New York Times Crossword Clues and Answers for 21 November 2023, Tuesday

Here's all New York Times Crossword answers for 21 November 2023, Tuesday (11-21-23). Find all answers and solutions here. We've also tries to explain why the answer is the correct solution for each clue.
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Clues and answers

Clues followed by answers and an explanation underneath.

Actor Michael of “Juno” : CERA

The answer is "CERA" because Michael Cera is an actor who starred in the movie "Juno."

Air Force ___ : ONE

The answer to "Air Force ___" is "ONE" because the Air Force is one branch of the military.

American military construction force : SEABEES

SEABEES is the right solution because it is a commonly used term to refer to the United States Navy's construction battalions. They are responsible for building and maintaining military bases and infrastructure both domestically and overseas.

Archaeologist’s find : RELIC

The answer to "Archaeologist's find" is "URN" because urns are often discovered by archaeologists during excavations. Urns are ancient vessels used for storing ashes or burial purposes, making them a common find in archaeological digs.

Bach piece whose title sounds a bit risque : AIR ON THE G STRING (giving “string bean”)

The answer is "AIR ON THE G STRING" because it sounds like "string bean," which is a type of vegetable.

Batman’s sidekick : ROBIN

The answer is "ROBIN" because Robin is Batman's famous sidekick in the comic books and movies.

Become a YouTube sensation, say : GO VIRAL

The term "go viral" is commonly used to describe when a video or content spreads rapidly and widely across the internet, gaining a large number of views and shares. In the context of the clue, "Become a YouTube sensation, say," the answer "GO VIRAL" fits perfectly as it captures the essence of achieving widespread popularity on YouTube or any other online platform.

Bit of broccoli : FLORET

The answer "FLORET" is the right solution because it refers to a small, individual part of a broccoli head. It is a commonly used term to describe a small, flowering section of a vegetable, such as broccoli.

Broccoli ___ : RABE

The answer is "RABE" because it is a type of broccoli commonly used in Italian cuisine.

Capote’s nickname : TRU

The answer "TRU" is the right solution because it is a commonly known nickname for the author Truman Capote.

Capricorn’s animal : GOAT

The zodiac sign Capricorn is symbolized by the goat, making "GOAT" the correct answer.

Chess announcement : CHECK

The answer to "Chess announcement" is "CHECK" because it is a term used in chess to indicate that the opponent's king is under attack.

Coke, to Pepsi : RIVAL

The answer "RIVAL" is the right solution because Coke and Pepsi are well-known competitors in the beverage industry. They are considered rivals due to their ongoing competition for market share and consumer preference.

Comedian Philips : EMO

The answer to "Comedian Philips" is "EMO" because Emo Philips is a well-known comedian.

Corporate number cruncher who might be interested in the ends of 17-, 26-, 37- and 47-? : BEAN COUNTER

The term "bean counter" is a colloquial phrase used to describe a corporate number cruncher, typically an accountant or financial analyst. In this crossword clue, the phrase "interested in the ends of 17-, 26-, 37-, and 47-" suggests that we need to look at the last letters of the words in those specific clues. When we do that, we find that the last letters spell out the word "BEAN," and when combined with "COUNTER," we get the complete answer "BEAN COUNTER."

Cute, cutesily : ADORBS

The word "ADORBS" is a playful and informal abbreviation of "adorable." It fits the clue "Cute, cutesily" because it captures the idea of something being extremely cute or charming in a whimsical and endearing way.

Dawn drops : DEW

The answer "DEW" is the right solution to the clue "Dawn drops" because dew refers to the moisture that forms on surfaces during the early morning hours, especially on grass and leaves.

Deviated temporarily from a straight course : YAWED

Do some grapplin’ : RASSLE

The word "rassle" is a colloquial term for "wrestle". It is commonly used in informal contexts to describe the act of grappling or engaging in a physical struggle or wrestling match. Therefore, "rassle" is the right solution for the clue "Do some grapplin’".

Do some yard work : MOW

The answer to "Do some yard work" is "MOW" because mowing the lawn is a common task in yard maintenance.

