New York Times Crossword Clues and Answers for 19 September 2023, Tuesday

Here's all New York Times Crossword answers for 19 September 2023, Tuesday (09-19-23). Find all answers and solutions here. We've also tries to explain why the answer is the correct solution for each clue.
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Clues and answers

Clues followed by answers and an explanation underneath.

Abbr. sometimes repeated several times in a row : ETC Down 1 In addition

The answer "ETC" is the right solution because it is an abbreviation that is commonly repeated several times in a row to indicate that there are more items or examples that could be listed. In this case, it is used to mean "In addition" or "And so on".

Actress Christine of “The Blacklist” : LAHTI

The answer is "LAHTI" because Christine Lahti is an actress who appeared in the TV show "The Blacklist".

Actress Falco of “Nurse Jackie” : EDIE

The answer is "EDIE" because Edie Falco is the actress who portrayed the character "Nurse Jackie" in the TV series.

Anklebone : TALUS

The anklebone is commonly referred to as the "TALUS" in medical terminology.

Apple desktop : IMAC

The answer to "Apple desktop" is "IMAC" because the IMAC is a popular line of desktop computers produced by Apple.

Ate something : HAD A BITE

The phrase "had a bite" is commonly used to describe eating something. It fits the clue "ate something" perfectly.

Big name in swabs : Q-TIP

The answer "Q-TIP" is the right solution to the clue "Big name in swabs" because Q-TIP is a well-known brand that specializes in producing cotton swabs.

Bloke : GENT

The answer "GENT" is a slang term for a man or a bloke. It is a short and simple way to refer to a male individual, making it the right solution for the clue "Bloke."

Chinese steamed bun : BAO

The answer to "Chinese steamed bun" is "BAO" because "BAO" is a type of Chinese dumpling that is typically steamed and filled with various ingredients.

Chopped to bits : DICED

The word "DICED" fits the clue "Chopped to bits" because it means to cut something into small cubes or pieces.

Club ___ : MED

The answer to "Club ___" is "MED" because "MED" is a common abbreviation for "medical." In this context, "Club MED" refers to the popular vacation resort chain.

Coffee alternative : TEA

The answer "TEA" is the right solution because it is a common alternative to coffee that many people enjoy as a hot beverage.

Country whose name looks like something a marathoner might say : IRAN

The answer is "IRAN" because when you say it out loud, it sounds like "I ran," which is something a marathoner might say.

Doofus : TWIT

"Ass" is a slang term used to describe a foolish or stupid person, which is synonymous with the word "doofus".

Egyptian reptile that’s a symbol of royalty : ASP

The Egyptian reptile that symbolizes royalty is the cobra, also known as the ASP.

Elate : SEND

Fails totally : FLOPS

The word "fails" suggests that something is unsuccessful or doesn't achieve the desired outcome. The word "totally" emphasizes that the failure is complete. The answer "FLOPS" fits perfectly as it means a complete failure or a total disappointment.

Field goal percentage, e.g. : STAT

The answer "STAT" is short for "statistics." Field goal percentage is a basketball statistic, so "STAT" is the right solution.

Frequent URL ending : COM

The answer to "Frequent URL ending" is "COM" because it is the most commonly used top-level domain (TLD) for commercial websites on the internet.

Give to someone from a younger generation : PASS DOWN

The answer "PASS DOWN" fits the clue because it means to give something, like knowledge or an heirloom, to someone from a younger generation.

Gothic novelist Shelley : MARY

The answer is "MARY" because Mary Shelley was a famous Gothic novelist known for writing the novel "Frankenstein."

Hardens (to) : INURES

The answer "INURES" is the right solution because it means to become accustomed or immune to something, which fits the clue "Hardens (to)" perfectly.

Having many syllables, like this answer, 18- and especially 53-/57- : SESQUIPEDALIAN

The word "sesquipedalian" means having many syllables, just like the answer itself. In addition, the numbers 18- and 53-/57- refer to specific clues in the crossword where the word "sesquipedalian" fits perfectly.

