New York Times Crossword Clues and Answers for 27 September 2023, Wednesday

Here's all New York Times Crossword answers for 27 September 2023, Wednesday (09-27-23). Find all answers and solutions here. We've also tries to explain why the answer is the correct solution for each clue.
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Clues and answers

Clues followed by answers and an explanation underneath.

A well-known Stone : EMMA

Ache : YEN

The answer "YEN" for the clue "Ache" is the right solution because "YEN" can mean a strong desire or craving, which can be synonymous with an ache or longing.

Alternating current pioneer : TESLA

The answer "TESLA" is the right solution because Nikola Tesla was a renowned inventor and engineer who made significant contributions to the development of alternating current (AC) electrical systems. He is widely considered to be a pioneer in the field of AC technology.

Bay Area sch. : UCSF

The answer to "Bay Area sch." is "UCSF" because UCSF stands for the University of California, San Francisco, which is a well-known institution in the Bay Area.

Beseeched : ASKED

"Beseeched" is a verb that means to ask someone earnestly or desperately to do something. "Entreated" is a synonym of "beseeched" and also means to ask someone earnestly or anxiously to do something. Therefore, "Entreated" is the right solution.

Big batteries : D-CELLS

The answer to "Big batteries" is "D-CELLS" because D-cell batteries are larger in size compared to other common battery sizes like AA or AAA.

Big boss, informally : CEO

The answer "CEO" stands for Chief Executive Officer, which is a commonly used term to refer to the big boss or the top executive in a company.

Butte, but bigger : MESA

The answer to "Butte, but bigger" is "MESA" because a mesa is a geological formation that is similar to a butte, but larger in size.

Chew on : MULL

The word "gnaw" means to bite and wear away gradually with the teeth. Therefore, "chew (on)" is a synonym for "gnaw".

Chimney vents : FLUES

The answer "FLUES" is the right solution because chimney vents are typically referred to as flues.

Classic “Simpsons” sound : D’OH!

The answer "D'OH!" is the right solution because it is a classic catchphrase uttered by the character Homer Simpson in the TV show "The Simpsons".

D&D or WoW, e.g. : RPG

The answer to "D&D or WoW, e.g." is "RPG" because both Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and World of Warcraft (WoW) are popular examples of role-playing games (RPGs).

Did in : ICED

The answer "ICED" fits the clue "Did in" because it is a slang term that means to kill or eliminate someone.

Doomscrolling, e.g. : TIME SUCK

The term "doomscrolling" refers to the act of continuously scrolling through negative or distressing news or social media content. It can be a time-consuming activity that sucks up our time and energy. Therefore, "TIME SUCK" is an appropriate answer to describe this behavior.

Dwellings : ABODES

The answer "ABODES" is the right solution because it is a synonym for "dwellings." Both words refer to places where people live or reside.

Eponym of a popular vodka brand : TITO

The answer "TITO" is the right solution because it refers to Tito Beveridge, the founder and namesake of Tito's Handmade Vodka, a popular vodka brand.

Following 17-, 37-, 40- and 43-, end of a properly formed yet 11-Down sentence by 25-Down demonstrating the distinction between syntax and semantics : … FURIOUSLY

The answer is "... FURIOUSLY" because it completes the sentence mentioned in the clue. The sentence is formed by the words following the numbers 17, 37, 40, and 43. The phrase "end of a properly formed yet 11-Down sentence" indicates that the answer will be the last word of the sentence. The word "demonstrating" suggests that the answer will demonstrate something, which in this case is the distinction between syntax and semantics. Therefore, the answer "... FURIOUSLY" fits the criteria and completes the sentence.

Get into it : SPAR

The answer "SPAR" is the right solution because "get into it" can mean to engage in a verbal or physical altercation, and "spar" is a term used to describe a practice fight or boxing match.

Golf ball features : DIMPLES

The answer is "DIMPLES" because golf balls have small indentations on their surface called dimples. These dimples help to reduce drag and increase lift, allowing the ball to travel farther and more accurately through the air.

Hindu Mr. : BABU

The word "BABU" is a term used in India to refer to a Hindu gentleman or Mr. It is commonly used to address or refer to someone respectfully in a formal or professional setting.

Hooter : OWL

The answer to "Hooter" is "OWL" because an owl is a bird known for its distinctive hooting sound.

Imitated : APED

The answer to "Imitated" is "APED" because "aped" means to mimic or copy someone's actions or behavior.

Indication of correctness in Wordle : GREEN

The color green is commonly used in Wordle as an indication of correctness. When a letter in the correct position is guessed, it is usually displayed in green. Therefore, "GREEN" is the appropriate answer to the clue "Indication of correctness in Wordle."

