New York Times Crossword Clues and Answers for 2 September 2023, Saturday

Here's all New York Times Crossword answers for 2 September 2023, Saturday (09-02-23). Find all answers and solutions here. We've also tries to explain why the answer is the correct solution for each clue.
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Clues and answers

Clues followed by answers and an explanation underneath.

"I'd do it again!" : NOREGRETS

The phrase "I'd do it again!" implies that the person has no regrets about their actions. The answer "NOREGRETS" is a concise way to convey this sentiment.

"Just the check" : IMSET

"Oversharing alert!" : TMI

The answer to "Oversharing alert!" is "TMI" because TMI stands for "Too Much Information," which is a commonly used phrase to indicate that someone has shared more personal or detailed information than necessary or appropriate.

"Sure … I guess" : UHOKAY

The answer "UHOKAY" fits the clue "Sure... I guess" because it is a casual and colloquial way of expressing agreement or acceptance.

Abbr. on a paper tray : LTR

The abbreviation "LTR" stands for "letter" and is commonly used on a paper tray to indicate that it is meant for holding letter-sized paper.

Acquisition in Monopoly : HOTEL

The answer to "Acquisition in Monopoly" is "HOTEL" because in the game of Monopoly, players can acquire properties and gradually build houses on them. When a player owns four houses on a property, they can upgrade it to a hotel.

Agnes, in Argentina : INES

The answer to "Agnes, in Argentina" is "INES" because in Argentina, the name "Agnes" is commonly spelled as "Ines."

Alternative to a tulip glass : FLUTE

The answer "FLUTE" is the right solution because a flute is an alternative type of glassware commonly used for serving champagne or sparkling wine. It is tall and narrow in shape, similar to a tulip glass, but with a more elongated and slender design.

Bastille Day saison : ETE

The answer "ETE" is the right solution because "Bastille Day" refers to the French national holiday, which is celebrated on July 14th. "ETE" is the French word for "summer," and Bastille Day falls during the summer season.

Bubbly chocolate bar brand : AERO

The answer to "Bubbly chocolate bar brand" is "AERO" because AERO is a well-known chocolate brand that is famous for its unique bubbly texture.

Call from a server, maybe : ADIN

The answer "ADIN" is the right solution because it is a common abbreviation for "administrator" which is a person who manages or operates a server.

Campus noob : FROSH

The term "FROSH" is a commonly used slang for a freshman or a first-year student on a college or university campus. It's derived from the word "freshman" and is often used to refer to someone who is new or inexperienced in a particular environment, such as a college campus.

Cinematic specification : FRAMERATE

The term "framerate" refers to the number of frames or images displayed per second in a film or video. It is a common cinematic specification that determines the smoothness and quality of motion in a movie.

Eponymous German bacteriologist : PETRI

The answer to "Eponymous German bacteriologist" is "PETRI" because Julius Richard Petri was a German bacteriologist who invented the Petri dish, a shallow, cylindrical, lidded dish used for culturing bacteria.

Fertile Crescent feeder : TIGRIS

The Tigris is the right answer because it is one of the two major rivers that flow through the Fertile Crescent region in the Middle East, along with the Euphrates.

Flies like flies : SWARMS

The answer to "Flies like flies" is "SWARMS" because swarms is a collective noun that refers to a large group of flying insects, such as flies.

Foraged delicacies : MORELS Down

The answer to "Foraged delicacies" is "MORELS" because morels are a type of edible mushroom that are often foraged in the wild.

Fuss (over) : FAWN

The answer "FAWN" is the right solution because it means to show excessive attention or flattery towards someone, which matches the clue "Fuss (over)".

Get high : SOAR

The answer "SOAR" is the right solution to the clue "Get high" because it means to fly or rise high in the sky, which aligns with the idea of getting high.

Gets dirty : SOILS

The answer to "Gets dirty" is "SOILS" because it is a verb that means to make something dirty or stained.

Gets in a lather : FOAMS

The word "foams" is the right solution because it refers to the action of creating or forming lather, which is a frothy substance produced by mixing soap and water vigorously.

Giving sort : DONOR

The answer "DONOR" is the right solution because a donor is someone who gives or donates something, such as money, blood, or organs.

