New York Times Crossword Clues and Answers for 23 October 2023, Monday

Here's all New York Times Crossword answers for 23 October 2023, Monday (10-23-23). Find all answers and solutions here. We've also tries to explain why the answer is the correct solution for each clue.
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Clues and answers

Clues followed by answers and an explanation underneath.

Abbr. before a year on a business sign : ESTAB

The abbreviation "ESTAB" is short for "established," which is commonly used on business signs to indicate the year the business was established. It is often followed by a year to showcase the longevity of the business.

Actor/comedian Carvey : DANA

The answer is "DANA" because it refers to Dana Carvey, who is an actor and comedian.

Actress/comedian Rudolph : MAYA

The answer to "Actress/comedian Rudolph" is "MAYA" because Maya Rudolph is a well-known actress and comedian in the entertainment industry.

Alan of “Marriage Story” : ALDA

The answer "ALDA" is the right solution because Alan Alda is an actor who starred in the movie "Marriage Story".

Article under a blouse : BRA

The answer "BRA" is the right solution because it is a common article of clothing that is typically worn under a blouse for support and coverage.

Bad habits : VICES

The answer to "Bad habits" is "VICES" because vices refer to negative or unhealthy behaviors that people often engage in, such as smoking, gambling, or excessive drinking.

Big fuss : ADO

"Big fuss" is a colloquial expression that means a commotion or uproar. "Stink" is a synonym for commotion or uproar, making it the right solution for the clue.

Broadband connection inits. : DSL

The answer to "Broadband connection inits." is "DSL" because DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line, which is a type of high-speed internet connection commonly used in households.

Bro’s sibling : SIS

The answer "SIS" is short for sister, which is a common term used to refer to a female sibling.

By oneself : SOLO

The word "solo" means to do something by oneself, without any assistance or companionship. Therefore, it is the perfect answer for the clue "By oneself."

Campfire remains : ASHES

The answer "ASHES" is the right solution because when a campfire burns down, the leftover residue is typically in the form of ashes.

Certain songbirds … or escapades : LARKS

The answer is "LARKS" because certain songbirds are commonly referred to as "larks" and "escapades" can be a synonym for "larks" meaning playful adventures or fun activities.

Chaotic spectacle : SCENE

The word "scene" can refer to a chaotic spectacle because it signifies a particular place or event where there is a lot of activity or commotion happening.

Convention-hosting Swiss city : GENEVA

The answer to "Convention-hosting Swiss city" is "GENEVA" because Geneva is a city in Switzerland that is well-known for hosting numerous international conventions and conferences.

Cool and distant : ALOOF

The word "ALOOF" is the right solution because it means being cool and distant in attitude or behavior. It accurately describes someone who is emotionally detached or reserved.

Cousin of a mouse : RAT

The answer to "Cousin of a mouse" is "RAT" because rats and mice are both small rodents and belong to the same family.

Device connected to a router : MODEM

The answer "MODEM" is the right solution because a modem is a device that connects to a router to provide internet access.

Easy to eat, as some grapes and watermelons : SEEDLESS

The answer "SEEDLESS" is the right solution because grapes and watermelons that are seedless do not have any seeds, making them easy to eat without having to spit out or remove any seeds.

Election victor of 2008 and 2012 : OBAMA

The answer is "OBAMA" because Barack Obama won the presidential elections in both 2008 and 2012.

End-of-class sound : BELL

The answer to "End-of-class sound" is "BELL" because in many schools, a bell is rung to signal the end of a class period.

Finds on a map : LOCATES

The answer "LOCATES" is the right solution because it accurately describes the action of finding something on a map.

First responder, for short : EMT

The answer to "First responder, for short" is "EMT" because EMT stands for Emergency Medical Technician, who are often the first healthcare professionals to arrive at the scene of an emergency. They provide immediate medical care and transportation to those in need.

Fixed-term bank offering that pays well [1990s to 2000s] : HIGH-YIELD CD

The answer "HIGH-YIELD CD" fits the clue because a CD (Certificate of Deposit) is a fixed-term bank offering, and during the 1990s to 2000s, it was common for some CDs to offer high yields or high interest rates.

