New York Times Crossword Clues and Answers for 6 September 2023, Wednesday

Here's all New York Times Crossword answers for 6 September 2023, Wednesday (09-06-23). Find all answers and solutions here. We've also tries to explain why the answer is the correct solution for each clue.
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Clues and answers

Clues followed by answers and an explanation underneath.

1964 title role for Anthony Quinn : ZORBA

The answer is "ZORBA" because in 1964, Anthony Quinn played the title role in the film "Zorba the Greek."

6-0 set, in tennis lingo : BAGEL

The term "bagel" is used in tennis to describe a set where one player wins all six games without the opponent winning any. The score of 6-0 represents a bagel, making it the correct answer to the clue.

As to : IN RE

The answer "IN RE" is the right solution for the clue "As to" because "IN RE" is a Latin legal term that means "in the matter of" or "in regard to." It is commonly used in legal documents and correspondence to refer to a specific case or matter.

Back on a cruise : AFT

The answer "AFT" is the right solution because it refers to the back or rear of a ship. It is a nautical term commonly used to describe the location towards the stern or behind on a cruise ship.

Bavarian “Bah!” : ACH!

The answer "ACH!" is the right solution because it is a common exclamation used in Bavaria, Germany.

Black tea region : ASSAM Down 1 Sharply turns back the other way

The answer to "Black tea region" is "ASSAM" because Assam is a region in India known for producing black tea.

Canning tomato : ROMA

The answer "ROMA" is the right solution because Roma tomatoes are commonly used for canning due to their meaty texture and low water content.

Classroom projectile : WAD

The answer to "Classroom projectile" is "WAD" because a wad of paper is commonly used as a projectile by students in a classroom.

Con Ed, e.g. : Abbr.

The answer "Abbr." is the right solution because "Con Ed" is an abbreviation for Consolidated Edison, which is commonly referred to as "Con Ed." Therefore, the clue is asking for an abbreviation, which is represented by "Abbr."

Cordial shipbuilders? : CIVIL WRIGHTS (sounds like “civil rights”)

The answer "CIVIL WRIGHTS" is a play on words. It sounds like "civil rights," which refers to the rights and freedoms of individuals in society. "Cordial shipbuilders" is a clever clue hinting at the wordplay, as "wrights" are skilled craftsmen or builders. So, the answer fits both the clue and the wordplay element.

Cry from one who’s fuming : I’M OUTRAGED!

The phrase "I'm outraged" is a common expression used by someone who is fuming or extremely angry. It fits perfectly with the clue "Cry from one who's fuming."

Dirt-digging research, for short : OPPO

The answer "OPPO" is the right solution because it is a common abbreviation for "opposition research," which refers to the practice of gathering information on political opponents.

Draw out : ELICIT

The word "draw out" implies the action of extracting or obtaining information or a response from someone or something. The word "elicit" perfectly fits this definition as it means to evoke or bring out a reaction or information. Therefore, "elicit" is the right solution for the clue "Draw out."

Fence-sitter’s question : SHOULD I?

The answer "SHOULD I?" is the right solution because a fence-sitter is someone who is undecided or unsure about a particular issue. The phrase "Should I?" reflects the hesitation and indecisiveness that a fence-sitter might have when making a decision.

Flap of skin hanging from a bovine’s neck : DEWLAP

The flap of skin hanging from a bovine's neck is commonly known as a "dewlap." It is a loose fold of skin that can be found in certain breeds of cattle.

For real : KOSHER

The phrase "For real" is often used to mean something is genuine or authentic. "Kosher" is a term commonly used to describe food that is prepared according to Jewish dietary laws, meaning it is genuine and proper. Therefore, "Kosher" is the right solution for "For real."

Good Grips kitchen brand : OXO

The answer to the clue "Good Grips kitchen brand" is "OXO" because OXO is a well-known brand that specializes in kitchen tools and utensils with comfortable and ergonomic handles, known as "Good Grips."

Great Plains people : OTOE

The Great Plains people referred to in the clue are a Native American tribe called the Otoe.

Heath bar shelfmate : SKOR

The answer "SKOR" is the right solution because it is a candy bar that is often found on the same shelf as Heath bars in stores.

Horse’s watering spot : TROUGH

The answer to "Horse's watering spot" is "TROUGH" because a trough is a long, narrow container that holds water for animals like horses to drink from.

In the public eye : SEEN

The answer "SEEN" fits the clue "In the public eye" because when something or someone is "seen," they are observed or noticed by others. It implies being in the presence of others or being visible to the public.

