New York Times Crossword Clues and Answers for 7 November 2023, Tuesday

Here's all New York Times Crossword answers for 7 November 2023, Tuesday (11-07-23). Find all answers and solutions here. We've also tries to explain why the answer is the correct solution for each clue.
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Clues and answers

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$5 bill, slangily : ABE

The answer "ABE" is the right solution because it is a common slang term used to refer to the $5 bill in the United States. It comes from the portrait of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, which is featured on the front of the bill.

Actor whose name is appropriate to appear in this puzzle : MR T

The answer "MR T" is the right solution because the letters "MR" and "T" appear in the phrase "appropriate to appear in this puzzle."

Article of summer footwear : T-STRAP SANDAL

The answer "T-STRAP SANDAL" is the right solution because it fits the clue "Article of summer footwear". A T-strap sandal is a specific type of sandal that has a strap in the shape of the letter "T" that goes over the top of the foot. It is commonly worn during the summer months, making it a suitable answer for the clue.

Aruba, Bonaire or Curaçao : ISLE

The answer "ISLE" is the right solution because Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao are all islands in the Caribbean Sea. "ISLE" is a common crossword clue for a small island.

Attempt to cool, in a way : STIR

Bit of advice from a C.P.A. : TAX TIP

The answer to "Bit of advice from a C.P.A." is "TAX TIP" because a C.P.A. (Certified Public Accountant) is an expert in financial matters, including taxes. "TAX TIP" refers to a valuable piece of advice related to taxes, making it the appropriate solution.

Boxer who received a Liberty Medal for being a “champion of freedom” : ALI

The answer is "ALI" because Muhammad Ali, the famous boxer, received the Liberty Medal for his advocacy of freedom and civil rights.

Canal written about by Twain and Melville : ERIE

The answer to the clue "Canal written about by Twain and Melville" is "ERIE" because both Mark Twain and Herman Melville wrote about the Erie Canal in their works.

Cast out : EXPEL

The answer to "Cast out" is "EXPEL" because it means to force someone or something to leave a place or group.

Chess pieces : MEN

The answer to "Chess pieces" is "MEN" because in the game of chess, the pieces that each player moves around the board are commonly referred to as "men."

Chophouse choice : T-BONE STEAK

The answer "T-BONE STEAK" is the right solution because it is a common choice in chophouses. The T-Bone steak is a cut of beef that includes both the tenderloin and the strip steak, making it a popular and flavorful option for steak lovers.

Come clean : OWN UP

The answer to "Come clean?" is "BATHE" because when we "come clean," we usually take a bath or shower to cleanse ourselves.

Common airport greeting : HUG

The answer "HUG" is the right solution to the clue "Common airport greeting" because when people reunite at the airport, they often greet each other with a hug as a warm and affectionate gesture.

Conditions : IFS

Driver’s license fig. : HGT

The answer "HGT" stands for "Height". Driver's license often includes information about the driver's height, making "HGT" a fitting abbreviation for this clue.

First music artist to have a video with a billion YouTube views : PSY

The answer is "PSY" because he was the first music artist to have a video with a billion YouTube views with his hit song "Gangnam Style".

Fitness program originally called “Rumbacize” : ZUMBA

The answer to the clue "Fitness program originally called 'Rumbacize'" is "ZUMBA" because Zumba is a popular fitness program that was originally named Rumbacize.

Foreboding feeling : DREAD

The word "foreboding" suggests a sense of impending doom or fear. "DREAD" is a common synonym for this feeling, making it the right answer.

Goes the distance : MAKES IT

The phrase "goes the distance" is commonly used to describe someone who completes a task or achieves a goal. The answer "MAKES IT" fits perfectly as it means successfully reaching the desired outcome.

Have bills due : OWE

The answer "OWE" fits the clue "Have bills due" because it means to be in debt or have an obligation to pay money.

Home of Acadia National Park : MAINE

The answer is "MAINE" because Acadia National Park is located in the state of Maine.

Impoverished : NEEDY Down 1 Miata maker

The answer to "Impoverished" is "NEEDY" because "needy" is a synonym for "impoverished" or "lacking in resources or means." It fits the clue and has the correct number of letters.

Kindle item : E-BOOK

The answer "E-BOOK" is the right solution because a Kindle is an electronic device used for reading books, and an E-BOOK is a digital version of a book that can be read on a Kindle.

