dessert" is "EGG TART" because egg tarts are a popular dessert commonly served in dim sum cuisine.

Does the rite thing? : ANOINTS

The answer "ANOINTS" is the right solution because the word "rite" refers to a ceremonial act or religious ritual, and "ANOINTS" means to apply oil or sacred substance as part of a religious ceremony.

Errand runner : PAGE

The answer to "Errand runner" is "PAGE" because a page is traditionally a young person who runs errands for someone, especially in a formal setting like a government or royal household.

Euphoric : ON A HIGH

The answer "ON A HIGH" is the right solution for the clue "Euphoric" because it is a common expression used to describe a state of extreme happiness or elation.

Figure in the criminal underworld, maybe : LOAN SHARK

The answer "LOAN SHARK" fits the clue because a loan shark is a person who lends money at extremely high interest rates, often associated with illegal activities in the criminal underworld.

Good thing to stretch out before doing yoga : MAT

The answer "MAT" is the right solution because before doing yoga, it is common to stretch out on a yoga mat. A yoga mat provides a comfortable and supportive surface for practicing various yoga poses and exercises.

Grammy-winning artist with the 2016 album “A Seat at the Table” : SOLANGE

The Grammy-winning artist referred to in the clue is Solange, as she released the album "A Seat at the Table" in 2016.

Grammy-winning rapper with the 2022 #1 album “It’s Only Me” : LIL BABY

"LIL BABY" is the right solution because he is a Grammy-winning rapper who released the album "It's Only Me" in 2022, which reached the number one spot on the charts.

Helped out, informally : DID A SOLID

The answer "DID A SOLID" fits the clue "Helped out, informally" because "did a solid" is a colloquial phrase that means to provide assistance or support to someone.

How investigators might proceed : ON A LEAD

The phrase "on a lead" is a common expression used to describe how investigators might proceed. It means that they are following a potential clue or piece of evidence that could lead them closer to solving the case.

Imaging tech with “slices” : CT SCAN

The answer "CT SCAN" is the right solution because CT stands for Computed Tomography, which is a medical imaging technology that produces detailed cross-sectional images of the body. These images are often referred to as "slices," making "CT SCAN" the correct answer.

In all chaos there is a ___, in all disorder a secret order : Carl Jung

In direct competition : GOING TOE-TO-TOE

The phrase "going toe-to-toe" is commonly used to describe being in direct competition or engaging in a face-to-face confrontation. It implies a close and intense battle, making it a fitting answer for the clue "In direct competition."

Inexpensive drawing, say : CLIP ART

The answer "CLIP ART" is the right solution because clip art refers to pre-made images or illustrations that can be easily inserted into documents or designs. It is often inexpensive or even free to use, making it a budget-friendly option for adding visuals to projects.

It’s show time, folks! : AIR DATE

The phrase "It's show time, folks!" is often used to indicate the start of a performance or broadcast. The answer "AIR DATE" fits because it refers to the specific date on which a television or radio program is scheduled to be broadcasted.

Kind of force : BRUTE

The answer "BRUTE" is the right solution for the clue "Kind of force" because a brute force is a type of force that relies on sheer strength or power, rather than finesse or strategy.

Lead-in to town or term : MID-

The answer "MID-" is the right solution because it is a common prefix that can be added to the words "town" or "term" to create new words like "midtown" or "midterm".

Like some spoons and dolls : NESTED

The answer "NESTED" is the right solution because both spoons and dolls can be arranged in a nested or stacked manner, where one fits inside another.


The word "graphic" is a suitable answer for the clue "lurid" because it means vivid and explicit, often describing something that is shocking or disturbing in a visual way.

Mercedes-Benz sedan : S-CLASS

The answer to "Mercedes-Benz sedan" is "S-CLASS" because the S-Class is a luxury sedan model produced by Mercedes-Benz.

Move more : OUTSELL

The answer "OUTSELL" fits the clue "Move more" because it means to sell more than someone or something else. When you outsell, you are achieving higher sales or moving more products.

Must : NEED TO

The answer "HAS TO" fits the clue "Must" because it means being obligated or required to do something.

Nets, e.g. : NBA TEAM

The answer "NBA TEAM" is the right solution because the clue "Nets, e.g." suggests that we are looking for a group or category that includes "Nets." In this case, "NBA TEAM" fits perfectly as it refers to a group of basketball players, and the Nets are one of the teams in the NBA (National Basketball Association).

Nihilistic query : WHAT’S THE POINT?

The answer "WHAT'S THE POINT?" is the right solution for the clue "Nihilistic query" because it captures the essence of a question that expresses a sense of futility or meaninglessness. It reflects the philosophical concept of nihilism, which questions the existence of inherent meaning or purpose.

