New York Times Crossword Clues and Answers for 26 September 2023, Tuesday

Here's all New York Times Crossword answers for 26 September 2023, Tuesday (09-26-23). Find all answers and solutions here. We've also tries to explain why the answer is the correct solution for each clue.
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Clues and answers

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2019 Taylor Swift album with a romantic theme : LOVER

The answer is "LOVER" because it is the title of Taylor Swift's 2019 album, which is known for having a romantic theme.

Aid in buying a car, perhaps : LOAN

The answer "LOAN" is the right solution because when buying a car, many people seek financial assistance from a bank or lender in the form of a loan. This loan helps them cover the cost of purchasing the car, making "LOAN" the appropriate answer to the clue.

All-out brawl : MELEE

The answer "MELEE" fits the clue "All-out brawl" because it refers to a chaotic and violent fight involving a large number of people.

Baby buggy, to Brits : PRAM

The answer "PRAM" is the right solution because in British English, a "baby buggy" is commonly referred to as a "pram."

Bandleader’s direction : HIT IT!

The answer "HIT IT!" is the right solution because it is a common command given by a bandleader to start playing music. It is a short and simple direction that indicates the band should begin performing.

Beauty mark : MOLE

The answer to "Beauty mark" is "MOLE" because a mole is a small, dark spot on the skin that is often considered an attractive feature.

Bring on board : HIRE

Camera output : PHOTO

The answer "PHOTO" is the right solution because the output of a camera is typically a photograph or a picture.

Cheer squad syllable : RAH!

The answer to "Cheer squad syllable" is "RAH!" because it is a common exclamation used by cheerleaders to show enthusiasm and support.

City that’s home to the University of Ghana : ACCRA

The answer to the clue "City that's home to the University of Ghana" is "ACCRA" because Accra is the capital city of Ghana and it is where the University of Ghana is located.

Closest bud, in brief : BFF

The answer "BFF" stands for "Best Friends Forever," which is a commonly used abbreviation to refer to one's closest friend. In this context, "bud" is a slang term for a friend, and "closest" indicates that it is someone very dear and intimate. Therefore, "BFF" is the right solution as it captures the meaning of the clue in a concise and familiar way.

Clumsy error : GOOF

The answer "GOOF" fits the clue "Clumsy error" because a "goof" is a colloquial term for a mistake or blunder.

Courtroom banger : GAVEL

The answer to "Courtroom banger" is "GAVEL" because a gavel is a small wooden hammer that a judge uses to make a loud noise to bring order and attention in a courtroom.

Cub Scout units : DENS

The answer "DENS" is the right solution because in Cub Scouts, the youth members are organized into small groups called "dens." Each den typically consists of 6-8 scouts of the same age group who work together on various activities and projects.

Deals (with) : COPES

The answer "COPES" is the right solution because it means to deal with or handle a situation, making it a perfect fit for the clue "Deals (with)".

Dietary network in an ecosystem … or a punny hint to the answers to the starred clues : FOOD WEB

The answer "FOOD WEB" is the right solution because it refers to the interconnected network of food chains in an ecosystem. It is also a punny hint to the answers of the starred clues, as they may relate to different types of food or food-related topics.

Dodge : EVADE

"Elude" means to avoid or escape from someone or something by being quick, skillful, or clever. This fits the clue "Dodge", which means to avoid someone or something by moving quickly out of the way. Therefore, "Elude" is the correct solution.

Download that may improve streaming lags : JAVA UPDATE

The answer "JAVA UPDATE" is the right solution because Java is a programming language commonly used in web applications, including streaming services. Updating Java can help improve the performance and reduce lags while streaming.

First-year law student, for short : ONE L

The answer "ONE L" is the right solution because it is a common abbreviation for a first-year law student. "L" stands for "law" and "ONE" indicates the first year.

Fortification in “The Star-Spangled Banner” : RAMPART

The answer "RAMPART" is the right solution because a rampart is a type of fortification mentioned in the lyrics of "The Star-Spangled Banner." It refers to a defensive wall or embankment, which fits the clue perfectly.

Got better with time, say : AGED

The answer "AGED" is the right solution because it means to improve or develop in quality over time.

Gymnastics event requiring balance : BEAM

The gymnastics event requiring balance is commonly known as the "beam" because it involves performing various routines on a narrow, elevated beam.

Hack (off) : CHOP

The word "hack" means to cut roughly or chop. Therefore, the answer "CHOP" fits the clue "Hack (off)" perfectly.

