New York Times Crossword Clues and Answers for 21 October 2023, Saturday

Here's all New York Times Crossword answers for 21 October 2023, Saturday (10-21-23). Find all answers and solutions here. We've also tries to explain why the answer is the correct solution for each clue.
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Clues and answers

Clues followed by answers and an explanation underneath.

1781 Mozart opera seria : IDOMENEO

The answer "IDOMENEO" is the right solution because it is the title of a Mozart opera seria that was composed in 1781.

1998 rap hit by Big Pun (feat. Joe) : STILL NOT A PLAYER

The answer "STILL NOT A PLAYER" is the right solution because it is the title of a rap hit song released in 1998 by Big Pun, featuring Joe.

A bunch : LOTS

The answer "LOTS" is the right solution because it means a large number or a great amount, which accurately describes "a bunch."

Astronaut Cooper, informally : GORDO

The answer to "Astronaut Cooper, informally" is "GORDO" because Gordo Cooper was an astronaut who flew on the Mercury-Atlas 9 mission in 1963. "Informally" suggests that we are looking for a nickname or a less formal name, and "GORDO" fits that description.

Autumn hue : RUSSET

The answer to "Autumn hue" is "RUSSET" because russet is a reddish-brown color often associated with the changing leaves during the fall season.

Aware of, informally : HIP TO

The answer "HIP TO" is the right solution because "hip" is a slang term meaning to be aware or knowledgeable about something. So, "HIP TO" means being informally aware of something.

Bandmate of Keith and Brian : MICK

The answer is "MICK" because Mick Jagger is a bandmate of Keith Richards and Brian Jones in the Rolling Stones.

Bleak : WINTRY

The word "wintry" is the right solution because it is often used to describe a bleak or cold and desolate atmosphere during the winter season.

Blinker : EYELID

The answer to "Blinker" is "EYELID" because the eyelid is the part of the eye that covers and uncovers the eye, causing the blink.

Cancels : VOIDS

The word "voids" means to cancel or nullify something, making it the right solution for the clue "Cancels."

Chick with multiple Grammys : COREA

City with the oldest metro system in Africa : CAIRO

The answer is "CAIRO" because it is the city in Africa with the oldest metro system.

Coastal formations : DUNES

The answer to "Coastal formations" is "DUNES" because dunes are natural formations found along coastlines. They are created by wind and sand, forming hills or ridges that are commonly seen near beaches.

Cocktail fruta : PINA

The answer to "Cocktail fruta" is "PINA" because "pina" is the Spanish word for pineapple, which is a common ingredient in many tropical cocktails.

Concerns for a linguist : CASES

The word "cases" can refer to grammatical cases, which are important to linguists. Therefore, "cases" is a suitable answer for the clue "Concerns for a linguist."

Corp. debut : IPO

The abbreviation "Corp." is short for corporation, and "debut" refers to a company's first public offering. Therefore, the answer "IPO" (Initial Public Offering) fits the clue perfectly.

Country duo Brooks & ___ : DUNN

The answer is "DUNN" because Brooks & Dunn is a famous country duo in the music industry.

Cusp : VERGE

The word "cusp" refers to a point of transition or a turning point. "Verge" also means a point at which something is about to happen or a boundary. Both words convey the idea of being on the edge or brink of something, making "verge" the right solution.

Feature of a Craftsman home : WOOD TRIM

The answer "WOOD TRIM" is the right solution because Craftsman homes are known for their emphasis on natural materials, including wood. Wood trim is a common feature in Craftsman homes, adding architectural detail and enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Foundation : BASE

The word "foundation" refers to the basis or underlying support of something, which makes "BASIS" a fitting answer for this crossword clue.

Haka dance performers : MAORI

The Haka dance is a traditional Maori dance performed by the Maori people of New Zealand. Therefore, the answer "MAORI" is the correct solution.

Home, spun? : WEB

The answer "WEB" is the right solution because a web is spun by spiders, and it can be considered their home.