Follow orders : OBEY

The word "obey" means to follow orders or instructions. It is the perfect fit for the clue "Follow orders" as it directly implies compliance with commands.

Gemstone with a “fire” variety : OPAL

The gemstone "opal" is known for its unique play of colors, which gives it a fiery appearance. Therefore, it is the right answer to the clue "Gemstone with a 'fire' variety."

Genealogy chart : TREE

The answer to "Genealogy chart" is "TREE" because a family tree is a visual representation of a person's ancestors and their relationships, just like a chart.

Handle difficult matters satisfactorily : COPE

The word "COPE" means to deal effectively with difficult situations or challenges. It fits the clue because when you handle difficult matters satisfactorily, you are able to cope with them.

Happy ___ (McDonald’s offering) : MEAL

The answer to "Happy ___ (McDonald’s offering)" is "MEAL" because a "Happy Meal" is a specific menu item at McDonald's that includes a toy along with a food item.

Having a liking for : PARTIAL TO

The answer "PARTIAL TO" is the right solution because it means having a liking or preference for something or someone. It fits the clue "Having a liking for" as it implies a positive inclination towards a particular thing or person.

Home of the Taj Mahal : AGRA

The answer to "Home of the Taj Mahal" is "AGRA" because Agra is the city in India where the Taj Mahal is located.

Indigenous people of Canada : CREE

The answer "CREE" is the right solution because the Cree are one of the largest indigenous groups in Canada. They have a rich cultural heritage and are spread across various provinces, making them a well-known and fitting answer for this clue.

Insect in a colony : ANT

The answer to "Insect in a colony" is "ANT" because ants are known for living and working together in organized colonies.

Last : FINAL

The word "last" can mean to continue or endure. "Endure" fits this definition as it means to persist or withstand over time.

Listing of disciplinary infractions [1950s to early 1980s] : PERMANENT RECORD

"PERMANENT RECORD" is the right solution because during the 1950s to early 1980s, schools and institutions kept a record of students' disciplinary infractions that would stay with them permanently.

Made in ___ : USA

The answer to "Made in ___" is "USA" because "USA" refers to the United States of America, which is commonly associated with products that are manufactured or produced within its borders.

Marisa of “Spider-Man : No Way Home”

Marisa Tomei played the role of Aunt May in the 2017 superhero film "Spider-Man: Homecoming".

Network that aired “Jersey Shore” : MTV

The answer is "MTV" because it is a well-known network that aired the popular reality show "Jersey Shore".

Old Russian leader : TSAR

The answer to "Old Russian leader" is "TSAR" because in Russian history, a Tsar was the title given to the rulers of Russia before the revolution in 1917.

One of a pair of shakers : MARACA

The answer "MARACA" is the right solution because a maraca is a musical instrument that typically comes in a pair and is shaken to produce a rattling sound.

Painting known for its enigmatic smile : MONA LISA

The painting known for its enigmatic smile is "MONA LISA" because it is one of the most famous and recognizable paintings in the world, created by Leonardo da Vinci. The Mona Lisa's smile has intrigued and captivated viewers for centuries.

Parts of molecules : ATOMS

The answer "ATOMS" is the right solution because atoms are the basic building blocks of molecules. Molecules are made up of different combinations of atoms bonded together.

Pigeon shelters : COTES

The answer to "Pigeon shelters" is "COTES" because "cotes" refers to small enclosures or sheds where pigeons are kept or sheltered.

Prayer’s end : AMEN

The word "Amen" is commonly used as a conclusion or ending to a prayer, making it the appropriate answer for the clue "Prayer's end".

Ready for business : OPEN

The answer "OPEN" is the right solution because it means being ready or available for business or activity.

Recycling option that collects paper, plastics and metals together [2010s to present] : SINGLE-STREAMING

The term "single-streaming" refers to a recycling process where paper, plastics, and metals are collected together in a single bin. This method simplifies recycling for individuals by eliminating the need to separate different materials. It has become increasingly popular in the 2010s to present as it encourages more people to recycle and reduces contamination in the recycling stream.