Imagines : SUPPOSES

The word "imagines" suggests thinking or supposing something in one's mind. "Supposes" is a verb that means to assume or imagine, making it the correct answer.

In a noisy and unruly manner : OBSTREPEROUSLY

The answer to "In a noisy and unruly manner" is "OBSTREPEROUSLY" because "obstreperously" means to behave in a loud, boisterous, and disruptive manner. It perfectly matches the clue's description of a noisy and unruly behavior.

Increase the power of, with “up” : AMP …

The answer to "Increase the power of, with 'up'" is "AMP UP" because "amp" is a common abbreviation for "amplify" or "increase," and adding "up" emphasizes the idea of enhancing or intensifying something.

Irate : MAD

The word "irate" means extremely angry or furious. The word "MAD" is a synonym for angry, making it the right solution.

It’s really something! : NOUN

The answer to "It's really something!" is "NOUN" because in this context, "something" is referring to a word or term, which is a noun.

Johnny Walker or Jim Beam : WHISKEY

The answer to "Johnny Walker or Jim Beam" is "WHISKEY" because both Johnny Walker and Jim Beam are well-known brands of whiskey.

Language of Vientiane : LAO

The answer to "Language of Vientiane" is "LAO" because Lao is the official language of Laos, and Vientiane is the capital city of Laos.

Latke ingredient : POTATO

The answer to "Latke ingredient" is "POTATO" because latkes are traditionally made with grated potatoes.

Like a Cyclops : ONE-EYED

The answer "ONE-EYED" is the right solution because it describes the characteristic of having only one eye, which is what a Cyclops is known for.

March 14 observance that might be celebrated with dessert in math class : PI DAY

The answer is "PI DAY" because March 14th (3/14) represents the numerical value of pi (3.14). It is often celebrated with desserts, like pies, because the word "pi" sounds like "pie".

Marsupial that sleeps 18-22 hours a day : KOALA

The answer is "KOALA" because koalas are known for their long periods of sleep, typically sleeping for 18-22 hours a day.

Opposition to the removal of … : ANTIDISESTABLI-

The answer "ANTIDISESTABLI-" is the right solution because it refers to opposition against the removal of an established institution or system. The word "ANTIDISESTABLI-" is a partial word, as it is cut off, but it is commonly used in crossword puzzles to represent the full word "ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM," which means opposition to the removal of an established church.

Pasture : LEA

The word "lea" is a short and simple answer for "pasture" because a lea refers to a meadow or an open area of grassland where animals graze.

Phrase that would be appropriate at the end of 53- : SEE BELOW

The phrase "SEE BELOW" is the right solution because it indicates that there is more information or content located below the current point. It is commonly used in written or printed materials to direct readers to look at the lower part of the page or document for further details.

Picked a card : DREW

The answer "DREW" is the right solution because it means to select or choose a card, which matches the clue "Picked a card."

Plot element in “Romeo and Juliet” : TRYST

The answer "TRYST" is the right solution because it refers to a plot element in "Romeo and Juliet" where the two main characters secretly meet up for a romantic encounter.

Production at theater camp, maybe : SKIT

The answer "SKIT" is the right solution because a skit is a short, comedic performance typically seen at theater camps. It fits the clue "Production at theater camp, maybe" as it refers to a type of performance that can be commonly found in that setting.

Resting place : BED

The answer "BED" is the right solution for the clue "Resting place" because a bed is a piece of furniture specifically designed for resting and sleeping.

Reversible woven fabrics : DAMASKS

The answer "DAMASKS" is the right solution because damasks are a type of reversible woven fabric. They are known for their intricate patterns and are often used for upholstery, tablecloths, and curtains.

Signals at an auction, maybe : NODS

The answer "NODS" is the right solution because at an auction, bidders often communicate their interest or agreement by nodding their heads. Therefore, "NODS" accurately represents the signals given at an auction.

Sir Walter Scott novel set in the Middle Ages : IVANHOE

The answer "IVANHOE" is the right solution because it is a novel written by Sir Walter Scott that is set in the Middle Ages.