Jokester : CUTUP

The answer "CUTUP" fits the clue "Jokester" because a "cutup" is someone who is known for making jokes or being humorous.

Kind of counter in a supermarket : DELI

The answer is "DELI" because it is a type of counter commonly found in supermarkets where customers can purchase deli meats, cheeses, and prepared foods.

Leave full : SATE

The word "SATE" means to satisfy fully or to leave someone feeling full. In the context of the clue "Leave full," "SATE" fits perfectly as it means to leave someone or something fully satisfied.

Lemony quaff : SHANDY

The answer to "Lemony quaff" is "SHANDY" because a shandy is a drink made by mixing beer with lemonade or a citrus-flavored soda. The word "lemony" in the clue suggests the presence of lemon or citrus, and "quaff" indicates a beverage.

Let go : AXED

"Ceded" means to give up or surrender something, which is exactly what "letting go" means in this context. Therefore, "Ceded" fits as the answer to the clue "Let go".

Lightens up? : IRRADIATES

The answer to "Lightens up?" is "IRRADIATES" because "lightens up" can mean to make something brighter or more radiant, which aligns with the definition of "IRRADIATES" - to expose something to radiation or emit radiation.

Like cheering audiences : AROAR

The answer "AROAR" is the right solution because it means "like cheering audiences." The word "ar" means "like" and "oar" refers to the sound of cheering. Therefore, "AROAR" accurately describes the behavior of cheering audiences.

Like more than half of the earth’s population : ASIAN

The answer "ASIAN" is the right solution because more than half of the earth's population resides in the continent of Asia.

Makes even : TRUES

The answer "TRUES" is the right solution to the clue "Makes even" because "truing" is a process of making something straight or even, like aligning a wheel or adjusting a surface.

Many links : SAUSAGES

Marathoning powerhouse : KENYA

The answer to "Marathoning powerhouse" is "KENYA" because Kenya has consistently produced some of the world's top long-distance runners, making it a dominant force in marathon running.

Maxims : SAWS

The word "saws" is a synonym for maxims, meaning wise or pithy sayings.

Myrmecologist’s specimen : ANT

The answer to "Myrmecologist's specimen" is "ANT" because a myrmecologist is a scientist who studies ants, and an ant is a common specimen that they would study.

Nosegay : POSY

The answer "POSY" is the right solution for the clue "Nosegay" because a nosegay is a small bouquet of flowers, and "POSY" is a common term used to refer to a small bunch of flowers.

Not that : THIS

The answer to "Not that" is "THIS" because "this" is a word that refers to something close or present, while "that" refers to something farther away or not present.

Novelist Chang-___ Lee : RAE

The novelist Chang-___ Lee is commonly referred to as Chang-Rae Lee. The answer "RAE" fits perfectly into the crossword clue and matches the name of the novelist.

Obey : HEED

The answer "HEED" is the right solution because it means to obey or pay attention to something or someone.

Oxford and Surrey in “Richard III” : EARLS

The term "EARLS" refers to noble titles given to individuals in the play "Richard III" by William Shakespeare. Both Oxford and Surrey are mentioned as Earls in the play, making "EARLS" the correct answer.

Pens a seafaring tale? : WRITES OF PASSAGE (sounds like “rites of passage”)

The answer "WRITES OF PASSAGE" is a play on words. It sounds like "rites of passage," which is a common phrase. In this case, it means someone is writing a story about a journey at sea.

Phonetic initialism along Canadian roadways : ESSO

The answer "ESSO" is the right solution because it is a phonetic initialism that represents the letters S and O, which stand for "Standard Oil." It is commonly seen along Canadian roadways as it is a well-known brand of gasoline stations.

Radio station on TV : WKRP

The answer "WKRP" is the right solution because it is the name of a fictional radio station featured in the TV show "WKRP in Cincinnati".

Rocksteady precursor : SKA

The answer to "Rocksteady precursor" is "SKA" because SKA is a genre of music that originated in Jamaica and paved the way for the development of Rocksteady.

Rude rejoinder popularized by the Fonz of 1970s TV : SIT ON IT

The answer "SIT ON IT" is the right solution because it was a rude rejoinder popularized by the character Fonzie, played by Henry Winkler, on the 1970s TV show "Happy Days".

Run ___ : RIOT

The answer to "Run ___" is "RIOT" because "run riot" is a common phrase that means to behave in a wild and uncontrolled manner.

