New York Times Crossword Clues and Answers for 24 October 2023, Tuesday

Here's all New York Times Crossword answers for 24 October 2023, Tuesday (10-24-23). Find all answers and solutions here. We've also tries to explain why the answer is the correct solution for each clue.
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Clues and answers

Clues followed by answers and an explanation underneath.

Ancient stringed instrument sometimes made from a turtle shell : LUTE

The ancient stringed instrument made from a turtle shell is called a "lute". It is a type of musical instrument that has strings stretched over a rounded body, often made from a turtle shell.

Bettor’s big bluff, maybe : ALL IN

The answer "ALL IN" is the right solution because in betting, a "bluff" is when a player pretends to have a strong hand to deceive others. "ALL IN" is a term used when a player bets all of their chips or money, which can be considered a big bluff because it puts a lot at stake.

Breakup line from a mummy? : LET’S WRAP THIS UP

The answer "LET'S WRAP THIS UP" is the right solution because it is a play on words. In this clue, "mummy" refers to a wrapped-up Egyptian mummy, and "breakup line" suggests ending a relationship. Therefore, "LET'S WRAP THIS UP" cleverly combines the idea of ending something with the wrapping up of a mummy.

Breakup line from a vampire? : YOU’RE NOT MY TYPE

The answer "YOU'RE NOT MY TYPE" is a clever play on words. In vampire lore, vampires have specific blood types they prefer to feed on. By saying "YOU'RE NOT MY TYPE," the vampire is not only rejecting the person romantically but also humorously referring to their blood type preference.

Breakup line from a werewolf? : TIME FOR A CHANGE

The answer "TIME FOR A CHANGE" fits the clue "Breakup line from a werewolf?" because a werewolf undergoes a transformation from human to wolf during the full moon. "Time for a change" suggests that the werewolf is breaking up with someone, possibly due to the impending transformation.

Breakup line from Frankenstein’s monster? : THE SPARK IS GONE

The answer "THE SPARK IS GONE" is the right solution because it cleverly plays on the idea of a breakup line from Frankenstein's monster. In the novel, Dr. Frankenstein brings his monster to life by harnessing the power of electricity, which creates a spark. Therefore, when the monster says "THE SPARK IS GONE," it implies that the initial excitement or connection between them has faded, just like a breakup line.

Chest muscles, for short : PECS

The answer to "Chest muscles, for short" is "PECS" because "PECS" is a commonly used abbreviation for pectoral muscles, which are the muscles located in the chest area.

Cities with wharves : PORTS

The answer is "PORTS" because wharves are structures built along the shore where ships can dock and unload cargo. Cities with wharves are typically located on bodies of water and serve as important ports for maritime trade.

Connector : LINK

The answer "LINK" is the right solution for the clue "Connector" because a link is something that connects or joins two things together.

Crimson Tide school, to fans : BAMA

The answer "BAMA" is the right solution because "Crimson Tide" is a nickname for the University of Alabama, whose athletic teams are known as the "Crimson Tide." "BAMA" is a common abbreviation for the University of Alabama, making it the correct answer.

Doohickey : GIZMO

"Thingy" is a colloquial term used to refer to an object or gadget whose name is not known or has been forgotten. "Doohickey" is also a colloquial term used to refer to a small object or gadget whose name is not known or has been forgotten. Therefore, "thingy" is a suitable synonym for "doohickey".

Draped garment for an operagoer (or Batman) : CAPE

The answer is "CAPE" because it is a draped garment that can be worn by both an operagoer and Batman.

Final emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty : NERO

The answer is "NERO" because he was the last emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, ruling from 54 AD to 68 AD.

Finish with : END ON

The answer "END IN" is the right solution because it means to finish or conclude with something. In this context, it implies that something ends with a specific word or phrase.

Furniture hardwood : ALDER

The answer "ALDER" is the right solution because it is a type of hardwood commonly used in furniture making.

Gift of the Wise Men : MYRRH

The answer to "Gift of the Wise Men" is "MYRRH" because myrrh was one of the three gifts brought by the Wise Men to baby Jesus in the biblical story.

Hoodlike garment for a monk (or Batman) : COWL

The answer to the clue "Hoodlike garment for a monk (or Batman)" is "COWL" because a cowl is a type of hooded garment that is commonly worn by both monks and Batman to cover their heads and faces.

Lash : WHIP

The answer "WHIP" is the right solution because a whip is a type of lash that is used to strike or hit something, often to control or inflict pain.

Light spray : MIST

The answer to "Light spray" is "MIST" because mist refers to a fine spray of water or other liquid in the air. It is a common term used to describe a light and delicate spray.

