New York Times Crossword Clues and Answers for 13 September 2023, Wednesday

Here's all New York Times Crossword answers for 13 September 2023, Wednesday (09-13-23). Find all answers and solutions here. We've also tries to explain why the answer is the correct solution for each clue.
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Clues and answers

Clues followed by answers and an explanation underneath.

Architect who lived to be 102 : PEI

The architect who lived to be 102 refers to I. M. Pei, a renowned architect known for his iconic designs. The answer "PEI" is derived from the last name of the architect, Pei.

Baseball’s Gehrig : LOU

The answer to "Baseball's Gehrig" is "LOU" because Lou Gehrig was a famous baseball player known for his career with the New York Yankees.

Bikini style : THONG

The answer to "Bikini style" is "THONG" because a thong is a type of underwear that is commonly worn as part of a bikini.

Boast : CROW

The word "crow" can mean to boast or brag about something, making it the right solution for the clue "Boast."

Boom times : UPS

The answer to "Boom times" is "UPS" because "UPS" is a commonly used abbreviation for "uninterruptible power supply," which is a device that provides backup power during electrical outages or fluctuations. During boom times or periods of economic growth, there is typically an increased demand for electricity, making UPS units essential for businesses and individuals to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

Breath control practice in competitive freediving : APNEA

The word "apnea" refers to a temporary cessation of breathing, which is a crucial skill in competitive freediving. Therefore, "apnea" is the right answer to the clue.

Business executive’s hope : GROWTH

The answer "GROWTH" is the right solution because it captures the main goal and aspiration of a business executive. Executives aim to achieve growth in their company's revenue, market share, and overall success.

Change from green to red, maybe : RIPEN

The answer "RIPEN" fits the clue because when fruits or vegetables change from green to red, it means they are becoming ripe.

Change the narrative? : EDIT

The word "edit" means to make changes to a written or recorded work. In the context of the clue, "change the narrative" refers to altering or revising a story or account. Therefore, "edit" is the correct answer that fits the clue.

Clean one’s feathers : PREEN

The answer to "Clean one's feathers" is "PREEN" because preening is the act of cleaning and grooming feathers in birds.

Comedian Aziz : ANSARI

The answer is "ANSARI" because Aziz Ansari is a well-known comedian and actor.

Common mixer : SODA

The answer to "Common mixer" is "SODA" because soda is a popular beverage that is often mixed with other drinks, such as alcoholic beverages, to create various cocktails.

Contacted privately on social media, informally : DM’ED

The answer "DM'ED" is the right solution because it is a commonly used term on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. "DM" stands for "direct message," which means contacting someone privately. The clue specifies that it is informal, which aligns with the casual nature of using social media to send direct messages.

Continually : ON END

The answer "ON END" is the right solution for the clue "Continually" because it means without interruption or constantly.

Delivery class? : LAMAZE

The answer to "Delivery class?" is "LAMAZE" because Lamaze is a method of childbirth education that focuses on breathing techniques and relaxation exercises. It is often associated with preparing for the delivery of a baby.

Distress calls? : YOWLS

The word "YOWLS" fits the clue "Distress calls?" because it is a verb that means to emit a loud, mournful cry, often associated with pain or distress.

Emcees’ deliveries : INTROS

The answer "INTROS" is the right solution because emcees typically deliver introductions or "INTROS" before a performance or event.

Fails to be : ISN’T

The answer "ISN'T" is the right solution because it is a contraction of "is not," which means to fail to be or to not exist.

Feel under the weather : AIL

The answer to "Feel under the weather" is "AIL" because "ail" is a synonym for feeling unwell or sick.

Fell : HEW

The word "fell" can mean to cut down a tree, and "hew" is a synonym for cutting or chopping. Therefore, "hew" is the right answer.

Flexed : BENT

The word "flexed" indicates a bending or curving action. The answer "BENT" fits this description perfectly, as it means to be in a curved or angled position.

Gaping mouth : MAW

The word "MAW" is commonly used to describe a large, open mouth, often in an exaggerated or dramatic sense. It is a concise and fitting answer to the clue "Gaping mouth."

Gave (out) : DOLED

The word "doled" means to distribute or give out in small portions. It fits the clue "Gave (out)" because it implies giving something out in a measured or limited way.

Give (out) : RATION

The answer to "Give (out)" is "RATION" because ration means to distribute or give out in limited portions.

Homer calls him “stupid Flanders” : NED

The answer to "Homer calls him 'stupid Flanders'" is "NED" because Ned Flanders is a character from the TV show "The Simpsons" who is often referred to by Homer as "stupid Flanders."

