New York Times Crossword Clues and Answers for 23 August 2023, Wednesday

Here's all New York Times Crossword answers for 23 August 2023, Wednesday (08-23-23). Find all answers and solutions here. We've also tries to explain why the answer is the correct solution for each clue.
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Clues and answers

Clues followed by answers and an explanation underneath.

"Ah, so it goes" : ALAS

The phrase "Ah, so it goes" is often used to express a sense of resignation or acceptance in the face of unfortunate events. The word "ALAS" is a common interjection used to convey a similar sentiment. Therefore, "ALAS" is the right solution for the clue.

"But wait — there's ___!" : MORE

The phrase "But wait — there's ___!" is a common expression used to indicate that there is something additional or unexpected. The word "MORE" fits perfectly in this context as it means an increased quantity or additional things. Therefore, "MORE" is the right answer for this crossword clue.

"Get Out" director Jordan : PEELE

The answer is "PEELE" because Jordan Peele is the director of the movie "Get Out".

"Hello" singer : ADELE

The answer to "Hello" singer is "ADELE" because Adele is a well-known British singer who released a popular song called "Hello."

"The Bare Necessities" bear : BALOO

The answer is "BALOO" because Baloo is the name of the bear character in the Disney movie "The Jungle Book" who sings the song "The Bare Necessities."

"The Challenge" network : MTV

The answer to "The Challenge" network is "MTV" because MTV is the television network that airs the reality TV show called "The Challenge."

"Top Chef" network : BRAVO

The answer to the clue "Top Chef" network is "BRAVO" because the TV show "Top Chef" is aired on the network called BRAVO.

"Why, what an ___ am I!" : Hamlet

The phrase "Why, what an ___ am I!" is a quote from Shakespeare's play Hamlet. The missing word is "ass," which is a term used to describe a foolish or stupid person. Therefore, the answer "Hamlet" fits the clue.

"You betcha!" : ISUREDO

The answer "ISUREDO" fits the clue "You betcha!" because it is a casual and enthusiastic way of expressing agreement or confirmation, often used to show confidence in something.

60 minuti : ORA

The answer to "60 minuti" is "ORA" because "ORA" is the Italian word for "hour." In Italian, "ora" can also mean "now," but in the context of the crossword clue, it refers to the unit of time equal to 60 minutes.

Desserts with split peas : PEACHMELBAS

The answer "PEACHMELBAS" is the right solution because "peach melbas" are desserts that typically include peaches and a sweet sauce, often served with ice cream. The clue mentions "split peas," which is a wordplay clue indicating that we need to split the word "peas" and combine it with another word related to desserts. Therefore, "PEACHMELBAS" fits the clue perfectly.

Egg dish with a lemon turnover : WESTERNOMELETTE

The answer to "Egg dish with a lemon turnover" is "WESTERNOMELETTE" because it is a type of omelette that includes ingredients commonly found in a Western-style breakfast, such as bell peppers, onions, and ham. The wordplay in the clue suggests combining "lemon turnover" with "omelette" to form the answer.

Salad dressing with chopped liver : BALSAMICVINEGAR

The answer "BALSAMICVINEGAR" is the right solution because it is a type of salad dressing that can be made with chopped liver.

Sandwich with wild rice : MONTECRISTO

The answer "MONTECRISTO" is the right solution because it is a type of sandwich that typically includes wild rice as one of its ingredients.

Actress De La Garza of "FBI" : ALANA

The actress De La Garza of "FBI" is named Alana.

Adds insult to injury : RUBSITIN

The answer "RUBSITIN" is a play on the phrase "adds insult to injury." It suggests that someone is not only causing harm or offense, but also intensifying or emphasizing it. The wordplay in the answer captures the idea of physically rubbing salt or an irritant into a wound, which symbolizes making a bad situation even worse.

Alternative to high-octane : REGULAR

The answer "REGULAR" is the right solution because it is an alternative to high-octane gasoline. "Regular" refers to gasoline with a lower octane rating, typically 87 octane, as opposed to high-octane options like premium or super.

Ballpark quartet : BASES

The answer to "Ballpark quartet" is "BASES" because there are four bases on a baseball field - first base, second base, third base, and home plate.

Binge-watching units, for short : EPS

The answer "EPS" stands for "episodes," which are the units of television shows that people often watch in succession during a binge-watching session.

Bombeck who said "Onion rings in the car cushions do not improve with time" : ERMA

The answer to "Bombeck who said 'Onion rings in the car cushions do not improve with time'" is "ERMA" because Erma Bombeck was a well-known American humorist and writer who often wrote about everyday life and family humor. This quote is characteristic of her witty and relatable style.

