Answer to "Across-the-board" crossword clue

The most common and most likely answer to this crossword clue is the 5 letter word BROAD , but the solution may also be TOTALLY which is one of the most recent solution (2015 in LA Times).

Across-the-board crossword clue answers

Here's a list of possible crossword answers ranked by the most likely to least likely.

Answer Likelyness Letters
BROAD42 %5
WIDE8 %4

Words with a meaning similar to the clue: Across-the-board

These words may or may not be a possible solution to this crosswords clue.
  • globally
  • universality
  • universally
  • broad based
  • nationwide
  • worldwide
  • universalized
  • generalised
  • statewide
  • generically
  • all encompassing
  • industrywide

Crossword Answer definitions

BROAD noun
  1. A shallow lake, one of a number of bodies of water in eastern Norfolk and Suffolk.
  2. A lathe tool for turning down the insides and bottoms of cylinders.
  3. A British gold coin worth 20 shillings, issued by the Commonwealth of England in 1656.
BROAD adjective
  1. Wide in extent or scope.
  2. Extended, in the sense of diffused; open; clear; full.
  3. Having a large measure of any thing or quality; unlimited; unrestrained.
  4. Comprehensive; liberal; enlarged.
  5. Plain; evident.
  6. (writing) Unsubtle; obvious.
  7. Free; unrestrained; unconfined.
  8. Gross; coarse; indelicate.
  9. (of an accent) Strongly regional.
  10. (Gaelic languages) Velarized, i.e. not palatalized.
BROAD noun
  1. A prostitute, a woman of loose morals.
  2. (sometimes obsolete) A woman or girl.

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FAQ about this crossword solution

The most likely answer is BROAD.

We've seen this clue at 12 occations and have 7 unique solutions for this crossword clue.

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