Ibram X. ___, author of “How to Be an Antiracist” : KENDI

The answer is "KENDI" because Ibram X. Kendi is the author of the book "How to Be an Antiracist".

Inspection org. : TSA

The answer to "Inspection org." is "TSA" because the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is responsible for conducting inspections and ensuring the safety of passengers and baggage at airports.

Jeffersonian design at the heart of the University of Virginia : ROTUNDA

The University of Virginia is known for its iconic architectural feature called the "Rotunda." It is a neoclassical building located at the heart of the university's campus, designed by Thomas Jefferson himself. Therefore, the answer "ROTUNDA" fits perfectly with the clue.

Joey of children’s literature : ROO

The answer to "Joey of children's literature" is "ROO" because Joey is the name of the baby kangaroo character in the famous children's book series "Winnie-the-Pooh" by A.A. Milne.

Kind of badge : MERIT

The answer "MERIT" is the right solution because it fits the clue "Kind of badge." A merit badge is a type of badge earned by individuals, usually in scouting or other organizations, to signify the completion of a specific skill or achievement.

Lacking creativity : STALE

The word "stale" means lacking freshness or originality, which directly relates to a lack of creativity. Therefore, "stale" is the right answer to the clue "Lacking creativity."

Least robust-looking : WANNEST

"WANNEST" is the right answer because it is the superlative form of the adjective "wane," which means to become weaker or less robust. Therefore, "wanest" describes something that appears to be the least robust-looking.

Like many attics : MUSTY

Attics are often unused spaces that accumulate dust over time, making them dusty. Therefore, "DUSTY" is an appropriate answer for the clue "Like many attics".

Magazine that originated the words “payola” and “striptease” : VARIETY

The answer is "VARIETY" because it is a well-known magazine that has a long history in the entertainment industry, and it is credited with originating the words "payola" and "striptease."

Many Laplanders : FINNS

Modern way to pay : VENMO

The answer "VENMO" is the right solution because it is a popular mobile payment app that allows users to easily send and receive money electronically. It is commonly used as a modern way to pay for goods and services.

More irritated : SORER

The word "sorer" is the comparative form of the adjective "sore," meaning experiencing more physical or emotional discomfort. In the context of the clue "More irritated," "sorer" fits perfectly as it implies a higher level of irritation or annoyance.

Mystery, e.g. : GENRE

The answer "GENRE" fits the clue "Mystery, e.g." because a genre refers to a category or type of artistic work, such as literature, film, or music. Mystery is a specific genre within these categories.

N.C.A.A. women’s basketball champs of 2023, for short : LSU

Nonessential, as spending : DISCRETIONARY

The word "discretionary" means something that is not necessary or essential. In the context of spending, it refers to expenses that are optional or can be chosen based on one's own judgment. Therefore, "discretionary" accurately describes nonessential spending.

Ones going through a stage : PUPAE

The answer "PUPAE" is the right solution because pupae refers to the life stage of certain insects, such as butterflies or beetles, when they are enclosed in a protective casing and undergoing metamorphosis.

Ones who build their homes bit by bit : NESTERS

The answer "NESTERS" is the right solution because it refers to creatures, like birds or squirrels, that construct their homes, or nests, gradually by adding materials bit by bit.

Post-___ : MORTEM

The answer to "Post-___" is "MORTEM" because "Post-" is a prefix meaning "after" or "following" and "MORTEM" means "death" in Latin, so "Post-MORTEM" means "after death".

Reprimand to one who spoke too soon : DON’T INTERRUPT ME

The answer "DON'T INTERRUPT ME" fits the clue because it is a reprimand or warning to someone who spoke prematurely. It conveys the message that the person should refrain from interrupting or speaking out of turn.

Sample, say : POLL

The answer "POLL" is the right solution because when we "sample" something, we gather information or opinions from a group of people, which is often done through a "poll."

Settled : ALIT

The answer "ALIT" is the right solution for the clue "Settled" because it means "landed" or "came to rest." When something settles, it typically comes to a stop or lands somewhere, which is exactly what "ALIT" signifies.