Sacramental friars? : RITE BROTHERS (sounds like “Wright Brothers”)

"RITE BROTHERS" sounds like "Wright Brothers," which refers to the famous aviation pioneers. The clue "Sacramental friars?" is a play on words, suggesting that the answer should also be a phrase that sounds similar to a well-known term. Therefore, "RITE BROTHERS" is the correct solution because it sounds like "Wright Brothers" and fits the clue's wordplay.

Scale units : Abbr.

The answer "Abbr." is short for "abbreviation," and in this crossword clue, it indicates that the answer to "Scale units" should be abbreviated. It suggests that the answer is a shortened form of the actual units used in measuring scales.

Second rule of waste reduction : REUSE

The second rule of waste reduction is to "reuse" items instead of throwing them away. This means finding new purposes or giving items a second life instead of discarding them. It helps reduce waste and promotes sustainability.

Shankar at Woodstock : RAVI

The answer to "Shankar at Woodstock" is "RAVI" because Ravi Shankar was a famous Indian musician who performed at the Woodstock music festival in 1969.

Some fancywork : LACE

The answer to "Some fancywork" is "LACE" because lace is a type of delicate fabric that is often used in decorative or ornamental work, such as on clothing or accessories.

Something that may be up one’s sleeve : ACE

The answer "ACE" is the right solution because in card games, an "ace" is a high-ranking card that is often hidden or kept "up one's sleeve" as a secret advantage.

Something up one’s sleeve? : ARM

The phrase "something up one's sleeve" is often used to mean having a secret or hidden plan. In this crossword clue, "ARM" is the right answer because it is a body part that is literally up one's sleeve when wearing a shirt or jacket.

Start of a paint job : BASE COAT

The answer "BASE COAT" is the right solution because when starting a paint job, the first layer of paint applied is called the base coat.

Suddenly cut off all communication with … but do so nicely? : GHOST RIGHT (sounds like “ghostwrite”)

The clue suggests abruptly ending communication in a polite manner. The answer "GHOST RIGHT" is a play on words, sounding like "ghostwrite." In this context, "ghosting" means cutting off communication, and "right" implies doing so in a polite or correct manner.

Superman’s baby name : KAL-EL

The answer "KAL-EL" is the right solution because it is the name given to Superman as a baby on the planet Krypton.

Syrupy stuff : SAP

The answer to "Syrupy stuff" is "SAP" because sap is a sticky liquid that is often sweet, like syrup.

Take off : SOAR

"FLEE" means to run away or escape, which is a synonym for "take off" in the sense of leaving quickly.

Tooth trouble : ACHE

The answer to "Tooth trouble" is "ACHE" because an ache is a common problem or discomfort that can occur in a tooth.

Travel kit filler : TOILETRIES

The answer "TOILETRIES" is the right solution because it refers to the items or products that are commonly found in a travel kit, such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and other personal care items.

What a marathoner may do around mile 20 : HIT THE WALL

The phrase "HIT THE WALL" is commonly used to describe the point in a marathon where a runner experiences extreme fatigue and a sudden loss of energy. It signifies the physical and mental challenge that many marathoners face around the 20-mile mark.

Where to do one’s bidding, maybe : EBAY

The answer "EBAY" is the right solution because it is a popular online marketplace where people can buy and sell items through bidding.

Worker welfare grp. : OSHA

The answer to "Worker welfare grp." is "OSHA" because OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which is a government agency responsible for ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for workers in the United States.

X a box, say : OPT

The answer to "X a box, say" is "OPT" because when you "X a box," you are choosing or selecting an option. "OPT" is a short form of the word "option," making it the correct answer.

___ Paradise, narrator of “On the Road” : SAL

The answer is "SAL" because Sal Paradise is the narrator of the novel "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac.

“It’s a plan” … and what might be said of 17-, 23-, 35- and 48- : SOUNDS GOOD

The phrase "It's a plan" is commonly used to indicate agreement or approval. In this crossword clue, the phrase is hinting at a similar phrase that can describe the four other answers in the puzzle. The phrase "SOUNDS GOOD" is a natural fit because it conveys agreement and positivity, which can be associated with a plan.

“The ___ of the Ancient Mariner” : RIME

The word "RIME" is the correct solution because it is a variant spelling of "rhyme," which matches the clue "The ___ of the Ancient Mariner." In this context, "RIME" refers to the frost that covers objects, which is a central theme in the poem "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

“Uh … huh-uh” : WELL … NO

The answer "WELL ... NO" fits the clue "Uh ... huh-uh" because it captures the sense of hesitation and disagreement that the clue implies. The phrase "Uh ... huh-uh" typically suggests a negative response or disagreement, and "WELL ... NO" conveys this meaning effectively.

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