Showgirl at the 1-Down : LOLA

The answer to "Showgirl at the 1-Down" is "LOLA" because Lola is a common name associated with showgirls, often used in musicals and performances.

Sit for a portrait : POSE

The answer "POSE" is the right solution because when someone sits for a portrait, they typically assume a specific position or pose in order to be painted or photographed.

Skip the elaborate wedding, say : ELOPE

The answer to "Skip the elaborate wedding, say" is "ELOPE" because when you elope, you choose to get married in a simple and private manner, often without the traditional wedding ceremony.

So-called “missing link” in our ancestry : APE-MAN

The answer "APE-MAN" is the right solution because it refers to the so-called "missing link" in our ancestry, which is believed to be an intermediate evolutionary stage between apes and humans.

Song syllables : LA-LA

The answer "LA-LA" is the right solution because it represents a common way of indicating song syllables, often used in popular music. The repetition of "LA" captures the melodic and rhythmic elements of singing, making it a fitting choice for the clue.

Star of the “Mission : Impossible” films

The answer is "Tom Cruise" because he is the star of the "Mission: Impossible" film series.

Stood : AROSE

The word "arose" is the right solution because it means "stood up" or "got up" from a sitting or lying position.

Tan adhesive [1970s to early 1990s] : MASKING TAPE

The answer "MASKING TAPE" is the right solution because it fits the clue "Tan adhesive [1970s to early 1990s]." Masking tape is a type of adhesive tape that was commonly tan-colored during the mentioned time period.

Texter’s astonishment, spelled cutesily : OH EM GEE!

The answer "OH EM GEE!" is the right solution because it is a cutesy way of spelling out the phrase "Oh my God!" which is a common expression of astonishment used by texters.

Unforeseen problem : SNAG

The answer "SNAG" is the right solution for the clue "Unforeseen problem" because a snag refers to an unexpected difficulty or obstacle that arises unexpectedly.

V-shaped cut : NOTCH

The answer to "V-shaped cut" is "NOTCH" because a notch is a small indentation or cut that has a V shape.

Vice president Agnew : SPIRO

Way in or out : DOOR

The answer to "Way in or out" is "DOOR" because a door is a common entrance or exit point in a building.

Where Fairbanks is : ALASKA

The answer to "Where Fairbanks is" is "ALASKA" because Fairbanks is a city located in the state of Alaska.

Wildly out of control : AMOK

The answer "AMOK" is the right solution because it means to be wildly out of control, typically used to describe someone who is behaving in a frenzied or uncontrollable manner.

Wool sweater annoyance : ITCH

The answer to "Wool sweater annoyance" is "ITCH" because when wearing a wool sweater, it can often cause an itchy sensation on the skin.

Works by Picasso, por ejemplo : ARTE

The answer "ARTE" is the right solution because "ARTE" is the Spanish word for "art," and Picasso is a famous Spanish artist.

___ & Jerry’s : BEN

The answer to "___ & Jerry's" is "BEN" because Ben & Jerry's is a famous ice cream brand. "BEN" is a common short form for the name Benjamin, which is one of the founders of the company.

“A Nightmare on ___ Street” : ELM

The answer is "ELM" because "A Nightmare on Elm Street" is a famous horror movie franchise, and Elm Street is the specific street where the nightmares take place.

“American ___” : IDOL

The American Elm is a type of tree that is native to North America and is known for its tall, vase-like shape and its ability to tolerate a wide range of soil and environmental conditions. It is often used as a shade tree in parks and along streets.

“Like … NOW!” : ASAP!

The answer "ASAP!" is the right solution because it stands for "as soon as possible," which matches the urgency expressed in the clue "Like ... NOW!"

“No guts, no ___” : GLORY

The phrase "No guts, no glory" is a common saying that means one cannot achieve great success without taking risks or showing courage. Therefore, the answer "GLORY" fits perfectly with the clue.

“___ all work out in the end” : IT’LL

The phrase "it'll all work out in the end" is a common saying that implies that things will eventually resolve or improve. The answer "IT'LL" is a contraction of "it will," which fits perfectly with the clue.

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