Some overhangs : AWNINGS

The answer to "Some overhangs" is "AWNINGS" because awnings are a type of covering that extends from a building's exterior to provide shade or protection from the elements. They commonly overhang windows, doors, or outdoor spaces.

Spoken : ORAL

The word "ORAL" relates to speech or spoken language, making it an appropriate answer to the clue "Spoken".

Stock market calculation : YIELD

The answer "YIELD" is the right solution for the clue "Stock market calculation" because yield refers to the return on investment or the earnings generated from an investment in the stock market.

Studio with “Ars gratia artis” in its logo : MGM

The answer is "MGM" because MGM is a studio that uses the Latin phrase "Ars gratia artis" in its logo.

Tension-reducing spa treatment : MASSAGE

The answer "MASSAGE" fits the clue "Tension-reducing spa treatment" because a massage is a common spa treatment known for its ability to reduce tension and relax the body.

Type that leans right : ITALICS

The answer to "Type that leans right" is "ITALICS" because it refers to a specific style of font where the letters are slanted to the right.

Vaccine-regulating org. : FDA

The FDA, or the Food and Drug Administration, is responsible for regulating vaccines in the United States. Therefore, it is the correct answer to the clue "Vaccine-regulating org."

Wall Street index, with “the” : … DOW

The answer is "DOW" because it refers to the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which is a well-known Wall Street index.

Wee one : TINY TOT

The answer "TINY TOT" is the right solution because it accurately describes a small child or a wee one.

Whack, as a fly : SWAT

The word "SWAT" is the right solution because it means to hit or strike something forcefully, which is exactly what you would do to a fly to get rid of it.

When said three times, classic Benny Goodman tune : SING

The answer to "When said three times, classic Benny Goodman tune" is "SING" because when you say "SING" three times, it sounds like the title of the classic Benny Goodman tune "Sing, Sing, Sing."

Wiretapper, e.g. : SPY

The answer to "Wiretapper, e.g." is "SPY" because a spy is someone who secretly gathers information, which can include wiretapping.

Wood for a baseball bat : ASH

The answer to "Wood for a baseball bat" is "ASH" because ash wood is commonly used to make baseball bats due to its strength and flexibility.

Word before pop or T : ICE-

The word "ICE-" is the right solution because it can be combined with "pop" or "T" to form common phrases: "ICE-pop" refers to a frozen treat, and "ICE-T" refers to the rapper and actor.

Word often paired with hunter : GATHERER

Wraps (up) : SEWS

The word "wraps up" is a clue that suggests the answer is related to the concept of finishing or concluding something. The word "ends" fits this clue perfectly because it means to bring something to a close or to reach the final part of something.

___ gras (French delicacy) : FOIE

The answer "FOIE" is the right solution because "foie gras" is a French delicacy made from the liver of a duck or goose. "Foie" is the French word for "liver," which matches the clue.

“Hold on!” : WAIT

The answer "WAIT" is the right solution because it is a common phrase used to ask someone to "Hold on!" or to ask them to be patient.

“Listen up!,” in Lima : OYE!

The answer "OYE!" is the right solution because it is a common Spanish word meaning "Listen up!" and Lima is the capital city of Peru, where Spanish is spoken.

“Ready!” : I’M ALL SET!

The phrase "I'm all set!" is a common expression used to indicate that someone is ready or prepared for something. It fits perfectly with the clue "Ready!" as it conveys the sense of being fully prepared.

“South Park” kid with a blue-and-yellow beanie : CARTMAN

The answer to "South Park" kid with a blue-and-yellow beanie is "CARTMAN" because Cartman is a main character in the animated TV show "South Park" who often wears a blue-and-yellow beanie.

“You won’t believe it, but …” : GET THIS …

The answer "GET THIS ..." fits the clue "You won't believe it, but ..." because it is a phrase commonly used to introduce surprising or unbelievable information.

… state support from the church : -SHMENTARIANISM

The answer "-SHMENTARIANISM" is the right solution because it refers to a historical movement that opposed state support from the church, particularly in Scotland. The "-SHMENTARIANISM" part of the word indicates this opposition, making it the correct answer.

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