Instrument that Hermes made from a tortoise shell and reeds, in myth : LYRE

The answer is "LYRE" because in Greek mythology, Hermes created a musical instrument using a tortoise shell and reeds, which is commonly known as a lyre.

Intl. price-setting group : OPEC

Kid : RIB

"Kid" is a synonym for "child", which refers to a young human being who is not yet an adult. Therefore, "CHILD" is the right solution for this crossword clue.

Let it all out, in a way : SOB

The answer "SOB" fits the clue "Let it all out, in a way" because "SOB" is a common abbreviation for "sobbing," which is a way of expressing strong emotions or crying.

Like father, like son : MALE

The phrase "Like father, like son" implies that the son shares similar traits or characteristics with his father. Since "MALE" refers to the gender of both the father and the son, it is the right solution.

Like helium and carbon dioxide : COLORLESS

The answer "COLORLESS" is the right solution because both helium and carbon dioxide are gases that do not have any color.

Meaningless : NONSENSICAL

The word "nonsensical" means lacking meaning or making no sense. It is the right solution because it perfectly matches the clue "meaningless."

Midflight stats : ETAS

The answer "ETAS" stands for Estimated Time of ArrivalS, which are midflight statistics that indicate the expected time of arrival for a flight.

Nash who called the rhinoceros “prepoceros” : OGDEN

The answer is "OGDEN" because Ogden Nash was a famous American poet known for his humorous wordplay and clever rhymes. He often played with words and coined the term "prepoceros" as a humorous twist on "rhinoceros".

Nudge : PROD

The word "nudge" implies a gentle push or poke. The word "prod" also means to push or poke, making it a suitable answer for the clue.

Number two of six for Henry VIII : BOLEYN

The answer "BOLEYN" is the right solution because Anne Boleyn was the second of King Henry VIII's six wives.

Object of wishful thinking? : GENIE

The answer "GENIE" is the right solution because a genie is often associated with wishful thinking in folklore and fairy tales. Genies are known for granting wishes, making them the object of wishful thinking.

On the off chance that happens : IF SO

The phrase "if so" is commonly used to express the possibility of something happening. In the context of the clue, "on the off chance that happens," it implies that if a certain event occurs, then something else may follow. Therefore, "if so" is the right solution.

On vacation, in work calendar shorthand : OOO

The answer "OOO" stands for "Out of Office," which is a common abbreviation used in work calendars to indicate that someone is on vacation or not available.

One guilty of disorderly conduct? : SLOB

The answer "SLOB" fits the clue because a slob is someone who is messy or disorderly in their behavior.

Parental authority : SAY-SO

The term "say-so" is often used to refer to someone's authority or power to make decisions or give orders. In the context of the clue "parental authority," "say-so" accurately represents the control or influence that parents have over their children.

Parents, to kids : OLDS

The answer "OLDS" is a play on words. In this context, "OLDS" is a short form of "oldies," which refers to parents or older individuals.

Past one’s prime, with “up” : WASHED …

The phrase "past one's prime" means that someone or something is no longer at their best or in their prime. Adding "up" to the end of this phrase gives us the word "WASHED UP," which means that someone or something has declined or fallen out of favor. So, "WASHED UP" is the right answer because it accurately describes being past one's prime.

Plains people : OTOE

The OTOE are a Native American tribe that historically lived on the Great Plains. They are known as the "Plains people," making OTOE the correct answer.

Playfully tap on the nose : BOOP

The word "boop" is commonly used to describe the action of playfully tapping someone's nose. It is a playful and lighthearted term that perfectly fits the clue.

Quick cut : SNIP

The answer "TRIM" fits the clue "Quick cut" because "trim" can refer to a quick and precise cutting or trimming action, such as trimming hair or trimming the edges of something.

Recharge, so to speak : SLEEP

The answer "SLEEP" is the right solution because when we recharge, we often refer to getting a good night's rest or taking a nap, which is commonly known as sleep.

Sealed with a knot : TIED OFF

The phrase "TIED OFF" refers to sealing something with a knot, making it the appropriate answer for the clue "Sealed with a knot."

Second social media account for posting private jokes and such, informally : FINSTA

The answer is "FINSTA" because it is a combination of "fake" and "Instagram" and refers to a second, often private, Instagram account where users can post more personal or humorous content.

Secrecy-enforcing contract, for short : NDA

The answer to "Secrecy-enforcing contract, for short" is "NDA" which stands for Non-Disclosure Agreement. An NDA is a legal contract that prevents the sharing of confidential information. It is commonly used to protect sensitive business or personal information.

Smoothie seed : CHIA

The answer to "Smoothie seed" is "CHIA" because chia seeds are commonly used in smoothies as a nutritious and healthy ingredient.