Ships : SENDS

"SENDS" is the right solution for the clue "Ships" because it is a verb that means to dispatch or transport something or someone by water.

Shortcut, of a sort : CANAL

The answer "CANAL" is the right solution for the clue "Shortcut, of a sort" because a canal is a man-made waterway that can provide a more direct route for transportation, serving as a shortcut between two points.

Sole : ONLY

The answer to "Sole" is "ONLY" because "sole" is a synonym for "only," meaning the single or exclusive one.

Some beach fliers : KITES

The answer to "Some beach fliers" is "KITES" because kites are often flown at the beach.

Some contractions : SPASMS

Son of, in Hebrew : BEN

The word "BEN" is the Hebrew word for "son". In Hebrew, "ben" is used to indicate someone's sonship or lineage. Therefore, "Son of, in Hebrew" can be correctly answered with "BEN".

Sparkle : ECLAT

The word "ECLAT" is the right solution for the clue "Sparkle" because "ECLAT" means brilliance or dazzling display, which is often associated with sparkling.

Stores with fixed costs? : REPAIR SHOPS

The answer "REPAIR SHOPS" is the right solution because repair shops have fixed costs, meaning they have expenses that stay the same regardless of the level of business activity. These costs typically include rent, utilities, and salaries, which remain constant regardless of the number of repairs being done.

Tech support? : MONOPOD

The answer "MONOPOD" is a play on words that fits the clue "Tech support?" In this context, "Tech" refers to technology, and "support" can mean a physical device used to stabilize or hold up something. A monopod is a single-legged support used primarily in photography to hold cameras steady. Therefore, "Tech support?" hints at the monopod's role in supporting tech devices like cameras.

Trading off? : EMBARGO

The answer "EMBARGO" is the right solution because it refers to a trading restriction or prohibition imposed by a government on certain goods or services. This restriction involves trading off or sacrificing the ability to engage in commerce with a particular country or entity.

Vegan coffee order : SOY LATTE

The answer "SOY LATTE" is the right solution because it refers to a coffee order that is suitable for vegans. "Soy" indicates that the milk used in the latte is made from soybeans, which is a popular dairy-free alternative for vegans.

What might be sought before a major decision : SECOND OPINION

The answer "SECOND OPINION" is the right solution because before making a major decision, it is often wise to seek the advice or perspective of another person, especially an expert or professional, to ensure that you are making the best choice.

Word often accompanied by an arrow : ENTER

The word "ENTER" is often accompanied by an arrow on computer keyboards. When you press the enter key, it typically moves the cursor to the next line or executes a command.

World Trade ___ (fixture of Hong Kong or Toronto) : CENTRE

The answer is "CENTRE" because both Hong Kong and Toronto use the British spelling of "center" as "centre."

___ Domino : FATS

___ mater : PIA

"Alma mater" is a Latin phrase that means "nourishing mother" or "fostering mother". It is used to refer to the school, college, or university that someone has attended. Therefore, the answer to "___ mater" is "ALMA".

___ Radcliffe, pioneer in Gothic fiction : ANN

“Get it?” : YOU SEE?

"Get it?" is a question that is commonly used to check if someone understands something. "See" is a word that means to understand, so it is a fitting answer to the clue.

“I HAVE to have this — whatever it costs” : TAKE MY MONEY Down 1 Curb, as spending

The phrase "I HAVE to have this — whatever it costs" suggests a strong desire to purchase something regardless of the price. The answer "TAKE MY MONEY" is a colloquial expression used to convey this sentiment. It implies a willingness to pay any amount to obtain the desired item. The clue "Curb, as spending" further supports this answer, as it relates to the idea of being willing to spend freely.

“Man has no greater ___ than himself” : Petrarch

“Shut your pie hole!” : BUTTON IT!

The phrase "shut your pie hole" is an informal way of telling someone to be quiet. "BUTTON IT!" is a colloquial expression that means the same thing. Therefore, "BUTTON IT!" is the right solution for the clue.

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