Hurried : SPED Down 1 Big drink

The answer to "Hurried" is "SPED" because it is a synonym for moving quickly. It fits the clue perfectly and is a common word used to describe a fast pace.

Idaho product, slangily : TATER

The answer "TATER" is the right solution because it is a slang term for a potato, and Idaho is known for its potato production.

Is, to Ovid : EST

The answer "EST" is the right solution because in Latin, "EST" means "is," and Ovid was a Roman poet who wrote in Latin.

Kind of earring : HOOP

The answer to "Kind of earring" is "HOOP" because a hoop earring is a type of earring that is shaped like a circle or a hoop.

La Campanella composer : LISZT

The answer to "La Campanella composer" is "LISZT" because Franz Liszt composed the famous piano piece called "La Campanella."

Little wonder? : ATOM

The answer "ATOM" is the right solution to the clue "Little wonder?" because an atom is the smallest unit of matter, hence it is a "little" entity. Additionally, atoms are considered wonders of nature due to their complex structure and the role they play in forming everything in the universe.

London transport, with “the” : … TUBE

The answer to "London transport, with 'the'" is "... TUBE" because the word "Tube" is a common nickname for the London Underground, which is the city's transportation system. The use of "the" in the clue indicates that the answer should include the definite article.

Malia and Michelle, for two : OBAMAS

The answer "OBAMAS" is the right solution because Malia and Michelle are both members of the Obama family. The clue is asking for the plural form of their last name, which is "OBAMAS".

Meanders : WENDS

The answer "WENDS" is the right solution because it means to meander or wander, which perfectly matches the clue "Meanders".

Modern warfare concern, in brief : WMDS

The answer "WMDS" stands for "Weapons of Mass Destruction." In modern warfare, the existence and potential use of such weapons are a significant concern. Therefore, "WMDS" is a fitting abbreviation for this crossword clue.

More than once : AGAIN

The word "again" means to do something more than once.

NASA project : PROBE

The answer to "NASA project" is "PROBE" because a probe is a spacecraft that is sent into space by NASA to explore and gather data about celestial bodies.

No longer in use : OLD

The word "OLD" is the right solution for the clue "No longer in use" because it is commonly associated with things that are no longer current or in use.

No ___ Traffic : THRU

The answer to "No ___ Traffic" is "THRU" because "THRU" is a commonly used abbreviation for "through." It indicates that there is no traffic allowed to pass through a certain area or route.

None the ___ : WISER

The phrase "None the wiser" means to remain unaware or uninformed about something. In this context, "wiser" suggests that despite a situation or event, there has been no increase in knowledge or understanding.

Nuisance : PAIN

The word "pest" is often used to describe someone or something that is a nuisance or annoyance. Therefore, "pest" is a fitting answer for the clue "nuisance".

Oppressors : TYRANTS

The answer to "Oppressors" is "TYRANTS" because tyrants are individuals who exercise oppressive power and control over others.

Overhead light? : HALO

The term "HALO" refers to a ring of light that is often seen around the sun or the moon. In the context of the clue "Overhead light?", "HALO" fits perfectly as it represents a light source that is positioned above or overhead.

Paradoxical answer to “Can you say what ‘nyet’ is Russian for?” : NO, LET ME THINK

The answer "NO, LET ME THINK" is a paradoxical response to the question "Can you say what 'nyet' is Russian for?" because it contradicts the expectation of providing a direct translation. Instead, it suggests that the person needs more time to think and cannot immediately provide an answer.

Paradoxical answer to “What is ‘Golf’ in the NATO alphabet?” : GEE, I DON’T KNOW

The answer "GEE, I DON'T KNOW" is a paradoxical response to the question "What is 'Golf' in the NATO alphabet?" because the correct answer to the question is actually "GOLF." However, the phrase "GEE, I DON'T KNOW" suggests uncertainty or lack of knowledge, creating a playful contradiction.

Paradoxical answer to “What isle is located between Ireland and Great Britain?” : MAN, THAT’S HARD

The answer "MAN, THAT'S HARD" is a paradoxical response to the clue "What isle is located between Ireland and Great Britain?" because it suggests that the answer itself is difficult or challenging. The word "isle" in the clue is misleading, as it implies a physical landmass, but the answer plays on the word "isle" by using the homophone "I'll" (short for "I will") to create a humorous and unexpected response.

Paradoxical answer to “Where does oil come from?” : WELL, YOU GOT ME

Part of a tape cassette : SPOOL

The answer "SPOOL" is the right solution because a tape cassette consists of a spool that holds the magnetic tape.

