New York Times Crossword Clues and Answers for 8 November 2023, Wednesday

Here's all New York Times Crossword answers for 8 November 2023, Wednesday (11-08-23). Find all answers and solutions here. We've also tries to explain why the answer is the correct solution for each clue.
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Clues and answers

Clues followed by answers and an explanation underneath.

18- by Miley Cyrus, in two ways : WRECKING BALL

The answer to "18- by Miley Cyrus, in two ways" is "WRECKING BALL" because "WRECKING BALL" is a popular song by Miley Cyrus that was released in 2013. The clue suggests that the answer is a song title by Miley Cyrus, and "WRECKING BALL" fits that description.

18- by Peter Gabriel, in two ways : SLEDGEHAMMER

The answer "SLEDGEHAMMER" is the right solution because it fits the clue "18- by Peter Gabriel, in two ways" perfectly. The song "Sledgehammer" was released by Peter Gabriel in 1986, and it can be interpreted in two ways: as a literal tool used for breaking things, or metaphorically, representing someone who is powerful and influential.

18- by the Doors, in two ways : BREAK ON THROUGH

The answer "BREAK ON THROUGH" is the right solution because it is a song by the Doors, a famous rock band. The song is also known as "Break On Through (To the Other Side)" and can be interpreted in two ways, referring to breaking through barriers or breaking through to a different reality.

Allow to : LET

Author Silverstein : SHEL

The answer to "Author Silverstein" is "SHEL" because Shel Silverstein is a well-known author and poet, and "SHEL" is the correct abbreviation of his first name.

Ave. crossers : STS

The answer "STS" stands for "streets." In the context of the clue "Ave. crossers," "Ave." refers to "avenue," and "crossers" implies the streets that intersect or cross the avenue. Therefore, "STS" is the appropriate abbreviation for streets in this crossword clue.

Biomedical research agcy. : NIH

The answer to "Biomedical research agcy." is "NIH" because it stands for the National Institutes of Health, which is a well-known agency responsible for conducting biomedical research in the United States.

Bornean primate, informally : ORANG

The answer "ORANG" is the right solution because it is a common informal term for the Bornean primate, also known as the orangutan.

Cellphone inits. : LTE

The answer to "Cellphone inits." is "LTE" because LTE stands for Long-Term Evolution, which is a standard for high-speed wireless communication commonly used in modern cellphones.

Cirque du Soleil performer : TRAPEZIST

The answer "TRAPEZIST" is the right solution for the clue "Cirque du Soleil performer" because trapezists are skilled acrobats who perform high above the ground on a trapeze. Cirque du Soleil is known for its breathtaking acrobatic performances, making "TRAPEZIST" a fitting answer.

Comfy shoe, informally : MOC

The answer "MOC" is short for "moccasin," which is a type of comfortable shoe.

Conical dwelling : TEPEE

The answer "TEPEE" is the right solution because a tepee is a conical dwelling traditionally used by Native American tribes. It is a portable shelter made of animal skins or canvas stretched over wooden poles.

Dongle connector, in brief : USB

The answer to "Dongle connector, in brief" is "USB" because USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, which is a common type of connector used for various devices, including dongles. It is a widely recognized and commonly used term in technology.

Durham sch. : UNH

The answer to "Durham sch." is "UNH" because UNH stands for the University of New Hampshire, which is located in Durham, New Hampshire.

Enthusiastic response to a bro : MY MAN!

The answer "MY MAN!" is the right solution because it is an enthusiastic response to a bro or a close friend. It is a colloquial expression used to show excitement, support, or camaraderie.

Exhibiting Newton’s first law, say : AT REST

The answer "AT REST" fits the clue because Newton's first law states that an object at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an external force. Therefore, an object exhibiting Newton's first law would be "AT REST."

Feature of many a gas station : MART

The answer to "Feature of many a gas station" is "MART" because many gas stations have convenience stores attached to them, commonly referred to as "gas station marts."

Fiats : EDICTS

The answer to "Fiats" is "EDICTS" because "fiats" refers to authoritative commands or orders, and "edicts" are formal pronouncements of such commands or orders.

Flaky rock : SHALE

The answer to "Flaky rock" is "SHALE" because shale is a type of sedimentary rock that easily breaks into thin, flaky layers.

Flyers, on scoreboards : PHI

The answer "PHI" is the abbreviation for the Philadelphia Flyers, a professional ice hockey team. On scoreboards, team abbreviations are often used to represent the names of sports teams.

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, collectively : TORAH

The answer is "TORAH" because these five books are collectively known as the Torah in the Hebrew Bible.

Got down on one’s knees and begged : GROVELED

The word "groveled" means to get down on one's knees and beg. It is the right solution because it accurately describes the action described in the clue.

