New York Times Crossword Clues and Answers for 18 September 2023, Monday

Here's all New York Times Crossword answers for 18 September 2023, Monday (09-18-23). Find all answers and solutions here. We've also tries to explain why the answer is the correct solution for each clue.
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Clues and answers

Clues followed by answers and an explanation underneath.

1983 Peace Nobelist Walesa : LECH

The answer "LECH" is the right solution because Lech Walesa was a Polish politician and trade union organizer who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983.

Actor Danny or Stubby of old Hollywood : KAYE

The answer is "KAYE" because both Danny Kaye and Stubby Kaye were actors in old Hollywood.

Actor Guinness : ALEC

The answer to "Actor Guinness" is "ALEC" because Alec Guinness was a well-known British actor.

Actress Dunham : LENA

The answer to "Actress Dunham" is "LENA" because Lena Dunham is a well-known actress, writer, and director, best known for her work on the TV series "Girls."

At any time : EVER

The answer to "At any time" is "EVER" because "ever" means at any time or at all times.

Bandleader Puente : TITO

The answer to "Bandleader Puente" is "TITO" because Tito Puente was a famous bandleader known for his contributions to Latin music.

Be cause for serious concern, say : RAISE A RED FLAG

The phrase "raise a red flag" is commonly used to indicate that something should be a cause for serious concern. It implies that a warning or alarm should be raised about a particular issue or situation.

Beverages that can be pale or stout : ALES

The answer is "ALES" because ales are a type of beverages that can come in both pale and stout varieties.

Blabber continuously : TALK A BLUE STREAK

The phrase "talk a blue streak" means to speak rapidly and without pause. It is a colloquial expression that perfectly matches the clue "blabber continuously."

Broadcast booth analysis … or a hint to 17-, 27- and 47- : COLOR COMMENTARY

The term "color commentary" refers to the analysis or commentary provided by a sports broadcaster or commentator during a live broadcast. In this crossword clue, "broadcast booth analysis" is a hint indicating that we are looking for a term related to commentary or analysis in a broadcasting setting. The phrase "color commentary" fits this description perfectly, making it the correct answer.

Cedar Rapids native : IOWAN

The answer "IOWAN" is the right solution because Cedar Rapids is located in the state of Iowa, and someone from Iowa is commonly referred to as an "IOWAN."

Change as needed to fit in : ADAPT

The word "ADAPT" means to change or modify in order to fit in or adjust to new circumstances. In the context of the clue, it suggests that you need to change something to make it suitable or appropriate for a particular situation.

City council member : ALDERMAN

The term "ALDERMAN" is commonly used to refer to a member of a city council.

City leader : MAYOR

The answer to "City leader" is "MAYOR" because a mayor is the elected official who governs a city.

Complain loudly and at length : RANT

The answer "RANT" is the right solution because it means to complain loudly and at length. When someone rants, they express their dissatisfaction or frustration in a passionate and often lengthy manner.

Cracked open a little : AJAR

The word "ajar" means partially open, which matches the clue "cracked open a little."

Curved trajectories : ARCS

The answer to "Curved trajectories" is "ARCS" because arcs are curved paths or lines.

Darjeeling or Earl Grey : TEA

The clue "Darjeeling or Earl Grey" is asking for a type of beverage. Both Darjeeling and Earl Grey are types of tea, so the answer is "TEA".

Deli bread option : RYE

The answer to "Deli bread option" is "RYE" because rye bread is a common type of bread that is often found and offered in delis.

Elevator in London : LIFT

The answer to "Elevator in London" is "LIFT" because "lift" is the commonly used term for an elevator in British English.

End-of-list abbr. : AT AL

The answer "AT AL" is the right solution because it is an abbreviation for "at all," which is commonly used to indicate that something includes all items in a list or group. In the context of the crossword clue "End-of-list abbr.," "AT AL" signifies that it represents the remaining items not explicitly mentioned in the list.

Foul odor : STENCH

The answer "STENCH" fits the clue "Foul odor" because it refers to a strong and unpleasant smell.

George Harrison’s “All Those Years ___” : AGO

The phrase "All Those Years ___" indicates that we need a word that represents the past. "AGO" is a common word used to refer to a specific time in the past, making it the correct answer.

Giant-screen film format : IMAX

The answer to "Giant-screen film format" is "IMAX" because IMAX is a well-known format that is specifically designed for large screens, providing an immersive and visually stunning cinematic experience.