Physics Nobelist Bohr : NIELS

The answer to "Physics Nobelist Bohr" is "NIELS" because Niels Bohr was a Danish physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922 for his contributions to understanding the atomic structure.

Really dig : EAT UP

The phrase "eat up" is often used to mean really enjoy or appreciate something. In this context, "really dig" is a colloquial expression that means to really enjoy or appreciate something. Therefore, "eat up" is the right answer as it captures the same meaning.

S.N.L. routines : SKITS

The answer to "S.N.L. routines" is "SKITS" because skits are short comedic performances often seen on the television show Saturday Night Live (S.N.L.).

Scuba need : TANK

The answer to "Scuba need" is "TANK" because scuba divers require a tank filled with compressed air to breathe underwater.

See? : GET IT NOW?

"See?" is a phrase that is often used to check if someone has understood something. "Get it?" is a similar phrase used to ask if someone has understood something. Therefore, "GETIT" is the right solution as it is a play on words, combining both phrases into a single word answer.

Seems lit from within : GLOWS

The answer "GLOWS" fits the clue "Seems lit from within" because it describes something that emits a soft, radiant light.

Sense of purpose : DRIVE

The word "drive" can be used to describe a strong sense of purpose or determination to achieve a goal. It implies motivation and ambition, making it a fitting answer for the clue "Sense of purpose."

Shade of black : JET

The answer "ONYX" is a shade of black that is often used in jewelry and stone work.

Shadow, e.g. : SPY ON

The answer "SPY ON" fits the clue "Shadow, e.g." because a spy often shadows or closely follows someone in order to gather information covertly.

Singer known as the “Queen of Power Ballads” : DION

The answer "DION" is the right solution because Dion is a singer who is often referred to as the "Queen of Power Ballads."

Some plus-ones : DATES

The answer "DATES" fits the clue "Some plus-ones" because when attending an event, people often bring a date as their plus-one. Therefore, "DATES" accurately represents the concept of individuals accompanying someone to an event.

Start or end for Alexa? : SCHWA

The answer "SCHWA" is the right solution because it refers to the linguistic term for the unstressed vowel sound represented by the upside-down "e" symbol (ə), which can be found at the start or end of the word "Alexa."

Stuff in a party bag : SWAG

The answer to "Stuff in a party bag" is "SWAG" because "swag" refers to small, free items or goodies given out at events or parties. It is a common term used for the items found in party bags or gift bags.

Suffix with cyclo- : -TRON

The suffix "-TRON" is the right solution because it is commonly used to indicate a device or instrument. In the case of "Suffix with cyclo-", it suggests a device or instrument related to cycles or circular motion.

Supplement : ADD ONTO

The answer "ADD ON" is the right solution because it means to supplement or add something extra to an existing thing or situation. It fits perfectly with the clue "Supplement" as it implies adding on to something that already exists.

Surf sound : ROAR

The answer "ROAR" is the right solution for the clue "Surf sound" because when waves crash onto the shore, they often create a loud and powerful noise that can be described as a "roar."

The World Factbook org. : CIA

The World Factbook is a publication by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that provides information about countries around the world. Therefore, "CIA" is the correct answer to the clue.

Use a cleaning cloth on : WIPE

The answer to "Use a cleaning cloth on" is "WIPE" because wiping is the action of using a cloth to clean or remove dirt from a surface.

View from a periscope : OCEAN

The view from a periscope is often of the ocean because periscopes are commonly used on submarines to see what's happening above the water's surface.

Wearable party gear with built-in straws : BEER HATS

The answer "BEER HATS" is the right solution because beer hats are wearable party gear that typically have built-in straws, allowing the wearer to drink beverages hands-free.

What cheating might get you, informally : BAD REP

The answer to "What cheating might get you, informally" is "BAD REP" because "BAD REP" is a shortened form of "bad reputation," which refers to the negative opinion or image that someone may have of you if you are caught cheating.

Where two barrel vaults intersect, in architecture : GROIN

The answer "GROIN" is the right solution because in architecture, a "groin" refers to the point where two barrel vaults intersect.

Woman in a Lady Gaga song and album title (2016) : JOANNE

The answer is "JOANNE" because it is the title of a Lady Gaga song and album that was released in 2016.

Word before run and stretch : HOME …

The answer to "Word before run and stretch" is "HOME". In the context of the clue, "run" and "stretch" are both activities that one typically does at home. Therefore, "HOME" is the word that comes before both "run" and "stretch".

___ gotta run : I’VE

The answer to "___ gotta run" is "I'VE" because it is a contraction of "I have" which fits the clue indicating the need to leave or go.

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