Heroic exploit : GEST

The word "gest" is a suitable answer for "heroic exploit" because "gest" refers to a notable or heroic deed or action.

How much it’s gonna cost : THE DAMAGE

"The damage" is a colloquial phrase often used to refer to the cost or amount of money that something will cost. In this crossword clue, the phrase "How much it's gonna cost" is a hint that we are looking for a phrase related to the cost. Therefore, "THE DAMAGE" is the appropriate answer.

Inception : OUTSET

The word "inception" means the beginning or start of something. "Outset" is a synonym for the start or beginning, making it the right solution.

Industry term for action-ready film locales : HOT SETS

The term "HOT SETS" refers to action-ready film locales in the industry. It is a common term used to describe film sets that are fully prepared and ready for filming.

Infotech standard akin to ASCII : UNICODE

The answer to "Infotech standard akin to ASCII" is "UNICODE" because UNICODE is a widely used standard in information technology that represents characters from various writing systems. It is similar to ASCII, which is also a character encoding standard, but UNICODE has a much larger character set.

Intro to calculus? : PRE-

The answer "PRE-" is the right solution because it is a common prefix that means "before" or "prior to." In the context of the clue "Intro to calculus?" it suggests that "PRE-" is what comes before or precedes the study of calculus.

Kind of potato also known as a “russet” : IDAHO

The answer is "IDAHO" because it is a type of potato that is commonly referred to as a "russet."

Kinda, sorta : ISH

The answer "ISH" is the right solution because it is a colloquial way of expressing something that is not exactly or precisely what is being described. It conveys a sense of approximation or ambiguity.

Letters for a handyperson : DIY

The answer "DIY" stands for "Do It Yourself," which refers to tasks or projects that individuals can complete on their own without professional help. Handypersons often engage in DIY activities, making "DIY" the appropriate answer for the clue.

Like playing Russian roulette : RISKY

The answer "RISKY" is the right solution because playing Russian roulette involves a high level of danger or risk.

Lumbering creature of fantasy : ENT

The answer "ENT" is the right solution because in fantasy literature, especially in J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings," Ents are depicted as large, slow-moving, tree-like creatures. They are known for their lumbering and deliberate nature, making them the perfect fit for the clue "Lumbering creature of fantasy."

Maker of the Yukon S.U.V. : GMC

The answer is "GMC" because GMC is a well-known automobile manufacturer that produces the Yukon S.U.V.

Match, for a cigarette : LIGHT

The word "light" can refer to both the act of igniting a cigarette with a match and the match itself. Therefore, "light" is the correct answer to the clue "Match, for a cigarette."

Melville’s Bartleby, for one : SCRIBE

The answer to "Melville's Bartleby, for one" is "SCRIBE" because Bartleby is a character in Herman Melville's short story "Bartleby, the Scrivener" who works as a scribe or a copyist.

Mike of “So I Married an Axe Murderer” : MYERS

The answer is "MYERS" because Mike Myers is the actor who played the main character in the movie "So I Married an Axe Murderer".

N.F.L. units : Abbr.

The answer to "N.F.L. units" is "Abbr." because "Abbr." is the abbreviation for "abbreviation," and the clue is indicating that the answer is an abbreviation.

Name that’s a city in Oklahoma : ENID

The answer to "Name that’s a city in Oklahoma" is "ENID" because Enid is a city located in the state of Oklahoma.

Nav. rank : ENS

The answer "ENS" is short for "Ensign," which is a naval rank.

Newbie : TYRO

The word "tyro" is a synonym for "newbie" or "beginner." It is a concise and fitting answer that accurately describes someone who is new to a particular activity or field.

Not real : IMAGINED

The answer "IMAGINED" fits the clue "Not real" because it means something that is created or invented in one's mind, rather than being based on reality.

Objects of some police hunts : ESCAPEES Down 1 “Who’s there?” response

The answer "ESCAPEES" fits the clue "Objects of some police hunts" because escapees are the individuals who have escaped from a place of confinement, such as prison, and are being pursued by the police.

Occupies, as a bird might : NESTS IN

The answer "NESTS IN" is the right solution because it accurately describes the action of a bird occupying a nest. Birds typically build and occupy nests, so "NESTS IN" fits the clue perfectly.

Phantomlike : GHOSTLY

The word "phantomlike" is used to describe something that resembles or is similar to a ghost. The word "ghostly" means exactly that, so it is the perfect fit for the clue.

Pour down : RAIN

The answer to "Pour down" is "RAIN" because rain is a common phrase used to describe the action of water falling heavily from the sky.

Prairie product : WHEAT

The answer "WHEAT" is the right solution for the clue "Prairie product" because wheat is a commonly grown crop in prairie regions.

Prefix with many -isms : NEO-

The prefix "neo-" means new or modern. It is commonly used to describe new movements or ideologies, hence the reference to "many -isms" in the clue. Therefore, "neo-" is the right solution for this crossword clue.