Dough or bread : MOOLA

Drug studied by Timothy Leary : LSD

The answer is "LSD" because Timothy Leary was a prominent advocate and researcher of the psychedelic drug LSD.

Dull routine : RUT

The answer to "Dull routine" is "RUT" because a rut refers to a monotonous or repetitive pattern or habit, which aligns with the idea of a dull routine.

Fairy king in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” : OBERON

Fannie ___ (finance company) : MAE

The answer is "MAE" because Fannie Mae is a well-known finance company in the United States.

Foul smells : ODORS

The word "ODORS" is the right solution because it refers to unpleasant or foul smells, matching the clue "Foul smells."

Gelatin made from seaweed : AGAR

The answer "AGAR" is the right solution because it is a type of gelatin that is derived from seaweed.

Gold digger? : MINER

The answer "MINER" is the right solution because a gold digger is someone who mines or extracts gold from the earth, and a "MINER" is a person who does exactly that.

Grain in a Salinger title : RYE

The answer is "RYE" because J.D. Salinger wrote a famous novel titled "The Catcher in the Rye," where "RYE" refers to the grain used in making whiskey.

Greek column style : IONIC

The answer is "IONIC" because Ionic is one of the three main styles of Greek columns, along with Doric and Corinthian. It is characterized by its scroll-like design at the top, known as a volute.

Group of buffalo : HERD

The answer "HERD" is the right solution because a group of buffalo is commonly referred to as a "herd".

High-end ridesharing option : UBER BLACK (giving “black bean”)

The answer to "High-end ridesharing option" is "UBER BLACK" because "UBER BLACK" is a premium service offered by the ridesharing company Uber. It is known for providing luxury vehicles and professional drivers, hence the term "high-end." The clue also hints at the wordplay involving "black bean," which is a clever way of indicating the color black associated with this particular Uber service.

Highly rated March telecast, with “the” : OSCARS

The answer is "OSCARS" because the Oscars is a highly rated telecast that takes place in March and is often referred to as "the Oscars."

Iowa college : COE

The answer "COE" is the right solution because it is the abbreviation for Coe College, which is a college located in Iowa.

Japanese meeting place that serves refreshments : TEAHOUSE

The answer "TEAHOUSE" is the right solution because in Japanese culture, a teahouse is a traditional meeting place where people gather to enjoy tea and other refreshments.

Jewish wedding dance : HORA

The answer "HORA" is the right solution because it is a traditional Jewish wedding dance.

LPs and 45s : VINYL

The answer "VINYL" is the right solution because LPs and 45s are both types of records that were commonly made from vinyl material.

Mammal with a white rump : ELK

The answer to "Mammal with a white rump" is "ELK" because elk is a large mammal that has a distinctive white patch on its rump.

Man’s name that’s another man’s name backward : ARI

The answer is "ARI" because when you read it backward, it spells "IRA," which is another man's name.

Neon-colored, say : LOUD

The answer "LOUD" is the right solution because neon colors are known for being vibrant and eye-catching, just like something that is loud.

One of the Beatles : PAUL

The answer "PAUL" is the right solution because Paul McCartney was one of the members of the famous band, The Beatles.

Option when setting up a new tech device : SYNC

The answer "SYNC" is the right solution because when setting up a new tech device, one of the options is often to synchronize or sync it with other devices or accounts. This allows for data, settings, or media to be transferred or shared across multiple devices.

Paid to play : ANTED

The answer "ANTED" is the right solution because it means to contribute money in a poker game before receiving cards. In this context, "Paid to play" refers to the act of putting money into the pot in order to participate in the game.

Prevent, as a crisis : AVERT

The word "avert" means to prevent or avoid something, such as a crisis. It fits perfectly with the clue "Prevent, as a crisis" as it implies taking action to stop a crisis from happening.

Prima donna problems : EGOS

Primitive shelter : LEAN-TO

The answer "LEAN-TO" is the right solution for "Primitive shelter" because a lean-to is a simple and basic shelter made by leaning one side against a supporting structure, like a tree or a wall. It is commonly used in outdoor settings and requires minimal construction.

Public esteem : REPUTE Down 1 Not working today

The answer to "Public esteem" is "REPUTE" because it refers to the general opinion or reputation that someone or something has in the eyes of the public. It fits the clue perfectly.

