New York Times Crossword Clues and Answers for 17 October 2023, Tuesday

Here's all New York Times Crossword answers for 17 October 2023, Tuesday (10-17-23). Find all answers and solutions here. We've also tries to explain why the answer is the correct solution for each clue.
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Clues and answers

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11-time sci-fi role for Anthony Daniels : C-3PO

The answer is "C-3PO" because Anthony Daniels portrayed the character C-3PO in the Star Wars franchise, appearing in 11 different sci-fi films.

Absolutely inundated with work, so to speak : BURIED ALIVE

The phrase "buried alive" is a figurative expression that means being overwhelmed or inundated with work, which matches the clue "Absolutely inundated with work, so to speak."

Arizona city that hosts the Fiesta Bowl : GLENDALE

The answer is "GLENDALE" because it is a city in Arizona that hosts the Fiesta Bowl.

Bell ringer’s prank : DING, DONG, DITCH

The answer "DING, DONG, DITCH" is the right solution because it refers to a prank where someone rings a doorbell (DING), knocks on the door (DONG), and then quickly runs away (DITCH).

Car whose emblem is a trident : MASERATI

The car brand Maserati is known for its emblem that features a trident.

Casual office occasions : DRESS-DOWN DAYS

The answer "DRESS-DOWN DAYS" fits the clue because it refers to occasions in the office where employees are allowed to dress casually, deviating from the usual formal or professional attire.

Chipped away at : ERODED

The word "eroded" means gradually wearing away or chipping away at something over time. It fits perfectly with the clue "chipped away at" as it implies a slow and continuous process of gradual destruction or wearing down.

Cleared one’s plate, say : ATE

The clue "Cleared one's plate, say" is a hint that refers to finishing a meal. The answer "ATE" is the correct solution because it is the past tense of the verb "eat," which means to consume food. When someone clears their plate, it generally implies that they have finished eating.

Coldplay’s “___ la Vida” : VIVA

The answer to "Coldplay's "___ la Vida"" is "VIVA" because "Viva" is the correct title of the song by Coldplay.

Contractor’s guess : Abbr.

The answer "Abbr." stands for abbreviation, which is often used in crossword puzzles to indicate that the answer is a shortened or abbreviated form of a word or phrase. In the context of "Contractor's guess," it suggests that the contractor is making an estimate or educated guess, which is commonly abbreviated as "abbr."

Covers, as a country road : TARS

The answer "TARS" is the right solution because it means to cover a country road with a layer of tar, which helps to maintain and repair the road surface.

Crack after a bolt : THUNDERCLAP

The answer "THUNDERCLAP" fits the clue "Crack after a bolt" because a thunderclap is a loud, explosive sound that follows a bolt of lightning during a thunderstorm.

Daniel who led a 1786-87 rebellion : SHAYS

The answer to "Daniel who led a 1786-87 rebellion" is "SHAYS" because Daniel Shays was the leader of the Shays' Rebellion that took place in the years 1786-1787.

Deathly pale : ASHEN

The answer "ASHEN" fits the clue "Deathly pale" because it describes a complexion that is extremely pale, often associated with illness or shock.

Disorderly pile : HEAP

The word "heap" is a suitable answer to the clue "disorderly pile" because it accurately describes a jumbled or untidy collection of objects or things.

Drawn-out military attack : SIEGE

The answer "SIEGE" fits the clue "Drawn-out military attack" because a siege refers to a prolonged military operation where an enemy force surrounds a location, typically a city or fortress, cutting off supplies and reinforcements until the defenders surrender.

Emphatic challenge : DOUBLE-DOG DARE

The term "double-dog dare" is a playful and emphatic way to challenge someone. It adds extra emphasis to the dare, making it more forceful and difficult to refuse. Therefore, "DOUBLE-DOG DARE" is the right answer for the clue "Emphatic challenge."

Feminine aspect of the masculine personality, in Jungian psychology : ANIMA

The answer "ANIMA" is the right solution because in Jungian psychology, the anima represents the feminine aspect of the masculine personality. It is the inner feminine archetype that exists within every man.

Fink : RAT

The word "fink" is a slang term for someone who betrays or informs on others. "RAT" is a common synonym for "fink," making it the correct answer.