Printing specification : TYPE SIZE

The answer "TYPE SIZE" is the right solution because in printing, the specification refers to the particular size of the font or typeface being used.

Rap’s Lil ___ X : NAS

Replica, informally : DUPE

The word "dupe" is a slang term that means replica or copy. It fits the clue "replica, informally" perfectly, making it the right solution.

Runaway best seller : SMASH HIT

The answer "SMASH HIT" is the right solution because a "runaway best seller" refers to a book or novel that becomes extremely popular and sells exceptionally well. The term "smash hit" is commonly used to describe something that is highly successful and widely acclaimed, making it a fitting answer for the clue.

Santa-tracking org. : NORAD

The answer to "Santa-tracking org." is "NORAD" because NORAD, which stands for North American Aerospace Defense Command, is responsible for tracking Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

Send out : EMIT

The word "emit" means to send out or release something, making it the perfect answer for the clue "Send out."

Sex education subject : OVA

Singer Paula : ABDUL

The answer to "Singer Paula" is "ABDUL" because Paula Abdul is a well-known American singer.

Soupçon : SMIDGE

The answer "SMIDGE" is the right solution for the clue "Soupçon" because "smidge" means a small amount or a hint, which is synonymous with "soupçon."

Time of one’s life : AGE

The answer "AGE" is the right solution because it refers to the period or stage of someone's life. It fits the clue "Time of one's life" as it represents a specific duration or phase in a person's existence.

Toys that can be used while either sitting or lying : SLEDS

The answer "SLEDS" is the right solution because sleds are toys that can be used while either sitting or lying down. When using a sled, one can sit or lie on it while sliding down a snowy hill.

Uncouple : DETACH

The word "uncouple" means to separate or disconnect. "Detach" also means to separate or disconnect. Therefore, "detach" is the right solution because it is a synonym of "uncouple".

Utah’s ___ Canyon : ZION

The answer is "ZION" because Zion Canyon is a famous and popular destination located in Utah.

Van ___, band with the 1984 #1 hit “Jump” : HALEN

The answer is "HALEN" because the band referred to in the clue is "Van Halen" and they had a #1 hit in 1984 called "Jump".

Vape “health” claim : NO TAR

The answer "NO TAR" is the right solution because vaping does not produce tar, which is a harmful substance found in traditional cigarette smoke.

Web mag : E-ZINE

The answer to "Web mag" is "E-ZINE" because an e-zine is a digital magazine that is typically published online.

Went in formation, in a way : MARCHED

The word "Went" suggests movement, and "in formation" indicates a structured arrangement. "Marched" accurately describes the action of moving in an organized manner, making it the right solution.

Went undercover : HID

The answer "HID" is the right solution because when someone goes undercover, they hide their true identity or intentions.

What 25-, 40- and 51- might originally have appeared on, appropriately? : DEMO TAPE

The answer "DEMO TAPE" is the right solution because it refers to a type of recording that musicians or bands would originally have used to showcase their music. It fits the clue as "25-, 40-, and 51-" could represent track numbers on a demo tape.

What Brits call Bordeaux reds : CLARETS

The term "Clarets" is commonly used by Brits to refer to red wines from the Bordeaux region of France. This nickname originated from the historical practice of labeling Bordeaux wines with a red seal, resembling the color of the famous red wines produced in the region.

Word after chocolate or chemistry : … LAB

The answer to "Word after chocolate or chemistry" is "LAB" because both chocolate and chemistry are often associated with laboratory settings.

Word with Mother or golden : … GOOSE

The word "GOOSE" is the right solution because it can be combined with the words "Mother" or "golden" to form well-known phrases. For example, "Mother Goose" refers to a collection of children's nursery rhymes, and "golden goose" is a term used to describe a source of unexpected wealth or good fortune.

Work around, as an issue : SKIRT

The word "skirt" can mean to work around or avoid an issue or problem. It fits the clue because when you skirt around something, you are finding a way to bypass or evade it.

___ gratia artis : ARS

The crossword clue "___ gratia artis" is a Latin phrase that appears on the logo of MGM studios. The translation of this phrase is "art for art's sake." The word "ARS" is the Latin word for "art," making it the correct answer to this clue.

___-compliant : ADA

The answer to "___-compliant" is "ADA" because the ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act, which sets standards for accessibility and compliance in various areas.

“Pierce film with fork” might be the first one : STEP

The word "Pierce" suggests the action of sticking or poking something. In this case, the clue is referring to a film, which is often made up of multiple scenes or shots. The word "film" can also refer to a thin layer or coating. When we combine these ideas, we can interpret the clue as asking us to divide or separate the film into smaller parts. And the word that fits this description, starting with "S" and having four letters, is "STEP."

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