Nursery purchases : CRIBS

The answer to "Nursery purchases" is "CRIBS" because cribs are commonly bought for nurseries as they provide a safe and comfortable sleeping space for infants.

Of course it was me! : WHO ELSE?

The phrase "Who else?" is commonly used to assert that the speaker is the only possible option or the most likely person responsible for something. In the context of the clue "Of course it was me!", the answer "WHO ELSE?" is an emphatic response indicating that there is no other possible answer.

One-third of France’s motto : EGALITE

The answer "EGALITE" is the right solution because it represents one-third of France's motto "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity." "Egalite" means "equality" in French.

Ones sans plus-ones? : STAGS

The clue "Ones sans plus-ones?" is a play on words. "Sans" means without, and "plus-ones" refers to the additional guests someone brings to an event. So, "Ones sans plus-ones?" is asking for a term that means individuals without any additional guests. The answer "STAGS" fits this clue because it refers to unmarried men attending an event without a partner or date.

Opposite of independent thinking : HERD MENTALITY

The term "herd mentality" refers to the tendency of individuals to conform to the opinions or actions of a larger group. In the context of the clue, "opposite of independent thinking," herd mentality represents the opposite of thinking independently, as it implies following the crowd or going along with popular opinion.

Picker-uppers : TONGS

The answer "TONGS" is the right solution because they are commonly used as picker-uppers, especially when it comes to picking up and handling hot or dirty objects.

Practice group, for short? : MDS

The answer "MDS" stands for "Medical Dental Staff." In the context of the clue, "Practice group, for short?" MDS refers to a group of medical or dental professionals who work together in a practice.

Provide temporary relief (for) : SUB IN

The answer "SUB IN" is the right solution because it means to substitute or replace someone or something temporarily. It fits the clue "Provide temporary relief (for)" as it suggests providing a replacement or stand-in for a particular task or role.

Roasts : BROILS

The answer to "Roasts" is "BROILS" because broiling is a cooking method that involves direct heat from above, similar to roasting.

Second-densest naturally occurring metal : IRIDIUM

IRIDIUM is the right answer because it is the second-densest naturally occurring metal after osmium. Its high density makes it a suitable solution for the clue.

Skip it! : STONE

The answer to "Skip it!" is "ROPE" because when you skip, you often use a rope to jump over it.

Some investments, in brief : IRAS

The answer "IRAS" is the right solution because IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) are a type of investment commonly used for retirement savings.

That sound isn’t just in your head! : I HEAR IT!

The phrase "I HEAR IT!" indicates that the sound is actually audible and not just imagined.

The Grossglockner, for one : ALP

The Grossglockner is a famous mountain in the Alps, so the answer "ALP" is appropriate as it refers to a mountain range.

They might make it difficult to compare notes : TIN EARS

The answer "TIN EARS" is the right solution because when someone has "tin ears," it means they have difficulty hearing or understanding sounds accurately. In the context of comparing notes, having tin ears would make it challenging to accurately perceive and compare musical or written notes.

Tittle-tattles : CHATS

The word "tittle-tattles" is a clue that suggests gossip or casual conversations. The answer "CHATS" is a fitting solution because it means engaging in informal talks or discussions, which aligns with the idea of tittle-tattles.

Trade org. of interest to publishers and authors : ABA

The answer to "Trade org. of interest to publishers and authors" is "ABA" because ABA stands for the American Booksellers Association, which is a trade organization that represents both publishers and authors in the book industry.

U.C. Davis athlete : AGGIE

The answer "AGGIE" is the right solution because U.C. Davis is known for their athletic teams, and their official mascot is the "Aggies".

What cucumber slices and seaweed can be part of : SPA TREATMENTS

The answer "SPA TREATMENTS" fits the clue because cucumber slices and seaweed are commonly used in spa treatments. They are known for their soothing and rejuvenating properties, making them a popular choice for facials and body wraps.

Wireless network std. : LTE

The answer "LTE" stands for "Long-Term Evolution," which is a wireless network standard commonly used for high-speed data transmission in modern mobile devices. It is a widely recognized and adopted technology, making it the right solution for the crossword clue.

Word on a scale : TARE

The word "TARE" is the right solution because it refers to the weight of an empty container or packaging that is deducted from the total weight when measuring something on a scale.

___ crew : PIT

The term "pit crew" refers to the team of mechanics and technicians who work on race cars during pit stops. Therefore, the answer "PIT" fits the clue "___ crew" as it directly relates to the specific crew mentioned in the clue.

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