Restaurant review symbol : STAR

The answer to "Restaurant review symbol" is "STAR" because stars are commonly used to rate and review restaurants, with a higher number of stars indicating a better review.

Rise, as temperatures : CLIMB

The word "climb" accurately describes the action of temperatures increasing or going up.

Scuttlebutt, say : INFO

The word "scuttlebutt" is often used as slang for "gossip" or "rumor." "INFO" is a common abbreviation for "information," which can be used as a synonym for gossip or rumor. Therefore, "INFO" is the right solution.

Snoopy’s nemesis : RED BARON

Solemnly swear : VOW

The answer "VOW" is the right solution because when someone solemnly swears, they are making a promise or commitment, which is exactly what a vow is.

Sound at a fireworks display : OOH!

The answer "OOH!" is the right solution because it represents the sound that people often make when they see something impressive or exciting, like fireworks.

Stately potato? : IDAHO

The answer "IDAHO" is the right solution because Idaho is known for its stately and large potato crops.

Stuff attached to an Acme detonator, in cartoons : TNT

The answer is "TNT" because it is commonly depicted in cartoons as the explosive material attached to an Acme detonator.

Surrealist Joan : MIRO

The answer "MIRO" is the right solution because Joan Miró was a famous surrealist artist known for his unique and imaginative style.

The “E” of EGOT : EMMY

The answer to "The 'E' of EGOT" is "EMMY" because the Emmy Awards recognize excellence in the television industry, and the letter "E" stands for Emmy in the EGOT acronym.

They’ll show you the world : GLOBES

The answer to "They'll show you the world" is "GLOBES" because globes are spherical models of the Earth that provide a representation of the world.

Tiny superhero in the Marvel Universe : ANT-MAN

The answer to "Tiny superhero in the Marvel Universe" is "ANT-MAN" because Ant-Man is a superhero character in the Marvel Universe who has the ability to shrink down to the size of an ant.

U.K. military force : ROYAL NAVY (giving “navy bean”)

The answer to "U.K. military force" is "ROYAL NAVY" because the Royal Navy is a branch of the United Kingdom's armed forces that is responsible for naval operations. The term "navy bean" is a wordplay clue that hints at the answer.

Vaping stick, for short : E-CIG

The answer "E-CIG" is the right solution because it is a commonly used abbreviation for an electronic cigarette, which is a type of vaping stick.

Very long time : EON

The answer to "Very long time" is "EON" because an eon is an extremely long and indefinite period of time, making it a fitting solution for the clue.

What a 56- would total for this puzzle? : FOUR

The answer "FOUR" is the right solution because a 56- would total for this puzzle refers to the sum of the numbers in the grid. Since there are four numbers in the grid, the total would be four.

Wine holder : CASK

The answer "CASK" is the right solution because a cask is a container typically used for storing and aging wine.

“Be all you can be” sloganeer : US ARMY

The answer to the clue "“Be all you can be” sloganeer" is "US ARMY" because the phrase "Be all you can be" was a well-known slogan used by the United States Army for recruiting purposes.

“Dracula” author Stoker : BRAM

The answer to "Dracula" author Stoker is "BRAM" because Bram Stoker is the author of the famous novel "Dracula."

“Hot” stage item : MIC

The answer "MIC" is short for microphone, which is commonly used on a "hot" stage to amplify sound.

“Men ___ from Mars …” : ARE

The phrase "Men ___ from Mars..." is a popular saying that comes from the book "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus" by John Gray. The missing word is "ARE" because it completes the sentence and makes it grammatically correct.

“Slumdog Millionaire” actress : FREIDA PINTO (giving “pinto bean”)

The answer "Freida Pinto" is the right solution because she is the actress who starred in the movie "Slumdog Millionaire." The wordplay in the clue suggests a word association with "pinto bean," which is a type of bean.

“That feels so-o-o good!” : AAH!

” ___ Lama Ding Dong” : RAMA

The answer to "”___ Lama Ding Dong”" is "RAMA" because it completes the phrase "Rama Lama Ding Dong," which is a line from the song "Get a Job" by The Silhouettes.

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