Good name for a gallery owner : ARTIE

The answer "ARTIE" is a good name for a gallery owner because it is a play on the word "art" and sounds like a person's name. It is a clever and fitting choice for someone in the art industry.

Grand total : SUM

The answer "SUM" is the right solution because it refers to the total or the aggregate of a set of numbers or quantities.

Half a laugh : HAW

The answer "HAW" is the right solution because it represents half of the word "HA" which is commonly associated with laughter.

Herd : buffalo

"Cattle" is a commonly used term to refer to a group of domesticated cows, bulls, or steers. "Herd" is a collective noun used to describe a group of grazing animals, such as cattle. Therefore, "cattle" is the appropriate answer to the clue "Herd."

Holiday cheer? : HOHOHO

The answer "HOHOHO" is the right solution because it represents the sound of laughter, which is often associated with holiday cheer.

Hot ___ : MESS

Hot pastrami is a popular deli meat often found in sandwiches. The clue "Hot ___" suggests that the answer is a type of hot food, and pastrami fits this description.

Irradiates : ZAPS

The answer "ZAPS" is the right solution because it means to irradiate or shoot with a sudden burst of energy.

It has a triangular blade : EPEE

The answer "EPEE" is the right solution because an epee is a type of sword used in fencing that has a triangular blade.

It has triangular blades : SEDGE

The answer to "It has triangular blades" is "SEDGE" because sedge is a type of grass-like plant that often has triangular-shaped leaves or blades.

Legacy competitor : SONATA

The answer to "Legacy competitor" is "SONATA" because the Legacy and Sonata are both popular models of mid-size sedans made by different car manufacturers.

Like Staten Island on a New York City subway map : INSET

The answer "INSET" is the right solution because it refers to a smaller map or diagram that is inserted within a larger map. In the context of a New York City subway map, Staten Island is often shown as an inset because it is geographically separated from the rest of the subway system.

Lost at strip poker : GOTNAKED

The answer "GOTNAKED" fits the clue "Lost at strip poker" because when someone loses at strip poker, they typically remove their clothes and get naked.

Macaulay's "___ of Ancient Rome" : LAYS

The answer "LAYS" is the right solution because it completes the title "Macaulay's LAYS of Ancient Rome." The word "lays" refers to narrative poems or ballads, and Macaulay wrote a collection of such poems about Ancient Rome.

Mantel piece : URN

The answer "URN" is the right solution because an urn is a common decorative item that is often placed on a mantel. It is a short and simple answer that fits the clue perfectly.

Most common evening for "Dateline NBC" during its three-decade run : Abbr.

The answer is "Fri" because "Dateline NBC" has aired most frequently on Friday evenings.

Much of Tonga : ISLETS

The answer "ISLETS" is the right solution because Tonga is an archipelago consisting of many small islands, which are commonly referred to as "ISLETS."

Nickname that can be a diminutive of a family member : TITO

The answer "TITO" is a nickname that can be a diminutive of the name "Alberto" or "Roberto," which are common family member names.

No-brainer? : ZOMBIE

The answer to "No-brainer?" is "ZOMBIE" because a zombie is typically portrayed as a creature without higher brain function or intelligence.

Not needing to work : SETFORLIFE

The answer "SETFORLIFE" is the right solution because it means having enough financial security to not need to work for the rest of one's life.

One crossing the line : SCAB

The answer "SCAB" is the right solution because it refers to a person who crosses a picket line during a strike, causing a division among the workers.

One means of gaining access : BADGE

The answer "BADGE" is the right solution because a badge is a commonly used means of gaining access to a restricted area or building. It is a form of identification that grants permission to enter.

Oxford English Dictionary's Word of the Year in 2022, describing an unapologetically self-indulgent state : GOBLINMODE

Pepper with a "delayed fuse" : SERRANO

The pepper with a "delayed fuse" is the SERRANO because it is known for its delayed heat. When you bite into a SERRANO pepper, the spiciness gradually intensifies, giving it a delayed fuse-like effect.

Perfume part : ESTER

The answer "ESTER" is the right solution because esters are compounds commonly used in perfumes to provide fragrance.

Platte Valley people : OTOE

The Platte Valley is located in Nebraska, and the Otoe are a Native American tribe that historically inhabited this region. Therefore, "OTOE" is the right answer for "Platte Valley people."