Give in to wanderlust : ROAM

The word "roam" means to wander or travel without a specific destination in mind. It perfectly fits the clue "Give in to wanderlust" because when you have a strong desire to explore and travel, you would naturally give in to that desire and start roaming.

God of romantic love : EROS

The answer to "God of romantic love" is "EROS" because in Greek mythology, Eros is the god of love and desire. He is often depicted as a young and handsome winged boy with a bow and arrow, symbolizing the power of love.

Greek letter, or a tiny bit : IOTA

The Greek letter "IOTA" is a tiny bit in both size and meaning. It fits perfectly with the clue, making it the right answer.

Harmlessly deceive : TELL A WHITE LIE

The answer "TELL A WHITE LIE" fits the clue "Harmlessly deceive" because a white lie is a small, harmless lie told to avoid hurting someone's feelings or causing conflict.

Have a part in a play : ACT

The answer "ACT" is the right solution because in a play, actors have a part or role to perform, and "ACT" is a verb that means to perform or play a role in a theatrical production.

Icy wet stuff : SLEET

The answer "SLEET" is the right solution because it is a type of icy wet precipitation that falls as a mixture of rain and snow.

In a recumbent position : LYING

The answer "LYING" fits the clue "In a recumbent position" because when someone is lying down, they are in a reclining or recumbent position.

Inaugural celebration : GALA

The answer to "Inaugural celebration" is "GALA" because a gala is a festive event or party, often held to celebrate a special occasion or milestone. Inaugurations are significant events, and a gala is a fitting way to mark the beginning of a new term or office.

Language related to Inuit : ALEUT

The language related to Inuit is Aleut because Aleut is a language spoken by the indigenous Aleut people of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska Peninsula.

Literature and music, for two : ARTS

The answer "ARTS" is the right solution because literature and music are both considered forms of art.

Loops in surreptitiously : BCCS

The answer "BCCS" is the right solution because it is an abbreviation for "Blind Carbon CopyS," which refers to the practice of sending a copy of an email to someone without the other recipients being aware. This matches the clue "Loops in surreptitiously," as BCCing someone allows you to include them in the conversation without others knowing.

Many : A LOT OF

"Many" is a synonym for "a lot of," which can be shortened to "ALOTOF."

Marisa who won an Oscar for “My Cousin Vinny” : TOMEI

The answer is "TOMEI" because Marisa Tomei won an Oscar for her role in the movie "My Cousin Vinny".

Not written : ORAL

The answer "ORAL" is the right solution because it is the opposite of "written." When something is not written, it is typically spoken or communicated orally.

Office contact no. : EXT

The answer "EXT" is short for "extension," which is a common abbreviation used in office settings to refer to a specific phone line or contact number within a larger phone system.

Ordinary : PLAIN

The word "plain" means ordinary or simple, which makes it the right answer for the clue "ordinary."

Place for a cruise ship to stop : PORT

The answer "PORT" is the right solution because it refers to a place where a cruise ship can stop and dock. Ports are specifically designed to accommodate the arrival and departure of ships, making it a fitting answer for the clue.

Police alert, for short : APB

The answer "APB" stands for "All Points Bulletin," which is a police alert used to notify officers to be on the lookout for a specific suspect or vehicle. It is a commonly used term in law enforcement, making it the correct solution for the clue "Police alert, for short."

Rapper with a Harvard hip-hop fellowship named in his honor : NAS

The answer "NAS" is the right solution because NAS is a rapper who received a Harvard hip-hop fellowship named in his honor.

Ring-shaped coral island : ATOLL

The answer is "ATOLL" because an atoll is a ring-shaped coral island that surrounds a lagoon.

Rub the wrong way : RILE

The answer "RILE" is the right solution because it means to irritate or annoy, which is the same as rubbing someone the wrong way.

Russian refusal : NYET

The answer "NYET" is the right solution because "NYET" is the Russian word for "no", which fits the clue "Russian refusal".

Schlep : CARRY

The word "LUG" is a suitable answer to the clue "Schlep" because it means to carry or haul something with effort, which is exactly what "schlep" implies.

Solo at the Met : ARIA

The answer to "Solo at the Met" is "ARIA" because an aria is a solo piece in an opera, and the Metropolitan Opera (Met) is known for its opera performances.