Bullfight cheer : OLE

The answer to "Bullfight cheer" is "OLE" because "OLE" is a Spanish exclamation often used to express excitement or approval, and it is commonly associated with bullfighting.

Cantankerous : ORNERY

The word "cantankerous" means bad-tempered or irritable. The word "ornery" is a synonym for cantankerous, as it also describes someone who is grouchy or difficult to get along with. Therefore, "ornery" is the right solution for the clue "Cantankerous."

Capital that was once part of Denmark : OSLO

The answer is "OSLO" because it is the capital of Norway, which was once a part of Denmark.

Changing it converts "convert" from a verb to a noun : STRESS

Chess piece with the second-highest value : ROOK

The answer to "Chess piece with the second-highest value" is "ROOK" because in chess, the rook is worth five points, making it the second most valuable piece after the queen.

Chinese path : TAO

The answer to "Chinese path" is "TAO" because "Tao" is a Chinese word that means "path" or "way" in English.

CPR pro : EMT

The answer to "CPR pro" is "EMT" because EMT stands for Emergency Medical Technician, and they are trained professionals who are skilled in providing emergency medical care, including performing CPR.

D.C. "Squad" member : AOC

The answer is "AOC" because it stands for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is a member of the "Squad" - a group of progressive congresswomen in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Drunk-skunk connector : ASA

The answer to "Drunk-skunk connector" is "ASA" because "ASA" is a common abbreviation for "as soon as." In this context, it suggests that something will happen immediately after being drunk or after encountering a skunk.

Editor's "my bad," maybe : STET

The answer to "Editor's 'my bad,' maybe" is "STET" because "STET" is a term used in editing to indicate that a previously marked change or correction should be ignored and the original text should be retained. It essentially means "let it stand."

End of a two-player Harlem Globetrotters play : OOP

The term "OOP" is commonly used in basketball to describe an alley-oop, which is a play where one player throws the ball near the basket for another player to catch and dunk it. In the context of the Harlem Globetrotters, who are known for their entertaining and acrobatic basketball plays, "OOP" is the correct answer as it represents the end of a two-player play involving an alley-oop.

End of a White House address : GOV

The end of a White House address is often signed with the abbreviation "GOV" which stands for "Government."

Find a new purpose for : REUSE

The answer "REUSE" fits the clue "Find a new purpose for" because it means using something again for a different or similar purpose, rather than throwing it away.

First lady's husband : ADAM

The answer "ADAM" is the right solution because in the context of the clue "First lady's husband," it refers to the first man, Adam, in the Bible who was married to Eve, making him the husband of the first lady.

Gas company with toy trucks : HESS

The answer is "HESS" because Hess is a gas company that is known for selling toy trucks during the holiday season.

Get into hot water? : STEEP

The answer "STEEP" is the right solution because when something is steeped, it is immersed or soaked in hot water, like when you steep tea leaves or a tea bag. So, "Get into hot water?" is a clever clue that leads to the answer "STEEP."

Governor Moore of Maryland : WES

Greek god that sounds like 66-Across : ARES

The answer to "Greek god that sounds like 66-Across" is "ARES" because when pronounced, it sounds similar to the word "airs" which is the word given for 66-Across.

Home of Timbuktu : MALI

The answer to "Home of Timbuktu" is "MALI" because Timbuktu is located in the country of Mali.

Important stretch : ERA

The answer to "Important stretch" is "ERA" because an "era" refers to a significant period of time, often marked by important events or developments. It fits the clue perfectly.

Injure, as a knee : SKIN

Jacobs of fashion : MARC

The answer to "Jacobs of fashion" is "MARC" because Marc Jacobs is a well-known fashion designer.

Logicians' creations : TREES

The answer "TREES" is the right solution because logicians create logical trees, which are visual representations of logical reasoning.

M&M's color replaced by blue : TAN

The answer is "TAN" because the color blue replaced the original color of M&M's, which was brown. "TAN" is a shade of brown, making it the correct answer.

Makes the grade : PASSES

The answer to "Makes the grade" is "PASSES" because when someone "passes" a test or an exam, they have achieved a satisfactory result and met the required standard.

Mardi Gras follower : LENT

The answer to "Mardi Gras follower" is "LENT" because Mardi Gras is the day before Lent begins, making Lent the period of time that follows Mardi Gras.

Mentor of Anakin and Luke : OBIWAN

The answer "OBIWAN" is the right solution because Obi-Wan Kenobi is a well-known character in the Star Wars franchise who serves as a mentor to both Anakin Skywalker (later known as Darth Vader) and Luke Skywalker.

Naproxen brand : ALEVE

The answer to "Naproxen brand" is "ALEVE" because ALEVE is a well-known brand that sells over-the-counter pain relievers containing naproxen sodium.