Heroes : IDOLS Down 1 Helper

The answer to "Heroes" is "IDOLS" because heroes are often admired and looked up to as idols.

Home of the palace Hanaiakamalama : OAHU

The answer is "OAHU" because it is one of the main islands in Hawaii and is home to the palace Hanaiakamalama.

Kind of green energy : SOLAR

The answer to "Kind of green energy" is "SOLAR" because solar energy is a renewable source of energy that is derived from the sun. It is considered "green" because it does not produce harmful emissions or contribute to pollution.

Letter before omega : PSI

The answer to "Letter before omega" is "PSI" because in the Greek alphabet, "PSI" comes before the letter "omega".

Luxury pajama fabric : SATIN

The answer is "SATIN" because it is a luxurious fabric commonly used for making pajamas.

Major component of a ketogenic diet : FAT

The answer is "FAT" because a major component of a ketogenic diet is the consumption of high amounts of healthy fats. These fats help the body enter a state of ketosis, where it burns fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates.

Many a Pablo Neruda work : ODE

The answer to "Many a Pablo Neruda work" is "ODE" because an ode is a type of poem that Neruda frequently wrote.

Mercator projection, e.g. : MAP

The Mercator projection is a type of map projection commonly used for navigational purposes. Therefore, the answer "MAP" is the right solution as it is a general term that encompasses different types of maps, including the Mercator projection.

Mrs., in Munich : FRAU

The answer to "Mrs., in Munich" is "FRAU" because "Frau" is the German word for "Mrs." in English.

Network with an eye logo : CBS

The answer is "CBS" because CBS is a network that is well-known for its iconic eye logo.

Novelist Calvino : ITALO

The answer to "Novelist Calvino" is "ITALO" because Italo Calvino was an Italian novelist.

Online icon comprised of three parallel horizontal lines, familiarly : HAMBURGER MENU

The answer "HAMBURGER MENU" is the right solution because the three parallel horizontal lines, when stacked on top of each other, resemble the layers of a hamburger. This icon is commonly used in online interfaces to represent a menu or navigation options.

Parent in a blended family : STEPDAD

The answer "STEPDAD" is the right solution because in a blended family, a stepparent is someone who becomes a parent to their partner's child from a previous relationship. In this case, the answer specifically refers to a male stepparent, hence "STEPDAD".

Penne ___ vodka : ALLA

The phrase "Penne ___ vodka" is an indication that we need to fill in a word that comes after "Penne" and before "vodka." In Italian cuisine, "alla" is a common term used to describe a dish made with a specific sauce or style. Therefore, "ALLA" is the right answer as it completes the phrase "Penne ___ vodka" and suggests that the dish is made in a vodka sauce.

Piglet’s pal : ROO

The answer to "Piglet's pal" is "ROO" because Roo is a character from the Winnie the Pooh stories, and Piglet is one of his friends.

Places to see the romaines of the day? : SALAD BAR

The clue "Places to see the romaines of the day?" is a clever play on words. "Romaines" refers to a type of lettuce, specifically the romaine lettuce. The answer "SALAD BAR" fits perfectly because it is a place where you can see and choose different types of lettuce, including romaine, to make your own salad.

Plant also known as linseed : FLAX

The answer to the clue "Plant also known as linseed" is "FLAX" because flax is a plant that is commonly known as linseed.

Podcast interruptions : ADS

The answer to "Podcast interruptions" is "ADS" because podcasts often have advertisements or sponsor messages that interrupt the content.

Pre-year 1, in brief : BCE

The answer "BCE" stands for "Before Common Era" and is used as a dating system to refer to time before the year 1. It is an alternative to the traditional "BC" (Before Christ) and is becoming more commonly used in modern times.

Preserves, as ham : CURES

The answer "CURES" is the right solution because curing is a method of preserving ham.

Program that detects junk emails : SPAM FILTER

The answer "SPAM FILTER" is the right solution because a spam filter is a program specifically designed to detect and block unwanted or junk emails, helping to keep your inbox free from unsolicited messages.

Robert Devereux, Earl of ___ (favorite of Elizabeth I) : ESSEX

The answer is "ESSEX" because Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, was a favorite of Queen Elizabeth I.

Shop class tool : CLAMP

The answer "CLAMP" is the right solution for the clue "Shop class tool" because a clamp is a tool commonly used in shop classes to hold objects tightly in place during various woodworking or metalworking tasks.

