New York Times Crossword Clues and Answers for 21 August 2023, Monday

Here's all New York Times Crossword answers for 21 August 2023, Monday (08-21-23). Find all answers and solutions here. We've also tries to explain why the answer is the correct solution for each clue.
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Clues and answers

Clues followed by answers and an explanation underneath.

"Bear" in a eucalyptus forest : KOALA

The answer is "KOALA" because koalas are commonly found in eucalyptus forests. They are often referred to as "bears" even though they are not true bears.

"Cómo ___ usted?" : ESTA

The answer to ""Cómo ___ usted?"" is "ESTA" because it is the Spanish word for "are you."

"Money ___ everything" : ISNT

The phrase "Money isn't everything" means that money is not the most important thing in life. Therefore, the correct answer to the clue is "ISNT," which is a contraction of "is not."

"Saturday Night Live" cast member from 1980 to 1984 : EDDIEMURPHY

The answer is "EDDIEMURPHY" because Eddie Murphy was a cast member on "Saturday Night Live" from 1980 to 1984.

"The Purloined Letter" author : POE

The right solution is "POE" because Edgar Allan Poe is the author of the detective story "The Purloined Letter."

"Twice-Told ___" : TALES

The phrase "Twice-Told ___" is a reference to a collection of stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne called "Twice-Told Tales." Therefore, the correct answer to the crossword clue is "TALES."

"We're waiting ..." : ANYTIMENOW

The answer "ANYTIMENOW" fits the clue "We're waiting ..." because it suggests that something is expected to happen soon.

Above : OVER

The word "over" can mean "above" in the sense of being higher or on top of something.

App that asks "Where to?" on its home screen : UBER

The answer to "App that asks 'Where to?' on its home screen" is "UBER" because Uber is a popular ride-sharing app that prompts users to enter their destination by asking "Where to?" on its home screen.

Approximate weight of a full-grown walrus : TON

The answer "TON" is the right solution because a full-grown walrus can weigh approximately one ton, which is equivalent to 2,000 pounds.

Author Bradbury : RAY

The answer to "Author Bradbury" is "RAY" because Ray Bradbury is a well-known author, particularly famous for his science fiction works such as "Fahrenheit 451."

Berry in a smoothie bowl : ACAI

The answer to "Berry in a smoothie bowl" is "ACAI" because acai is a type of berry that is commonly used in smoothie bowls.

Biblical sister of Rachel : LEAH

The answer "LEAH" is correct because Leah is the biblical sister of Rachel.

Biblical son of Seth : ENOS

The answer is "ENOS" because in the Bible, Enos is mentioned as the son of Seth.

Cheerful, as an outlook : ROSY

The word "rosy" is commonly used to describe a positive or cheerful outlook. It is often associated with optimism and a hopeful view of the future.

Cheery tune : LILT

The word "lilt" is commonly used to describe a cheerful or lively tune. It fits the clue "Cheery tune" perfectly.

Chicago airport code : ORD

The answer to "Chicago airport code" is "ORD" because it is the three-letter code assigned to O'Hare International Airport, which is located in Chicago, Illinois.

Corn interiors : COBS

The answer to "Corn interiors" is "COBS" because "COBS" refers to the inner part of corn, specifically the part that contains the kernels.

Dark beer variety : STOUT

The answer to the clue "Dark beer variety" is "STOUT" because stout is a type of beer that is typically dark in color and has a strong, full-bodied flavor.

Debtor's note : IOU

The answer to "Debtor's note" is "IOU" because an IOU is a written acknowledgment of a debt owed by one person to another. It is commonly used when someone borrows money or owes a favor to someone else.

Decisive victories : ROUTS

The answer to "Decisive victories" is "ROUTS" because a "rout" refers to a decisive and overwhelming defeat inflicted upon an opponent. It fits the clue perfectly.

Desert watering hole : OASIS

The answer to "Desert watering hole" is "OASIS" because an oasis is a small area in the desert where water is present, making it a perfect solution for a desert watering hole.

Done in, as a dragon : SLAIN

The word "slain" means to be killed or defeated. In the context of the clue, a dragon is being referred to. Therefore, "done in" implies that the dragon has been killed, making "slain" the appropriate answer.

Drink sucker-upper : STRAW

The answer to "Drink sucker-upper" is "STRAW" because a straw is a cylindrical tube used to suck up liquids, making it the perfect tool for drinking beverages.