Publicity, of a sort : AIRTIME

The word "publicity" in the clue suggests that we are looking for a term related to media or exposure. "AIRTIME" fits this description as it refers to the duration or time allocated for broadcasting on television or radio. It is a common term used to measure the amount of exposure or coverage something receives in the media.

Quake : SEISM

The word "seism" is derived from the Greek word "seismos" which means "earthquake." Therefore, "seism" is the perfect answer for the crossword clue "quake."

Quick greetings : NODS

The answer "NODS" is the right solution because when we greet someone quickly, we often acknowledge them with a nod of the head.

Reds state : OHIO

The answer to "Reds state" is "OHIO" because Ohio is commonly associated with the color red due to its historical connection to the Republican Party, whose color is red.

Replying to emails, scheduling meetings, etc., informally : ADMIN

The answer "ADMIN" is the right solution because it is a commonly used abbreviation for administrative tasks, which often include replying to emails, scheduling meetings, and other similar duties.

Seabird that can be tufted or horned : PUFFIN

The answer to the clue "Seabird that can be tufted or horned" is "PUFFIN" because a PUFFIN is a type of seabird that can have either tufted or horned features.

Shocked reaction : TRIPLETAKE

The answer "TRIPLETAKE" is the right solution because when someone is shocked, they often do a double take to process what they saw. A triple take is an exaggerated reaction, indicating even greater surprise.

Shorthand for unnamed co-authors : ETAL

The answer to the clue "Shorthand for unnamed co-authors" is "ETAL" because "et al." is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase "et alii," meaning "and others." In academic or legal writing, it is commonly used to refer to additional authors or contributors when citing a source.

Smooths, as silk : IRONS

The answer "IRONS" is the right solution because when we "iron" silk fabric, we use a hot iron to smooth out any wrinkles or creases.

Snack crackers since 1921 : CHEEZITS

The answer to "Snack crackers since 1921" is "CHEEZITS" because Cheez-Its are a popular brand of snack crackers that have been around since 1921.

Some Greek cheeses : FETAS

The answer "FETAS" is the right solution for "Some Greek cheeses" because feta is a type of cheese that originates from Greece.

Statement from someone you should probably respond to with skepticism : IMNOTASCIENTIST

The answer "IMNOTASCIENTIST" is the right solution because it implies that the person making the statement is not a scientist, suggesting that their statement should be approached with skepticism.

Susceptible to burning, in a way : FAIR

The answer "FAIR" is the right solution because it means being susceptible to burning in a way that refers to skin tone. Fair-skinned individuals are more prone to sunburn compared to those with darker skin tones.

The world's first Black-led republic : HAITI

The answer "HAITI" is the right solution because Haiti was the world's first Black-led republic. It gained independence from France in 1804 and was led by Jean-Jacques Dessalines, making it a significant historical landmark.

They may be held during the national anthem : BRIMS

They might go to extremes : MOODSWINGS

The answer "MOODSWINGS" fits the clue "They might go to extremes" because mood swings refer to sudden and extreme changes in a person's emotional state.

Thinks of with buyer's remorse, say : RUES

The word "rues" means to feel regret or remorse. In this context, it suggests that someone is thinking about a past decision with buyer's remorse.

Top-selling concession item at San Francisco's Oracle Park : GARLICFRIES

The answer "GARLICFRIES" is the right solution because Oracle Park in San Francisco is famous for its garlic fries, which are a top-selling concession item at the stadium.

Toy that's not really a toy? : POODLE

The answer "POODLE" is the right solution because a poodle is a breed of dog, not an actual toy. It may be referred to as a "toy" poodle due to its small size, but it is still a living creature and not a plaything.

Unwanted spot, informally : ZIT

The answer to "Unwanted spot, informally" is "ZIT" because "ZIT" is a commonly used informal term for a pimple or an unwanted spot on the skin.

Words that might be followed by "Hear! Hear!" : ATOAST

The phrase "Hear! Hear!" is often used to express agreement or support. When someone gives a toast, it is common for others to respond by saying "Hear! Hear!" Therefore, the words that might be followed by "Hear! Hear!" are "ATOAST".

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