Skye of “Say Anything …” : IONE

The answer "IONE" is the right solution because Skye is a character in the movie "Say Anything …" played by actress Ione Skye.

Slang term for convoluted and unstructured computer programming : SPAGHETTI CODE

The term "SPAGHETTI CODE" is a slang term used to describe computer programming that is convoluted and unstructured. It refers to code that is difficult to understand and follow, resembling a plate of tangled spaghetti. Therefore, "SPAGHETTI CODE" is the correct answer to the clue.

Sound at a pound : ARF!

The answer "ARF!" is the right solution because it is a common onomatopoeic representation of a dog's barking sound.

Spills the beans : BLABS

The answer "BLABS" fits the clue "Spills the beans" because "BLABS" means to reveal or disclose secret information, which is similar to the act of spilling the beans.

Steeped drinks : TEAS

The answer to "Steeped drinks" is "TEAS" because teas are commonly made by steeping or infusing plant leaves in hot water to extract their flavor.

Street crossers : Abbr.

The answer to "Street crossers" is "Abbr." because it is indicating that the answer is an abbreviation. It is a common crossword convention to use "Abbr." as a clue hinting at an abbreviated answer.

Suspected : HAD A HUNCH

The answer "HAD A HUNCH" fits the clue "Suspected" because a hunch is an intuitive feeling or suspicion about something without concrete evidence. It implies a belief or suspicion without certainty.

The “p” of r.p.m. : PER

The "p" in r.p.m. stands for "per" which is a common abbreviation for "each" or "for every". So, the answer "PER" is the correct solution to indicate the "p" in r.p.m.

Toast topping : JAM

The answer to "Toast topping" is "JAM" because jam is a common spread that is often used to top toast for added flavor.

Unfreezes : THAWS

The answer "THAWS" is the right solution because it means to unfreeze or melt, making it a perfect match for the clue "Unfreezes."

Up to : UNTIL

The answer to "Up to" is "UNTIL" because "until" means up to a specific point in time or a particular event. It indicates the limit or duration of something.

Urban legend, e.g. : TALE

The answer to "Urban legend, e.g." is "TALE" because an urban legend is a type of story or narrative, often passed down through word of mouth, which is exactly what a tale is.

Word with sugar or sport : -COAT

The answer "-COAT" is the right solution because it can be combined with the word "sugar" to form "sugarcoat" (meaning to make something appear more pleasant or acceptable) and with the word "sport" to form "sportcoat" (meaning a lightweight jacket worn casually).

Worker who might be paid by the day : TEMP

The answer "TEMP" is short for temporary worker, who is often paid on a daily basis.

You want to make something of it? : ORE

The answer to "You want to make something of it?" is "ORE" because "ore" sounds like "or," which is a way of presenting options or choices. In this context, the clue is using wordplay to suggest that the phrase "You want to make something of it?" can be interpreted as "You want to make something 'or' it?"

You, to Shakespeare : THEE

The answer "THEE" is the right solution because in Shakespearean language, "THEE" is used to refer to "you".

___ Guevara (revolutionary) : CHE

The answer to "___ Guevara (revolutionary)" is "CHE" because Che Guevara is a well-known revolutionary figure, and "CHE" is a common shorthand or nickname for him.

“Cool beans!” : NEATO!

The answer "NEATO!" fits the clue "Cool beans!" because it is a slang expression used to show excitement or approval, similar to saying "cool" or "awesome."

“C’mon, I’ve heard enough” : OH, SPARE ME

The phrase "OH, SPARE ME" is a common expression used to convey the sentiment of being fed up or tired of hearing something. It is a colloquial way of saying "C'mon, I've heard enough."

“Don’t worry about me” : I’LL BE FINE

"Ill" can mean "unwell" or "not good", and "manage" means "handle" or "deal with". So "ill-manage" can be interpreted as "not handling well" or "not dealing with things in a good way", which could be a response to someone saying "Don't worry about me".

“Excusez-___!” : MOI

The answer "MOI" is the right solution for the clue "Excusez-___!" because "moi" is the French word for "me" or "myself," and it is commonly used to politely ask for someone's attention or to apologize for something.

“Nomadland” director Zhao : CHLOE

The right answer is "CHLOE" because Chloe Zhao is the director of the movie "Nomadland."

“You sure about that?” : IS IT?

The answer "IS IT?" is the right solution because it is a common phrase used to question or express doubt about something someone has said.

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