Free spot, in brief : PSA

The answer "PSA" is the right solution because it is an abbreviation for "Public Service Announcement," which is a brief message or advertisement that is often provided for free.

Friend of Tarzan : APE

The answer "APE" is the right solution because Tarzan is often associated with his close relationship with apes, particularly with his friend and ally, the gorilla named "Cheetah." Therefore, "APE" is a fitting answer for a crossword clue asking for a friend of Tarzan.


The answer "OWNED" fits the clue "Had" because it means to possess or have something.

Highland garment outlawed by the Disclothing Act of 1746 : KILT

The answer is "KILT" because it is a traditional Scottish garment that was banned by the Disclothing Act of 1746 in an effort to suppress Scottish culture and rebellion.

Home of the Inca Trail : PERU

The Inca Trail is a famous hiking route that leads to the ancient city of Machu Picchu, which is located in Peru. Therefore, "PERU" is the correct answer as it is the home of the Inca Trail.

Impossible result in a World Cup final : TIE

The answer "TIE" is the right solution because in a World Cup final, there must always be a winner and a loser. It is impossible for the result to be a tie or a draw.

Intros to many YouTube videos : ADS

Irish name variant derived from John : SHAYNE

Itchy hands, for the arrival of money, supposedly : OMEN

The answer "OMEN" is the right solution because in many cultures, itchy hands are believed to be a sign of impending financial gain or the arrival of money. It is considered a superstitious omen related to wealth.

Japanese audio brand : AIWA

The answer "AIWA" is the right solution because AIWA is a well-known Japanese audio brand that has been producing audio equipment since the 1950s.

Last of 26, in Canada : ZED

The answer "ZED" is the right solution because in Canada, the letter "Z" is pronounced as "zed" and it is the last letter of the alphabet.

Laundry units : LOADS

The answer "LOADS" is the right solution because in the context of laundry, units can refer to the amount of laundry being washed. "LOADS" is a common term used to describe the quantity of laundry that can be washed in a washing machine.

Lead-in to meter : DECI-

The answer "DECI-" is the right solution because it is a common prefix that means "one-tenth." In this context, it refers to the metric system, where a decimeter is one-tenth of a meter.

Like computer code : BINARY

The answer "BINARY" is the right solution because computer code consists of a series of instructions or data represented using a binary system, which uses only two digits: 0 and 1.

Middle : Prefix

Modern manufacturing device … or you, when answering 17-, 31-, 39- and 46-? : 3D PRINTER

New Haven-to-Hartford dir. : NNE

The answer "NNE" stands for North-Northeast, which is the direction from New Haven to Hartford. It indicates the compass direction you would travel when going from New Haven to Hartford.

New-fashioned : NOVEL

The word "novel" means new or different from what is traditional or usual. Therefore, it is a suitable answer for the clue "new-fashioned."

Nickname that sounds like two letters of the alphabet : ARI

The answer "ARI" sounds like the letters "R" and "E" when pronounced together, which are two letters of the alphabet.

Non-pro? : ANTI

The answer "ANTI" fits the clue "Non-pro?" because it means someone who is opposed to or against a particular thing or idea. In this context, it suggests someone who is not a professional or is against being a professional.

One behind, in baseball : DOWN A RUN

The term "one behind" in baseball refers to being down by one run. So, the answer "DOWN A RUN" accurately represents the situation of being one run behind in a baseball game.

Opposite of post- : PRE-

The answer "PRE-" is the opposite of "post-" because "post-" means after, while "pre-" means before. Therefore, "pre-" is the correct solution.

Paris subway : METRO

The answer to "Paris subway" is "METRO" because the term "metro" is commonly used to refer to the subway system in Paris.

Pocket picked at lunch? : PITA

Priestly vestment : ALB

The answer to "Priestly vestment" is "ALB" because an alb is a long, white liturgical vestment worn by priests and other clergy members during religious ceremonies.

Promising words : I DO

The answer "I DO" is the right solution because it is commonly said during wedding ceremonies as a promise to marry and commit to another person.