So-named “father of modern linguistics” : NOAM CHOMSKY

The answer is "NOAM CHOMSKY" because he is widely recognized as the "father of modern linguistics."

Spanish smooch : BESO

The word "BESO" is the right solution because it is the Spanish word for "kiss", which fits the clue "Spanish smooch".

Step after lather : RINSE

The step that typically follows lathering during personal hygiene is rinsing. It involves using water to remove the soap or shampoo from the body or hair. Therefore, "RINSE" is the appropriate answer to the clue "Step after lather."

Sunburn soother : ALOE

The answer to "Sunburn soother" is "ALOE" because aloe vera is a natural plant known for its soothing properties, making it commonly used to treat sunburns.

Symbols of Egyptian royalty : ASPS

The answer "ASPS" is the right solution because asps were venomous snakes that were associated with Egyptian royalty and often depicted on their symbols and headdresses.

Talk, talk, talk : YAP

The word "YAP" is a suitable answer because it is a colloquial term that refers to continuous, often annoying, chatter or talking.

Teeny-weeny : LIL’

The answer "LIL’" is the right solution because it is a common abbreviation for the word "little," which means small or tiny.

They’re up to no good : PLOTTERS

The word "plot" refers to a secret plan or scheme, often with negative intentions. Therefore, "plotters" are individuals who engage in such activities and are "up to no good."

This is how rumors get started : I HEAR …

The answer "I HEAR ..." is the right solution because it suggests that rumors often begin with someone hearing something and then spreading it to others.

Throw a ball for a strike, say : BOWL

The answer to "Throw a ball for a strike, say" is "BOWL" because in bowling, you throw a ball down the lane aiming to knock down pins, and getting a strike means knocking down all the pins with one throw.

Unrehearsed lines : AD-LIBS

The answer "AD-LIBS" fits the clue "Unrehearsed lines" because ad-libbing refers to speaking or performing without prior preparation or planning. This term is commonly used in theater or improvisation when actors spontaneously create dialogue or actions.

Vaulted : LEAPT

The word "vaulted" can mean to jump or leap over something. Therefore, the answer "LEAPT" fits the clue.

Was known as : WENT BY

The answer "WENT BY" fits the clue "Was known as" because it means to be called or referred to as something else.

West Coast hub for United : SFO

The answer "SFO" is the right solution because it is the airport code for San Francisco International Airport, which is a major hub for United Airlines on the West Coast.

Westernmost city in Texas : EL PASO

The answer is "EL PASO" because it is the city located furthest west in the state of Texas.

What “ : ” might represent in a text

The answer "OH MY GOD!" fits the clue "What?!" because it is an exclamation often used to express surprise or disbelief.

You might entertain them : IDEAS

The answer "IDEAS" fits the clue "You might entertain them" because ideas are something that can be mentally entertained or considered.

“Cancel” on a keyboard : ESC

The answer to "Cancel" on a keyboard being "ESC" is because the "ESC" key is commonly used to cancel or exit out of a current operation or command on a computer or keyboard.

“I haven’t the foggiest” : NO CLUE

The phrase "I haven't the foggiest" is an expression used to indicate a complete lack of knowledge or understanding. The answer "NO CLUE" is a perfect fit because it captures the meaning of the clue and matches the number of letters required.

“OK, so that’s not exactly true” : I LIED

The answer "I LIED" fits the clue "OK, so that's not exactly true" because it suggests that the speaker has previously given false information or misled someone.

“Steamed ___,” classic “Simpsons” sketch : HAMS

The answer is "HAMS" because in the classic "Simpsons" sketch titled "Steamed ___," the word that completes the phrase is "HAMS." The sketch involves Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers, where Skinner tries to pass off fast food as his own cooking. The phrase "Steamed ___" is a play on words, referring to both Skinner's attempt to cook ham and his nervousness in front of Chalmers. Therefore, "HAMS" is the correct answer.

“You’ve got my attention” : DO TELL

The phrase "You've got my attention" is often used to express interest or curiosity. The answer "DO TELL" is a common colloquial phrase that means "Please share the information or story." It fits perfectly with the clue because it conveys the idea of wanting to know more.

“___ Drives Me Crazy” (1989 #1 hit) : SHE

The answer is "SHE" because the clue is asking for a three-letter word that fits the phrase "___ Drives Me Crazy." The only word that fits is "SHE," which completes the phrase "She Drives Me Crazy" and was a #1 hit in 1989.

“___ From the Crypt,” HBO horror anthology : TALES

The answer to "“___ From the Crypt,” HBO horror anthology" is "TALES" because the show is known for presenting different scary stories or "tales" in each episode.

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