Like a course for a horse? : OATY

The answer "OATY" is the right solution because oats are a common ingredient in horse feed, making a course for a horse "oaty".

Like some barrel-aged ales : OAKY

The answer "OAKY" is the right solution because barrel-aged ales are often stored and aged in oak barrels, which imparts a distinct oaky flavor to the beer.

Luau instruments, informally : UKES

The answer "UKES" is the right solution because "UKES" is a commonly used informal term for ukuleles, which are often played at luau events.

Many a makeshift swing : TIRE

The answer "TIRE" is the right solution because many makeshift swings are made by hanging a tire from a tree branch or other sturdy structure.

Moreover : ALSO

The word "moreover" is often used to add another point or reason to a statement. "And" is a conjunction that is commonly used to join two or more words, phrases, or clauses together, making it an appropriate answer to the clue "Moreover."

Muscle car that “really drives ’em wild” in a 1960s hit : GTO

The answer is "GTO" because it was a popular muscle car in the 1960s and the phrase "drives 'em wild" is a play on words referring to the car's power and appeal.

Music genre that influenced the Clash : SKA

The music genre that influenced the Clash is "SKA" because it was a popular genre in the late 1970s when the Clash emerged and their music often incorporated elements of ska, such as upbeat rhythms and horn sections.

Mythological forest maiden : NYMPH

The answer to "Mythological forest maiden" is "NYMPH" because nymphs are mythological creatures often associated with forests and are depicted as young, beautiful maidens.

Nay’s opposite : YEA

The opposite of "nay" is "yea" because "nay" means no or not, while "yea" means yes or affirmatively.

Next-to-last chemical element alphabetically : ZINC

The answer is "ZINC" because it is the chemical element that comes second to last in alphabetical order.

Northwest Territories native : INUIT

The answer to "Northwest Territories native" is "INUIT" because the Inuit people are indigenous to the Northwest Territories region in Canada.

Office record keeper : CLERK

The answer to "Office record keeper" is "CLERK" because a clerk is a person who performs administrative tasks and maintains records in an office setting. They are responsible for organizing and managing documents, making them the perfect fit for this clue.

Once-faddish robotic toy : FURBY

The answer "FURBY" fits the clue because it was a once-faddish robotic toy that gained popularity in the late 1990s.

One might be put through the wringer : MOP

The answer "MOP" is the right solution because when you put a mop through the wringer, you are squeezing out the excess water or liquid from it.

One whose taste buds may not crave Buds : BEER SNOB

The clue "One whose taste buds may not crave Buds" is a play on words. "Buds" can refer to both taste buds and Budweiser beer. A "beer snob" is someone who is very particular about the quality and taste of beer, and may not consider Budweiser to be a desirable choice. Therefore, "beer snob" is the right solution to the clue.

Processed meat popular in Hawaiian cuisine : SPAM

The answer is "SPAM" because it is a processed meat that is widely consumed in Hawaiian cuisine.

Pronounce “rr” in Spanish, say : TRILL

The answer to "Pronounce 'rr' in Spanish, say" is "TRILL" because the trill is a specific sound made when pronouncing the letter "rr" in Spanish.

Reason for sneezin’ : COLD

The answer to "Reason for sneezin’" is "COLD" because catching a cold often leads to sneezing as one of the symptoms.

Root in Hawaiian cuisine : TARO

The answer is "TARO" because it is a commonly used root vegetable in Hawaiian cuisine. It is often used to make poi, a traditional Hawaiian dish.

Singer Braxton or Basil : TONI

The answer is "TONI" because both Braxton and Basil are singers, and "TONI" is a common name shared by both of them.


The word "sly" is a synonym for "crafty." Therefore, "crafty" is the right solution for the clue.

Spanish wine : RIOJA

The answer to "Spanish wine" is "RIOJA" because Rioja is a well-known wine region in Spain, famous for producing high-quality red and white wines.

Specification on a park pass : DAY USE

The answer "DAY USE" is the right solution because a park pass often includes a specification indicating whether it is valid for a specific day or for multiple days. "DAY USE" specifically refers to a pass that is only valid for a single day.

Spiritual sort : MYSTIC

The word "mystic" refers to someone who seeks spiritual experiences or understanding beyond the realm of ordinary perception. They are often associated with mystical or esoteric traditions. Therefore, "mystic" is the right answer for the clue "spiritual sort."

State capital north of Sacramento, CA : SALEM, OR

The answer "Salem, OR" is the right solution because Salem is the state capital of Oregon, and it is located north of Sacramento, California.

