New York Times Crossword Clues and Answers for 2 November 2023, Thursday

Here's all New York Times Crossword answers for 2 November 2023, Thursday (11-02-23). Find all answers and solutions here. We've also tries to explain why the answer is the correct solution for each clue.
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Clues and answers

Clues followed by answers and an explanation underneath.

Actress Pinkett Smith : JADA

The answer to "Actress Pinkett Smith" is "JADA" because Jada Pinkett Smith is an actress known for her roles in movies such as "The Matrix" and "Girls Trip".

Ancient marketplace : AGORA

The word "AGORA" is the right solution because it is a term used to describe an ancient marketplace in Greek cities.

Badly dilapida_ed : NO-T “TOO SHABBY”

The answer to "Badly dilapida_ed" is "NO-T “TOO SHABBY” because when you fill in the missing letters, it becomes "NOT TOO SHABBY," which means not bad or pretty good.

Bargain indicator : SALE TAG

The answer "SALE TAG" is the right solution because a "tag" is a small piece of paper or cardboard attached to a product, indicating its price or information. When a product is on sale or discounted, it is often marked with a "SALE TAG" to indicate the bargain.

Baseball’s Marsh or Bohm : ALEC

The answer to the clue "Baseball's Marsh or Bohm" is "ALEC" because both Marsh and Bohm are baseball players named Alec.

Championship _ _ _t : NO-BEL “PRIZE”

Citrine, for one : GEM

The clue "Citrine, for one" is a hint that we are looking for a specific type of citrine. Citrine is a type of gemstone, so the answer "GEM" fits perfectly.

Classic Pontiacs : GTOS

The answer to "Classic Pontiacs" is "GTOS" because GTOs were a popular and iconic model of Pontiac cars produced from the 1960s to the 1970s.

Common default font : ARIAL

The answer to "Common default font" is "ARIAL" because Arial is a widely used font that is often set as the default font in various software applications and operating systems.

Cozy places : DENS

The answer "DENS" is the right solution because dens are typically small, comfortable spaces where people can relax and feel cozy.

Creamy cheese : BRIE

The answer to "Creamy cheese" is "BRIE" because Brie is a type of soft cheese that has a creamy texture.

Creep through cracks : SEEP

The answer "SEEP" is the right solution because it means to slowly and gradually pass through small openings or cracks, just like something would do when it creeps.

El ___ Alto, California redwood that’s more than 1,000 years old : PALO

The answer "PALO" is the right solution because "El ___ Alto" is a clue indicating that we need a Spanish word for "The ___ Alto." "Palo" is a Spanish word that means "stick" or "pole," and it fits the clue as it is a reference to the tall California redwood tree.

Elitist sort : SNOOT

The answer "SNOOT" is the right solution because it is a slang term that refers to someone who is condescending or snobbish, which matches the clue "Elitist sort".

Features of many “On my way” texts : ETAS

The answer "ETAS" is the right solution because "ETAS" stands for Estimated Time of Arrival, which is a common feature in many "On my way" texts.

Fruit eaten on the Jewish New Year : APPLE

The fruit traditionally eaten on the Jewish New Year is the apple. It is dipped in honey to symbolize a sweet and fruitful year ahead.

Functional : UTILE

The word "utile" means useful or functional. It is a synonym for functional, making it the right solution for the crossword clue.

Gathering, casually : SESH Down 1 Some recyclables

The answer "SESH" is short for "session," which is a slang term for a gathering or get-together. This fits the clue "Gathering, casually" because it suggests an informal social gathering. As for the second clue, "Some recyclables," the answer is unknown without further context.

Grp. that launched 41- : USSR

The answer is "USSR" because the USSR, which stands for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, was a political entity that launched the first manned spaceflight, known as Vostok 1, in 1961.

Hawkeye State college town : AMES

The answer to "Hawkeye State college town" is "AMES" because Ames is a city in Iowa, which is known as the Hawkeye State. It is home to Iowa State University, making it a college town.

Investment goals : GAINS

The answer "GAINS" is the right solution because in the context of investment goals, the main objective is to achieve financial gains or profits.

Jack, but not Jill : CARD

Japanese Olympics city : NAGANO

The answer to "Japanese Olympics city" is "NAGANO" because Nagano hosted the Winter Olympics in 1998.

