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The process of solving a crossword puzzle. First, you need to do your own research. You should look at the clues and try to fill in as many boxes as possible on your own. If you feel like you’re really stuck, there are plenty of tools that can help make the process easier. Our favorite is to use a thesaurus because it allows you to find synonyms for words quickly and easily. If you’re trying to find an answer but are still getting stuck, then try using all known letters and searching for those letters on a crossword clue website such as this. This will often spark new ideas about what might work best in a particular place within the puzzle based on how other people have solved it previously without giving away too much information (though sometimes people share their exact solution).

Finally, we want to encourage everyone not just give up when they get stumped by something they think is unsolvable or too difficult! Think hard and learn new things!

Most common crossword clues in our database

Greek letter – There are many greek letters, but the most common answer is ETA followed by RHO and PSI.
Girl’s name – This could literally be any girl name. The most common is somehow Etta, Rae and Mae.
Concerning – The most common answers are Inre, Asto and Anent.
Otherwise – The most probably answer is Else, but could also be Ifnot or some other alternatives.
Jai ___ – Jai Alai! – This is a sport involving bouncing a ball off a walled-in-space!
Pronoun – This could be any pronoun, but the most common answers in crosswords are Her, She, Its and One.
Man’s nickname – This could almost be any nickname but the most common answer is Len, Ned, Nat or Pete.
Regarding – Most likely answer is Asto.
Man’s name – Could almost be any name, most common right answers are Ira, Emil or Erle.
Give off – Most likely Emit.

See our whole list of most common crossword clues here!

The most common crossword answers

In our database of crossword clues and answers the most common crossword answer are the following:

  1. AREA
  2. ERA
  3. ERIE
  4. ERE
  5. ALOE
  6. ORE
  7. ARIA
  8. ONE
  9. ALE
  10. ATE

Where can I find crossword puzzles online?

All major newspapers provide free crossword puzzles that are available online. The New York Times, for example, provides a new puzzle every day of the week. There are also many sites that host crosswords and other types of puzzles including Crosswords With Friends and the Washington Post. Most of these sites follow the same general format: they offer a variety of types of puzzles (often grouped by difficulty), you can choose to play across or down first, and you have options to check your answers or reveal all answers if you get stuck.

Search in our database with clues and answers

We’ve listed clues from our database that match your search. There will also be a list of synonyms for your answer. Crossword answers have been arranged depending on the number of letters so that they’re easy to find.

Most common crossword answers you should know about

These are the most common answers for crossword puzzles:


That’s because it can be substituted in for Roman numerals, such as “VIII” or “LX.”


As standardized tests go, this one is pretty famous. You can take it to get into college and people start studying for it a year or so before they take it. In crosswords, an answer that you need to know about but isn’t in your everyday vocabulary will always be a good guess. Other common answers to look out for are specific types of fish (eel, pike) or animals (doe, stag), long-winded phrases (it’s not rocket science), foreign words (adios!), pop culture references (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), or slang terms next to question marks (“d’oh!”).

How do you solve crosswords?

When solving a crossword puzzle, you’ve got to keep several types of words in mind. It’s not just your average nouns and verbs that come into play. You’ll see across-the-board terms:

  • `Across-the-board`—equally applicable to everyone or everything involved; all-inclusive
  • `Abroad`—to, in, or at a foreign country; away from home; wide of the mark; at large
  • `Afar`—at or by a great distance; a long way off

Additionally, you’ll encounter acronyms: short forms made up of the initial letters of other words, like NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and ASAP (as soon as possible). Some are pronounceable (TNT), while others aren’t (SNAFU). A crossword constructor may create their own acronym to fit the given word length. For example, if there are five spaces available for an answer, the constructor might use an abbreviation for “electricity,” like “ELC.”

Most common crossword answers you should know about

You’ve probably seen these answers in a crossword puzzle:

  • IMUS – Radio host Don Imus
  • SATURN – Sixth planet from the sun
  • ACE – Tennis score of one point
  • BRIT – “The Full Monty” star Mark Addy, for one
  • ARLO – Woody Guthrie’s son
  • ROLAID – Brand name antacid

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