Earns and earns and earns : RAKESIN

The word "RAKESIN" is a phrase that means to earn a large amount of money consistently. The clue "Earns and earns and earns" suggests a repetitive action of earning, which fits with the idea of raking in money repeatedly.

Eggs (on) : URGES

The answer "URGES" is the right solution for the clue "Eggs (on)" because "eggs on" can mean to encourage or provoke someone to take action, and "URGES" is a synonym for that.

Fishy bagel topper : LOX

The answer to "Fishy bagel topper" is "LOX" because lox is a popular topping for bagels, especially in Jewish cuisine. Lox refers to thinly sliced, cured salmon, which is often enjoyed with cream cheese on a bagel.

Fruity breakfast biscuit : CURRANTSCONE

The answer "CURRANTSCONE" is the right solution because it fits the clue "fruity breakfast biscuit." A currant scone is a type of baked good that is often enjoyed for breakfast and contains currants, which are small, dried fruits.

Fund, as a university : ENDOW

The answer "ENDOW" is the right solution to the clue "Fund, as a university" because to "endow" means to provide a donation or financial support to a university or institution.

Fur tycoon John Jacob : ASTOR

The answer to "Fur tycoon John Jacob" is "ASTOR" because John Jacob Astor was a prominent American businessman and investor known for his success in the fur trade industry.

G.I. entertainers : USO

The answer "USO" is the right solution because the USO (United Service Organizations) is an organization that provides entertainment to members of the military, including G.I.s.

Got hitched : TIEDTHEKNOT

The phrase "TIED THE KNOT" is a common idiom that means to get married. In this context, "Got hitched" is a colloquial way of saying the same thing. Therefore, "TIEDTHEKNOT" is the right answer.

Hashtag that trended in a late-2010s movement : METOO

The answer "METOO" is correct because it refers to the hashtag that became popular during the late-2010s movement, where individuals shared their experiences of sexual harassment and assault.

Hosp. procedure : MRI

The answer "MRI" is short for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, which is a common medical procedure performed in hospitals.

Ibsen's "___ Gabler" : HEDDA

The answer to "Ibsen's "___ Gabler"" is "HEDDA" because "Hedda Gabler" is a famous play written by Henrik Ibsen.

It broke up on Dec. 26, 1991 : USSR

The answer "USSR" is the right solution because the USSR, also known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, officially dissolved on December 26, 1991.

Jamaican music genre : SKA

The answer is "SKA" because it is a popular Jamaican music genre characterized by a strong offbeat rhythm and brass instruments.

Jerry Maguire's profession in "Jerry Maguire" : AGENT

The answer "AGENT" is the right solution because Jerry Maguire is a sports agent in the movie "Jerry Maguire".

Kerfuffle : HOOHA

"Kerfuffle" means a commotion or fuss. "Flap" can mean the same thing, as in "caused a flap." Therefore, "Flap" is an appropriate answer to the clue "Kerfuffle."

Lilly of pharmaceuticals : ELI

The answer "ELI" is the right solution because Eli Lilly is a well-known pharmaceutical company.

Lust or envy : SIN

The answer "SIN" is the right solution because lust and envy are both considered sins according to religious and moral beliefs.

Mature, as wine : AGE

The term "mature" is often used to describe the process of aging wine. Therefore, the answer "AGE" fits perfectly with the clue.

Metal that an alchemist "converts" into gold : LEAD

The answer is "LEAD" because in alchemy, lead is believed to be the base metal that can be transformed into gold through a process called transmutation.

Mount ___, active Italian volcano : ETNA

The answer is "ETNA" because Mount Etna is a well-known and active volcano located in Italy.

National park with the notorious Angels Landing hike : ZION

The answer is "ZION" because Zion National Park is known for its famous Angels Landing hike.

Not require fees to be paid : WAIVECHARGES

The answer "WAIVECHARGES" is the right solution because "waive" means to relinquish or give up, and "charges" refers to fees that need to be paid. Therefore, "Not require fees to be paid" can be expressed as "WAIVECHARGES".

Of the ear : AURAL

The word "AURAL" is the right answer because it means "relating to the ear" in the context of the clue "Of the ear." It is derived from the Latin word "auris," which means "ear."

Office leader : BOSS

The answer "BOSS" is the right solution because a boss is typically the person in a position of authority or leadership in an office setting.