Launcher sometimes used during halftime at a sports event : T-SHIRT CANNON

The answer "T-SHIRT CANNON" is the right solution because it is a launcher that is commonly used during halftime at sports events to shoot t-shirts into the crowd.

Like items unveiled in a tech show, colloquially : NEXT-GEN

The answer "NEXT-GEN" is the right solution because it refers to the next generation of items or technology unveiled at a tech show. It is a colloquial term often used to describe the latest and most advanced products or innovations.

List in an etiquette book : NO-NOS

The answer "NO-NOS" is the right solution because it refers to a list of things that are considered improper or unacceptable according to etiquette. These are the things that one should not do or say in polite society.

Main point : CRUX

The word "crux" means the central or most important point of something. So, when the clue asks for the "main point," "crux" fits perfectly as the answer.

Make a typo, say : ERR

The answer "ERR" is the right solution because it is a common abbreviation for "error," which means to make a mistake or typo.

Mandated : DECREED

The word "mandated" means to be officially ordered or required. The word "decreed" also means to be officially ordered or commanded. Therefore, "decreed" is the right answer because it is a synonym for "mandated."

Market launch, for short : IPO

The answer "IPO" stands for Initial Public Offering, which is a term used to describe the process of a company offering its shares to the public for the first time. It is commonly referred to as a market launch because it is the moment when a company's shares become available for trading on the stock market.

Mars … or a marble : ORB

The answer "ORB" is the right solution because both Mars and a marble are round objects, and an orb is a synonym for a round object.

Mass recitation : AVE MARIA

The answer "AVE MARIA" is the right solution because it is a Latin prayer that is often recited during Catholic Mass.

Memory units : BYTES

The answer to "Memory units" is "BYTES" because bytes are the basic units of storage in computer memory. They represent a sequence of bits and are used to measure the amount of information that can be stored or transmitted.

Michelle ___, FIFA Female Player of the Century : AKERS

The answer is "AKERS" because Michelle Akers is a former professional soccer player who was named FIFA Female Player of the Century.

Miniature mitt : T-BALL GLOVE

The answer "T-BALL GLOVE" is the right solution because T-ball is a simplified version of baseball played by young children. A T-ball glove is a smaller-sized glove designed for young players to catch and field the ball.

N.L. East team for which Tom Seaver pitched : METS

The answer is "METS" because Tom Seaver, a Hall of Fame pitcher, played for the New York Mets, which is a team in the N.L. East division.

Name shared by two wives of Henry VIII : ANNE

The answer "ANNE" is the right solution because two of Henry VIII's wives were named Anne - Anne Boleyn and Anne of Cleves.

Noisy : LOUD

The answer "EAR-PIERCING!" is the right solution to the clue "Noisy!" because the phrase "ear-piercing" is commonly used to describe a sound that is extremely loud and unpleasant to the ears.

Nonspecialist : AMATEUR

The word "amateur" refers to someone who is not a specialist or professional in a particular field. Therefore, "amateur" is the right answer for the clue "nonspecialist."

Not just some : ALL

The answer to "Not just some" is "ALL" because "ALL" means every or everything, implying that it includes everything and not just a few things.

Office sub : TEMP

The answer to "Office sub" is "TEMP" because a "TEMP" is a temporary employee who fills in for someone else in an office.

Old man’s old man : GRAMPA

The answer "GRAMPA" is the right solution because it refers to an old man's old man, which is commonly known as a grandfather or grandpa.

One of five in a Shakespeare play : ACT

The answer is "ACT" because a Shakespeare play is typically divided into five acts.

One of the B’s in B&B : BED

The answer "BED" is the right solution because in the phrase "B&B," the "B" stands for "Bed." In the context of a B&B (Bed and Breakfast), the "Bed" refers to the sleeping accommodations provided.

One required by a 1629 law to wear two swords : SAMURAI

The answer "SAMURAI" is the right solution because historically, samurai were required by a 1629 law in Japan called the "Edict of Sword Hunting" to wear two swords as a symbol of their status and authority.

Pop band with a palindromic name : ABBA

The answer to "Pop band with a palindromic name" is "ABBA" because when you read the name forwards or backwards, it remains the same. It is a palindromic name.

Pouch of fluid in an E.R. : IV BAG

The answer "IV BAG" is the right solution because in an emergency room (E.R.), medical professionals often use IV bags to administer fluids to patients. These bags contain a pouch of fluid that is delivered directly into the patient's bloodstream through an intravenous (IV) line.