Something you haven’t been able to do on planes since 2000 : SMOKE

The answer is "SMOKE" because smoking has been banned on planes since 2000.

Source of after-hours cash, for short : ATM

The answer "ATM" stands for "Automated Teller Machine," which is a commonly used source of after-hours cash. It allows individuals to withdraw money from their bank accounts at any time, even when banks are closed.

Start of many a fairy tale : ONCE …

The answer "ONCE" is the start of many fairy tales because it signifies the beginning of a story, often introducing a magical or fantastical world.

Taper off : WANE

The word "wane" means to gradually decrease or diminish, which perfectly matches the clue "taper off." It is a concise and fitting answer.

Temporary price reduction to drive sales : ROLLBACK

The term "rollback" refers to a temporary reduction in price to stimulate sales. It is commonly used in retail settings to attract customers by offering lower prices than usual.

The I.R.S.’s 1040, e.g. : FORM

The answer to "The I.R.S.'s 1040, e.g." is "FORM" because the 1040 is a specific type of tax form used by the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.).

Tiler’s measurement : AREA

The tiler's measurement refers to the area of a surface that needs to be tiled. Therefore, the answer "AREA" is the right solution as it represents the measurement required for tiling.

Time-wasting labor : BUSY WORK

The answer "BUSY WORK" is the right solution because it refers to tasks or activities that keep someone occupied but do not contribute to their productivity or overall goals. It implies that the labor being done is time-consuming and unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

Toyota sedan : CAMRY

The answer to "Toyota sedan" is "CAMRY" because the Toyota Camry is a popular sedan model produced by the Toyota Motor Corporation.

Turkey drumstick, but not the breast, e.g. : DARK MEAT

The answer "DARK MEAT" is the right solution because turkey drumsticks are considered dark meat, while the breast is considered white meat.

Utah city that shares its name with a biblical kingdom : MOAB

The city in Utah that shares its name with a biblical kingdom is "Moab" because Moab was a kingdom mentioned in the Bible, and the city in Utah was named after it.

Window or door component : JAMB

The answer "JAMB" is the right solution because a jamb is a vertical component of a window or door frame that helps hold it in place.

Witch’s concoction : BREW

The answer "BREW" is the right solution because a witch's concoction is typically a mixture or potion made by brewing different ingredients together.

Wraparound garment of India : SARI

The answer to "Wraparound garment of India" is "SARI" because a sari is a traditional garment worn by women in India that is draped around the body and can be wrapped in various styles.

Young ‘un : TYKE

The word "TYKE" is a slang term that is commonly used to refer to a young child or a young person. It fits the clue "Young 'un" because it is a casual and informal way to describe a young individual.

___ of the tongue : SLIP

The phrase "slip of the tongue" is a common idiom that refers to making an unintentional mistake while speaking. The word "slip" in this context means an error or a momentary lapse. Therefore, "SLIP" is the right answer because it accurately completes the phrase "___ of the tongue" and matches the intended meaning of the clue.

“Au ___” (“Until we meet again”) : REVOIR

The crossword clue is asking for a phrase that means "Until we meet again" in French. The answer, "REVOIR," is a French word that translates to "see you again" or "until we meet again."

“Cheers!,” in Stockholm : SKOAL!

The answer to "Cheers!," in Stockholm is "SKOAL!" because it is a traditional Swedish toast.

“Eat, ___, Love” (2006 Elizabeth Gilbert memoir) : PRAY

The answer is "PRAY" because it completes the title of the 2006 Elizabeth Gilbert memoir, "Eat, Pray, Love".

“Indeed, so it is” : TRUE

The phrase "Indeed, so it is" is a way of expressing agreement or confirmation. The word that fits this meaning is "TRUE," as it means something that is in accordance with reality or facts.

“Tickle Me” Muppet : ELMO

The answer is "ELMO" because "Tickle Me" refers to the popular Muppet character known for being ticklish, and that character is "ELMO".

“What are you gonna do about it?!” : MAKE ME!

The phrase "What are you gonna do about it?!" is often used to challenge someone to take action or prove themselves. The answer "MAKE ME!" is a defiant response indicating that the person being challenged is not easily intimidated and will not back down.

“___ Line Is It Anyway?” : WHOSE

The answer "WHOSE" is the right solution because the phrase "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" is a popular improvisational comedy show.

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