John of wrestling fame : CENA

The answer to "John of wrestling fame" is "CENA" because John Cena is a famous professional wrestler.

Kicks back : LAZES

The term "kicks back" is often used to describe relaxing or taking it easy. "Chills" is a slang term that means to relax or unwind, making it a fitting answer for the clue.

Like a certain Dodger : ARTFUL

The answer "ARTFUL" is the right solution because it describes someone who is clever, skilled, or crafty. It is often used to describe someone who is adept at deception or manipulation, which can be associated with the character of a certain Dodger.

Like some wolves : LONE

The answer "LONE" is the right solution because it describes wolves that are solitary or not part of a pack.

Literary character who cries “Talk not to me of blasphemy, man; I’d strike the sun if it insulted me” : AHAB

The answer is "AHAB" because this quote is from the famous novel "Moby-Dick" by Herman Melville, and Captain Ahab is the main character known for his obsession with hunting down the white whale.

Low-ranking U.S.M.C. officers : LTS

The answer "LTS" stands for "Lieutenants," which are low-ranking U.S.M.C. officers.

Many lifetimes : EON

The answer to "Many lifetimes" is "EON" because an eon is an extremely long period of time, often associated with multiple lifetimes.

Measurement that can be short or long : TON

Member of a 1970s singing family : OSMOND

The Osmonds were a famous singing family in the 1970s, known for their pop music and TV appearances. "Osmond" is the correct answer because it accurately describes a member of this specific singing family.

Meta field : TECH

The term "meta" refers to something that is self-referential or about itself. In the context of the crossword clue, "meta field" is a field that is related to technology or the tech industry. The word "tech" is a common abbreviation for technology, making it the right answer.

More than a want : NEED

The answer "NEED" is the right solution because a need is something that is more than just a want. It refers to something that is essential or necessary, making it a stronger and more urgent desire.

Non-Muppet owner of Hooper’s Store on “Sesame Street” : ALAN

The answer is "ALAN" because Alan is the name of the non-Muppet character who owns Hooper's Store on "Sesame Street".

Not digital : ANALOG

The answer "ANALOG" is the right solution because it refers to a non-digital or non-electronic system or device that uses continuous physical quantities to represent information.

Not up : ABED

The answer "ABED" to the clue "Not up" is correct because "ABED" means in bed or lying down, which is the opposite of being up or standing.

Palindromic man’s name : OTTO

The answer to "Palindromic man's name" is "OTTO" because "OTTO" reads the same forwards and backwards, making it a palindrome.

Pet safety org. : SPCA

The answer to "Pet safety org." is "SPCA" because the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is an organization dedicated to promoting the welfare and safety of animals, including pets.

Pe_ _ _phone : NO-RSE “GODDESS”

Place for a swing set : YARD

The answer "YARD" is the right solution because a swing set is typically placed in a yard, which is an outdoor space around a house.

Psychedelic journey : LSD TRIP

The answer "LSD TRIP" is the right solution because "LSD" is a powerful hallucinogenic drug known for inducing psychedelic experiences, and a "trip" is a common term used to describe the altered state of consciousness caused by taking LSD.

Pulitzer-winning author Jennifer : EGAN

The Pulitzer-winning author Jennifer refers to Jennifer Egan, who is a well-known writer and has received the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for her work. Therefore, "EGAN" is the correct answer for this crossword clue.

Punch ingredient? : FIST

The answer "FIST" is the right solution to the clue "Punch ingredient?" because a punch can refer to a type of drink, but in this case, it's a play on words. The word "punch" can also mean a physical strike, which is commonly delivered with a closed hand or a fist. Therefore, "FIST" is a clever and fitting answer.

Quarter follower : SEMI

Really bother : EAT AT

The phrase "eat at" can be used figuratively to mean to bother or annoy someone.

Resign, with “down” : STEP …

The answer to "Resign, with 'down'" is "STEP." In this context, "resign" is a clue that indicates a synonym for "step down" or "step aside." So, the answer "STEP" fits the clue perfectly.

Ruin a picture of, in a way : PHOTOBOMB

The answer "PHOTOBOMB" fits the clue because it refers to the act of unexpectedly and intentionally ruining a picture by jumping into the frame or doing something disruptive.

Rushed through the door : RAN IN

The clue "rushed through the door" indicates a quick movement towards entering a place. The answer "RAN IN" fits perfectly as it denotes the action of running quickly to enter through a door.