New kid on the block : NOVICE

The term "new kid on the block" is often used to refer to someone who is new or inexperienced in a particular situation. The word "novice" means exactly that - someone who is new to something or lacks experience. Therefore, "novice" is the right solution for the clue "New kid on the block."

Off one's game : NOTON

The answer "NOTON" is the right solution because it means "off one's game" or not performing at one's usual level of skill or ability.

One channel that airs "NCAA March Madness," with "TV" : TRU

The answer is "TRU" because it is a TV channel that airs "NCAA March Madness."

Ones with chiseled jawlines, often : STATUES

The answer "STATUES" fits the clue because statues are often depicted with chiseled jawlines.

Puts on the books : ENACTS

The answer "ENACTS" fits the clue "Puts on the books" because it means to make a law or official rule, which is often recorded in books or legal documents.

Reacts to something gross : GAGS

The answer "GAGS" is the right solution because when someone reacts to something gross, they often gag as a reflex.

Saskatchewan's capital : REGINA

The answer to "Saskatchewan's capital" is "REGINA" because Regina is the capital city of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

Sat ___ (GPS in the U.K.) : NAV

The answer to "Sat ___ (GPS in the U.K.)" is "NAV" because "NAV" is a commonly used abbreviation for "navigation," which is a feature found in GPS systems.

Shanghainese, e.g. : DIALECT

The answer to "Shanghainese, e.g." is "DIALECT" because Shanghainese refers to a specific regional variation of a language, in this case, the Chinese language. Dialects are variations of a language spoken in a particular region or by a specific group of people.

Some overly long Facebook posts : RANTS Down

The answer "RANTS" fits the clue "Some overly long Facebook posts" because "rants" are typically lengthy and passionate expressions of frustration or anger, which can often be found in the form of lengthy posts on social media platforms like Facebook.

Sort of : ISH

The answer to "Sort of" is "ISH" because "ish" is a suffix that can be added to words to indicate a vague or approximate quality. It suggests that something is similar to or somewhat like the word being modified.

Source of a scandalous comment : HOTMIC

The answer "HOTMIC" is the right solution because a hot mic refers to a microphone that is unintentionally left on, allowing private or scandalous comments to be heard by others.

Source of some wax : BEE

The answer "BEE" is the right solution because bees produce wax in their bodies, which they use to build their honeycombs.

Square snack items : SALTINES

The answer "SALTINES" is the right solution because saltines are square-shaped snack items commonly enjoyed as a cracker.

Stud alternative : DRAW

The answer "DRAW" is the right solution because in the context of the clue, "Stud alternative," it refers to a type of poker game. In poker, "Stud" is a variation of the game, and "DRAW" is another popular variation. Therefore, "DRAW" is a suitable alternative to "Stud."

The "V" in C.V. : VITAE

The "V" in C.V. stands for "Vitae" which is the Latin word for "life". A C.V. is a curriculum vitae, which is a document that outlines a person's educational and professional background. Therefore, "VITAE" is the correct answer.

They might be pitched by the Rockies : TENTS

The answer "TENTS" is the right solution because the clue mentions "pitched," which is a term commonly used when setting up tents. The Rockies part of the clue refers to the Rocky Mountains, where camping and pitching tents is popular.

Underlings forced to do unpleasant work : STOOGES

The term "stooges" refers to people who are subordinate or underlings, often forced to do unpleasant or menial tasks. Therefore, "stooges" is the right solution for the clue "Underlings forced to do unpleasant work."

Vessel for violets : VASE

The answer "VASE" is the right solution because a vase is a container specifically designed for holding flowers, including violets.

W.N.B.A. star Brittney : GRINER

The answer "GRINER" is the right solution because Brittney Griner is a well-known star in the Women's National Basketball Association (W.N.B.A.).

Where one needs GPS to find The Gap? : NYSE

The answer "NYSE" stands for New York Stock Exchange. The Gap refers to the famous clothing retailer, and GPS is needed to find its stock symbol on the NYSE.

Word before job or track : INSIDE

The word "inside" can be used before "job" or "track" to indicate something that is happening within or internally.

Zodiac sign that sounds like 10-Across : ARIES

The answer to "Zodiac sign that sounds like 10-Across" is "ARIES" because it sounds like the word "Aries" when pronounced.

___ code : AREA

The answer to "___ code" is "AREA" because an "area code" is a numerical prefix used before a local telephone number to indicate a specific geographic region.

___ Didrikson Zaharias, Olympic gold medalist in track and field who went on to win 10 L.P.G.A. major championships : BABE

The answer is "BABE" because Babe Didrikson Zaharias was a famous American athlete who won Olympic gold medals in track and field and went on to achieve great success in the L.P.G.A., winning 10 major championships.

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