Puzzle in a children’s activity book : MAZE

The answer is "MAZE" because a maze is a common puzzle found in children's activity books.

Ryan of rom-coms : MEG

The answer to "Ryan of rom-coms" is "MEG" because Meg Ryan is a well-known actress who has starred in many romantic comedies.

S, in Morse code : DOT DOT DOT

The letter "S" in Morse code is represented by three short signals or "dots". Therefore, the answer "DOT DOT DOT" accurately represents the Morse code for the letter "S".

Saigon’s counterpart, once : HANOI

The answer to "Saigon's counterpart, once" is "HANOI" because Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam, just like Saigon (now known as Ho Chi Minh City) used to be the capital before the country was reunified.

Sharply hurt : STUNG

The answer "STUNG" fits the clue "Sharply hurt" because it refers to the sensation of being injured by a sharp object or stung by an insect.

Sin represented by John Doe in the movie “Se7en” : ENVY

The movie "Se7en" depicts the seven deadly sins, and John Doe represents the sin of ENVY.

Soprano Fleming : RENEE

The answer to "Soprano Fleming" is "RENEE" because Renée Fleming is a famous American soprano singer.

Spoke grandly : ORATED

Struggles to swallow : GAGS ON

Tennis call : LET!

Terminate : END

The word "terminate" means to bring something to an end or to finish it. The word "end" also means the same thing, so it is the right solution for the clue.

That’s a wrap! : SARI

The answer "SARI" is the right solution because a SARI is a traditional Indian garment that is wrapped around the body, making it a literal "wrap."

The same, in Latin : IDEM

The Latin word "idem" translates to "the same" in English. Therefore, "idem" is the correct answer to the clue "The same, in Latin."

Thematic element in 2023’s “Oppenheimer” : ATOM

The thematic element in 2023's "Oppenheimer" is related to atomic science and the development of the atomic bomb. The answer "ATOM" is the right solution because it represents the fundamental building block of matter and is central to the theme of the play.

Throw forcefully, in modern parlance : YEET Down 1 Poke fun

The answer to "Throw forcefully, in modern parlance" is "YEET" because "yeet" is a slang term commonly used to describe throwing something with great force or enthusiasm.

Traverses : SPANS

The word "traverses" suggests the idea of crossing or going across something. The word "spans" also conveys the same meaning, indicating the act of extending or reaching across a distance or area. Therefore, "spans" is the right solution as it accurately captures the concept of crossing or traversing.

Vivacity : ELAN

The answer "ELAN" is the right solution for the clue "Vivacity" because "ELAN" means energy, enthusiasm, or liveliness, which is synonymous with vivacity.

Wade through a book just to trash it, maybe : HATE-READ

The term "hate-read" refers to the act of reading a book purely to criticize or dislike it. In this clue, "Wade through a book" suggests the act of reading something, and "just to trash it, maybe" indicates the negative intention behind it. Therefore, "HATE-READ" is the right answer.

___ pot (receptacle for clearing nasal passages) : NETI

The answer "NETI" is the right solution because a "neti pot" is a specific type of receptacle used for clearing nasal passages.

“And there you have it!” : TA-DA!

"Voila" is a French word that is commonly used in English to express the idea of "there it is" or "there you have it." It is often used to indicate that something has been completed or achieved, and is frequently used as an exclamation of satisfaction or triumph. In the context of a crossword clue, "And there you have it!" could be interpreted as a prompt for the solver to come up with a word that expresses this idea, making "Voila" a fitting answer.

“Kiss From a Rose” singer : SEAL

The answer is "SEAL" because the singer of the song "Kiss From a Rose" is indeed named Seal.

“My word is my bond,” informally : ON GOD

“Play it by ear” and “all ears,” e.g. : IDIOMS

The answer to the clue "Play it by ear" and "all ears," e.g." is "IDIOMS" because both phrases are examples of common idiomatic expressions in the English language. An idiom is a group of words that have a figurative meaning different from their literal meaning. In this case, "Play it by ear" means to make decisions or take actions as the situation unfolds, without a predetermined plan. "All ears" means to be fully attentive and ready to listen. Both phrases are idioms, making "IDIOMS" the correct answer.

“You get it?” : SEE?

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