Testimony transcriber, for short : STENO

The answer to "Testimony transcriber, for short" is "STENO" because "STENO" is a common abbreviation for a stenographer, who is responsible for transcribing spoken words into written form, including testimonies in a legal setting.

Third-largest Hawaiian island : OAHU

The answer to "Third-largest Hawaiian island" is "OAHU" because Oahu is indeed the third-largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago, after the Big Island (Hawaii) and Maui.

Tied : EVEN

The word "even" can mean "equal" or "balanced," which is often used to describe a tied score or situation. Therefore, "even" is the right answer for the clue "Tied."

Tom’s frenemy in old cartoons : JERRY

The answer is "JERRY" because in old cartoons, Tom and Jerry were known as frenemies, constantly getting into mischief and chasing each other.


The word "TCHOTCHKES" is the right solution because it is a Yiddish term that refers to small decorative objects or trinkets. It fits the clue "Trinkets" perfectly.

Turning point? : KNOB

The answer to "Turning point?" is "KNOB" because a knob is a small round handle that can be turned to control or adjust something, such as the volume on a radio or the temperature on a stove. In this context, the clue is using wordplay to suggest a literal turning point, referring to the knob that can be turned.

TV character George who says “I’m disturbed! I’m depressed! I’m inadequate! I got it all!” : COSTANZA

The answer is "COSTANZA" because George Costanza is a TV character from the show Seinfeld who often expresses feelings of being disturbed, depressed, and inadequate.

Wasabi ___ : PEA

The answer to "Wasabi ___" is "PEA" because "wasabi" is a commonly used condiment in Japanese cuisine, and "pea" is often paired with wasabi to create a flavorful and spicy combination.

When Blanche meets Stanley in “A Streetcar Named Desire” : ACT I

The answer "ACT I" is the right solution because it refers to the specific act in the play "A Streetcar Named Desire" when Blanche meets Stanley.

William Howard in the White House : TAFT

The answer is "TAFT" because William Howard Taft was the 27th President of the United States and he served in the White House from 1909 to 1913.

Word after V- or crew : NECK

The word "neck" can follow "V-" or "crew" to form common phrases like "V-neck" or "crew neck." These phrases are commonly used to describe the style of certain clothing items, such as shirts or sweaters.

“Keep it polite!” : STAY CLASSY!

The phrase "Stay classy!" is commonly used as a reminder to maintain good manners and politeness. It fits perfectly with the clue "Keep it polite!" as it conveys the same message.

“Odyssey” peak : OSSA Down 1 “Undercover Boss” network

The answer to "“Odyssey” peak" is "OSSA" because in Greek mythology, Mount Ossa is mentioned as one of the mountains piled on top of each other to reach the heavens. In the epic poem "The Odyssey" by Homer, Mount Ossa is referenced as a peak that was used in this way.

“Oh dear, that’s wrong!” : GOSH, NO!

The answer "GOSH, NO!" fits the clue "Oh dear, that's wrong!" because it expresses surprise and disbelief at the incorrectness of something.

“Portlandia” segment : SKIT

The answer to "Portlandia segment" is "SKIT" because a skit is a short, comedic performance or sketch, which aligns with the idea of a segment on the show "Portlandia."

“Spider-Man” director Raimi : SAM

The answer to "Spider-Man" director Raimi is "SAM" because Sam Raimi directed the "Spider-Man" trilogy.

“Terrible czar” : IVAN

The answer to "Terrible czar" is "IVAN" because Ivan the Terrible was a historical Russian czar known for his brutal and tyrannical rule.

“That’s a relief!” : PHEW!

The answer "PHEW!" is the right solution because it is an expression used to convey a sense of relief or exhaustion.

“That’s correct!” : RIGHT ON!

The answer to "That's correct" is "YES" because "yes" is a common response used to confirm that something is accurate or true.

“u r so funny!” : LMAO

The answer "LMAO" stands for "laughing my ass off," which is a common internet slang used to express that something is very funny. It fits the clue "u r so funny!" as it accurately reflects the reaction of finding something hilarious.

“You lose” : I WIN

The answer "I WIN" is the right solution to the clue "You lose" because it is the opposite of losing.

“___ ahead” : PLAN

The answer to "___ ahead" is "PLAN" because the phrase "plan ahead" means to make preparations or think ahead about future actions or events.

“___ on a Grecian Urn” : ODE

The answer "ODE" is the right solution because "Ode" is a type of poem, and the phrase "___ on a Grecian Urn" is a famous line from the poem "Ode on a Grecian Urn" by John Keats.

“___ takers?” : ANY

The answer to "___ takers?" is "ANY" because it is a phrase commonly used to ask if anyone is willing to accept a particular offer or challenge.

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