Site with “Place bid” buttons : EBAY

The answer is "EBAY" because eBay is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell items through bidding. The "Place bid" buttons are a common feature on the site, making it a fitting solution for the clue.

Skier’s support : T-BAR LIFT

The answer "T-BAR LIFT" is the right solution because a T-bar lift is a type of ski lift that is used to transport skiers uphill. It consists of a T-shaped bar that skiers can hold onto while being pulled up the slope.

Slobbery tennis ball, e.g. : DOG TOY

The answer "DOG TOY" is the right solution because a slobbery tennis ball is often a toy that is used for dogs to play with.

Studio with an iconic lion : MGM

The answer to "Studio with an iconic lion" is "MGM" because MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) is a major film studio that uses a roaring lion as its iconic logo.

Surefire : CAN’T LOSE

"CANTLOSE" means something that is certain to succeed, so it can be described as "surefire".

Torus-shaped treat : DONUT

The answer to "Torus-shaped treat" is "DONUT" because a donut is a type of pastry that is typically round with a hole in the middle, resembling the shape of a torus.

Treads on Keds : SOLES

The answer to "Treads on Keds" is "SOLES" because the soles of shoes are the part that come into contact with the ground and provide traction.

Wee one : TOT

The answer "TINY TOT" is the right solution because it accurately describes a small child or a wee one.

When repeated, slogan of 1-Down : ZOOM

The answer is "ZOOM" because when repeated, it forms the slogan "Zoom, zoom" which is associated with the car brand Mazda.

With the giant letter formed by the black squares immediately above this answer, what the answers to the starred clues all literally have : T-TOPS

The answer "T-TOPS" is the right solution because the black squares in the crossword puzzle form the shape of the letter "T" above this answer. Additionally, the answers to the starred clues all literally have "T-TOPS" in common.

Woodworking tool : ADZE

The answer to "Woodworking tool" is "ADZE" because an adze is a hand tool used in woodworking for shaping wood by removing small chips or layers. It has a curved blade set at a right angle to the handle, making it suitable for various woodworking tasks.

Words preceding “with my little eye” : I SPY

The phrase "with my little eye" is commonly associated with the game "I Spy," where one person gives clues about an object they see, and others try to guess what it is. Therefore, "I SPY" is the right answer to the clue.

___ Apollo, Grammy-nominated singer : OMAR

The answer to "___ Apollo, Grammy-nominated singer" is "OMAR" because Omar Apollo is a Grammy-nominated singer.

“Down the ___!” (“Bottoms up!”) : HATCH

The answer is "HATCH" because it is a common phrase used to encourage someone to drink an entire drink in one go, similar to saying "bottoms up!"

“Her name is ___ and she dances on the sand” (Duran Duran lyric) : RIO

The answer is "RIO" because the Duran Duran lyric mentions a person's name and states that she dances on the sand. The name of the person is "Rio," which fits the clue perfectly.

“I ___ what I said” : MEANT

The phrase "I ___ what I said" implies that the speaker is standing by their words or intentions. The word "MEANT" fits perfectly in this context, as it means to have intended or intended to convey a particular meaning.

“I’m at your disposal” : USE ME

The phrase "I'm at your disposal" implies that someone is offering themselves to be used or available for assistance. "USE ME" directly reflects this meaning, making it the right solution.

“Little” Wonder : STEVIE

The answer "ATOM" is the right solution to the clue "Little wonder?" because an atom is the smallest unit of matter, hence it is a "little" entity. Additionally, atoms are considered wonders of nature due to their complex structure and the role they play in forming everything in the universe.

“No joke!” : SERIOUS!

The phrase "No joke!" is often used to emphasize that something is serious or not to be taken lightly. The answer "SERIOUS!" perfectly captures this meaning, making it the right solution for the crossword clue.

“Storage Wars” network : A AND E

The answer to "Storage Wars" network is "A AND E" because A&E is the network that airs the television show "Storage Wars."

“To Know ___ Is to Love ___” (1958 #1 song) : HIM

The answer is "HIM" because the phrase "To Know ___ Is to Love ___" implies that there is a specific person being referred to. In this case, the missing word in the phrase is "HIM," suggesting that knowing this person is the key to loving them.


The answer to "∼" is "TILDE" because a tilde (~) is a symbol that resembles the shape of the clue (∼).

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