Ohio city where Goodyear is headquartered : AKRON

The answer to the clue "Ohio city where Goodyear is headquartered" is "AKRON" because Akron is the city in Ohio where the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is based.

Opposite of sparse : DENSE

The word "opposite" indicates that we are looking for a word that means the opposite of "sparse." "Sparse" means something that is thinly scattered or not dense. Therefore, the right answer is "DENSE," which means something that is closely packed or crowded.

Port of Yemen : ADEN

The answer to "Port of Yemen" is "ADEN" because Aden is a major port city in Yemen.

Prepare to regift, perhaps : REWRAP

The answer "REWRAP" is the right solution because when we "regift," we give someone a present that was previously given to us. To prepare for regifting, we need to "REWRAP" the gift, meaning we need to wrap it again before giving it to someone else.

Pulitzer or Pritzker : PRIZE

The answer "PRIZE" fits the clue "Pulitzer or Pritzker" because both Pulitzer and Pritzker are prestigious awards or prizes.

Refuses to share : HOGS

The answer "HOGS" is the right solution because when someone "hogs" something, they refuse to share it with others.

Replay option : SLOMO

The answer "SLOMO" is the right solution because it is a commonly used abbreviation for "slow motion." In many video or sports replays, the option to view the action in slow motion is often labeled as "SLOMO."

Set of antlers : RACK

The word "rack" is commonly used to refer to a set of antlers on a deer or similar animal. It is a concise and fitting answer for the crossword clue.

Slight advantage : EDGE

The word "edge" is the right solution because it refers to a slight advantage or superiority over someone or something. It can be used to describe a small lead or an upper hand in a competition or situation.

Small snack : BITE

The answer to "Small snack" is "BITE" because a bite refers to a small amount of food that can be eaten in one mouthful.

Smokin' hot : SEXY

The answer "SEXY" fits the clue "Smokin' hot" because it is a common slang term used to describe something or someone that is attractive and appealing in a sensual way.

Some saxes : ALTOS

The answer "ALTOS" is the right solution because "saxes" refers to saxophones, and "some" indicates that we are looking for a subset of saxophones. ALTOS are a specific type of saxophone, so they fit the clue perfectly.

Something you might hold to your ear in order to hear the first parts of 18-, 24-, 52- and 62-Across? : SHELL

The answer "SHELL" is the right solution because when you hold a seashell to your ear, you can sometimes hear a sound resembling the ocean. In this crossword, the first parts of the answers to 18-, 24-, 52-, and 62-Across all relate to things found in or associated with a shell.

Spiny sea creatures : URCHINS

The answer to "Spiny sea creatures" is "URCHINS" because urchins are small marine animals with a round shape and covered in sharp spines.


The answer "MALODOROUS" fits the clue "Stinky" because it means having a bad or unpleasant smell.

Story with Achilles : ILIAD

The answer to "Story with Achilles" is "ILIAD" because the Iliad is an ancient Greek epic poem written by Homer, which tells the story of the Trojan War. Achilles is one of the main characters in the Iliad, making it the correct answer.

Strait-laced : PRIM

The word "prim" means being excessively proper or formal in behavior, which aligns with the clue "strait-laced." Therefore, "prim" is the right solution for this crossword clue.

Summer in Québec : ETE

The answer "ETE" is the right solution because "été" is the French word for "summer" and Québec is a predominantly French-speaking province in Canada.

Very beginning : OUTSET

The word "outset" refers to the very beginning or start of something. In this crossword clue, "very beginning" is synonymous with "outset," making it the correct answer.

Viking language : NORSE

The answer to "Viking language" is "NORSE" because Norse was the language spoken by the Vikings during the Viking Age.

West Bank grp. : PLO

The answer "PLO" is the right solution because it stands for the Palestine Liberation Organization, which is a political and military organization that represents the Palestinian people. It is commonly associated with the West Bank region.

Words after "because" that don't really explain : ISAYSO

The answer "ISAYSO" fits the clue because it refers to a phrase commonly used after the word "because" to assert one's authority or opinion without providing a detailed explanation.

___ and haw : HEM

The phrase "hem and haw" means to hesitate or speak in a hesitant or indecisive manner. The word "hem" is a verb that means to make a hesitant or indecisive sound, which perfectly fits the clue.

___-wop : DOO

The answer to "___-wop" is "DOO" because "DOO" is a common syllable used in the vocal style known as doo-wop music.

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