Seized car, for short : REPO

The answer to "Seized car, for short" is "REPO" because it is a commonly used abbreviation for "repossessed." When a car is seized by a lender due to non-payment, it is often referred to as a "repo."

Smear : TAR

The answer "TAR" is the right solution for the clue "Smear" because tar is a sticky substance that can be spread or smeared onto surfaces.

Something underlined in many bibliographies : URL

The answer "URL" is the right solution because it stands for "Uniform Resource Locator," which is a web address that is often underlined in bibliographies when referencing online sources.

Standing upright : ON END

The answer "ON END" fits the clue "Standing upright" because it suggests an object or position that is vertically oriented, with one end pointing upward.

Steamed bun in Chinese cuisine : BAO

The answer is "BAO" because it is a common Chinese term for a steamed bun.

Thin woodwind : OBOE

The answer to "Thin woodwind" is "OBOE" because the oboe is a musical instrument that belongs to the woodwind family and has a slender, thin shape.

To the extent that : AS FAR AS

The answer "SO FAR AS" is the right solution because it means "to the extent that" or "to the degree that." It indicates a limit or boundary of how much something applies or is true.

To-do : FUSS

The word "FUSS" is a suitable answer to the clue "To-do" because it refers to a state of excessive activity or commotion, which is often associated with tasks or errands that need to be done.

Total hoot : RIOT

The answer "RIOT" fits the clue "Total hoot" because a riot is an event characterized by chaos, excitement, and uproar, which can be seen as a total hoot or a very amusing and entertaining experience.

Two early Icelandic literary works : EDDAS

The answer is "EDDAS" because the Eddas are two early Icelandic literary works that contain mythological and poetic texts.

U-shaped instruments : LYRES

The answer "LYRES" is the right solution because lyres are musical instruments that are shaped like the letter "U".

Valuable resource for the Human Genome Project : DNA BANK

The answer "DNA BANK" is the right solution because the Human Genome Project required a repository of DNA samples for research and analysis. A DNA bank is a valuable resource that stores and preserves DNA samples for future use.

What a freezer can do, paradoxically : BURN

The answer "BURN" is the right solution because a freezer can paradoxically "burn" or damage food if it malfunctions and becomes too cold.

Word after blow or bowl : … OVER

The word "over" can follow both "blow" and "bowl" to create common phrases like "blow over" and "bowl over." In this context, "over" means to move past or to knock down, respectively.

_ _cretary : NO-SE “JOB”

The answer "NO-SE 'JOB'" for the clue "_ _cretary" is the right solution because it is a play on words. When we add the letters "NO" before "SE" (which sounds like "secretary"), we get "NO-SE" which means "not a secretary." The word "JOB" is added in quotes to indicate that it is a part of the wordplay and not a literal part of the answer.

___ Inu (Japanese dog) : SHIBA

___ shirt (colorful attire) : ALOHA

The answer to "___ shirt (colorful attire)" is "ALOHA" because the word "ALOHA" is commonly associated with Hawaiian culture and is often used to describe colorful, patterned shirts known as "ALOHA shirts".

___ system (GPS) : NAV

The answer "NAV" is short for "navigation," and it is commonly used to refer to GPS or navigation systems.

“As I see it,” to a texter : IMO

“Beg your pardo_” : NO-N “APOLOGY”

The answer "NO-N 'APOLOGY'" is the right solution because it is a play on words. The phrase "Beg your pardon" is commonly used to apologize or ask for forgiveness. By replacing the missing letter in "pardo_" with "N," we get "NO-N 'APOLOGY'", which is a clever way of saying "no apology."

“Do you mind?!” : AHEM!

The answer "AHEM!" is the right solution because it is a common interjection used to get someone's attention or to politely ask them to stop or pause what they are doing.

“Let’s see what you’ve got” : IMPRESS ME

The phrase "Let's see what you've got" is often used to challenge someone to impress or show their abilities. "Impress me" is a direct and concise expression of this sentiment, making it the right solution for the crossword clue.

“Red” explorer : ERIK

The answer to "Red" explorer is "ERIK" because Erik the Red was a famous Norse explorer known for his exploration of Greenland.

“That clears it up” : I SEE

The phrase "I see" is commonly used to indicate that something has become clear or understandable. It is a simple and concise expression that fits perfectly with the clue "That clears it up."

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