New York Times Crossword Clues and Answers for 21 September 2023, Thursday

Here's all New York Times Crossword answers for 21 September 2023, Thursday (09-21-23). Find all answers and solutions here. We've also tries to explain why the answer is the correct solution for each clue.
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Clues and answers

Clues followed by answers and an explanation underneath.

Animals on Nebraska’s state quarter : OXEN

The answer is "OXEN" because oxen are depicted on Nebraska's state quarter.

Capital of Washington? : ONES

Center cut? : MOHAWK

The answer "MOHAWK" is the right solution because it refers to a hairstyle where the hair is shaved or cut short on the sides, leaving a strip of longer hair in the center. This fits the clue "Center cut?" as it describes a literal cutting of the center of the hair.

Childish Gambino’s record label : RCA

The answer to the clue "Childish Gambino's record label" is "RCA" because RCA is the actual record label that Childish Gambino, also known as Donald Glover, is signed to.

Classic N.Y.C. cinema name : ROXY

The answer is "ROXY" because it is a classic name associated with a famous New York City cinema.

Competitive poker? : EPEE

Conceal, with “away” : TUCK …

The answer "TUCK" fits the clue because when you "conceal" something, you often "tuck" it away.

Cool cat’s “Copy that” : I DIG

The phrase "I dig" is slang for "I understand" or "I get it." A cool cat saying "Copy that" is essentially saying "I understand" or "Got it." Therefore, "I DIG" is the right answer that fits the clue.

Corner piece : ROOK

The answer to "Corner piece" is "ROOK" because in chess, the rook is a piece that typically starts in the corner of the board.

D-F-A is one, in music : MINOR CHORD

The answer "MINOR CHORD" is the right solution because in music, a D-F-A combination of notes forms a minor chord. A minor chord is a type of triad that creates a melancholic or sad sound.

Desert near Sinai : NEGEV

The Negev is the correct answer because it is a desert region located in southern Israel, near the Sinai Peninsula.

Desire for a lonely hart? : DOE

The clue "Desire for a lonely hart?" is a wordplay clue. "Hart" is another word for a male deer, and "lonely" suggests removing the letter "L" from it. The resulting word "hart" without the "L" is "HART." "Desire for a" indicates that we need a synonym for desire, which is "DOE." Therefore, "DOE" is the right solution.

Día de los Reyes month : ENERO

The answer to "Día de los Reyes month" is "ENERO" because "Día de los Reyes" is a holiday that is celebrated on January 6th, and "ENERO" is the Spanish word for January.

Director who said “Horror films don’t create fear. They release it” : WES CRAVEN

The answer is "WES CRAVEN" because he is a well-known director who made notable horror films and famously stated that horror films do not create fear, but rather release it.

Drink that should not be served shaken : SODA

The answer "SODA" is the right solution because soda is a carbonated beverage that should not be shaken before serving. When shaken, soda can become fizzy and potentially explode when opened.

Edmonton N.H.L. player : OILER

The Edmonton Oilers are an NHL team based in Edmonton, Canada. Therefore, an "Edmonton N.H.L. player" would be referred to as an "OILER".

Ending with euro : -ZONE

The answer "-ZONE" is the right solution because it completes the phrase "eurozone," which refers to the group of European Union countries that have adopted the euro as their currency.

Entertainment one might view from a box : OPERA

The answer to "Entertainment one might view from a box" is "OPERA" because opera is a form of entertainment that is often viewed from a box seat in a theater.

Food that can be eaten to help with anemia : LIVER

The answer to the clue "Food that can be eaten to help with anemia" is "LIVER" because liver is a rich source of iron, which is essential for treating anemia.

Gave advice : COUNSELED

The answer "COUNSELED" fits the clue "Gave advice" because it is a verb that means to provide guidance or recommendations to someone.

Guiding statements : CREDOS

The answer "CREDOS" fits the clue "Guiding statements" because a credo refers to a set of beliefs or principles that guide someone's actions or behavior.

Half of a rhyming game name : ALAI

The answer "ALAI" is the right solution because it is half of the word "JAI ALAI," which is a rhyming game name.

He actually died about 1,500 years before the fiddle was invented : NERO

The clue mentions that the person died before the fiddle was invented. Nero fits this because he died around 68 AD, while the fiddle was not invented until the 11th century.

How some money is held : IN ESCROW

The answer "IN ESCROW" is the right solution because it refers to a common way of holding money during a transaction. When money is held in escrow, it means that it is held by a neutral third party until certain conditions are met. This ensures that both parties involved in the transaction are protected and that the money is only released when all terms are fulfilled.

Indecent : LEWD

The word "lewd" is often used to describe something that is indecent or sexually explicit. Therefore, "lewd" is the right answer for the clue "Indecent."

Infamous presidential denial : I AM NOT A CROOK

The answer "I AM NOT A CROOK" is the right solution because it is a famous phrase associated with President Richard Nixon, who denied any involvement in the Watergate scandal.

Isn’t out of : HAS

The answer "HAS" fits the clue "Isn't out of" because it suggests possession or ownership, indicating that something is still present or available.

Its lowest score is 120, in brief : LSAT

The LSAT is a standardized test used for admission to law schools. It is known for having a lowest possible score of 120.

Jet black, as hair : RAVEN

The term "raven" is commonly used to describe jet black hair, making it the fitting answer to the clue.

Lawyer in “To Kill a Mockingbird” : FINCH

The answer is "FINCH" because Atticus Finch is the lawyer in the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee.

Length just over one centimeter : HALF-INCH

The answer "HALF-INCH" is the right solution because it refers to a unit of measurement that is just over one centimeter in length. In the imperial system, a half-inch is approximately 1.27 centimeters long.

Like some numbers and scores : EVEN

The answer is "EVEN" because even numbers and scores are divisible by 2 without leaving a remainder.

Major Japanese company HQ’d in a 43-story tower shaped like a rocket : NEC

The answer is "NEC" because NEC is a major Japanese company that is headquartered in a 43-story tower shaped like a rocket.

Male members of the House of Saud : EMIRS

The male members of the House of Saud are often referred to as "emirs" because they hold positions of leadership and authority within the Saudi Arabian royal family.

Many a surgeon, informally : OR DOC

The answer "OR DOC" is the right solution because "OR" is a commonly used abbreviation for an operating room, and "DOC" is a slang term for a doctor or surgeon. Therefore, "Many a surgeon, informally" refers to someone who works in the operating room, which is represented by "OR DOC".

Melber of MSNBC : ARI

The answer "ARI" is the right solution because Ari Melber is a well-known television host and political commentator who works for MSNBC.

Name of seven Danish kings : ERIC

The answer to "Name of seven Danish kings" is "ERIC" because the name "Eric" has been used by seven different Danish kings throughout history.

Natural find with a cavity : GEODE

The answer to "Natural find with a cavity" is "GEODE" because a geode is a rock formation that has a hollow cavity inside.

On a ___ : LARK

The answer to "On a ___" is "LARK" because a lark is a small songbird known for its cheerful and melodious singing. Therefore, being "on a lark" means engaging in a carefree and enjoyable activity.

Org. concerned with cyberwarfare : NSA

The answer "NSA" is the right solution because the National Security Agency (NSA) is an organization that is primarily concerned with cyberwarfare and the protection of national security in the digital realm.

Our bodies need 20+ different kinds to function : AMINO ACIDS

AMINO ACIDS are the building blocks of proteins, and our bodies require over 20 different types of amino acids to carry out various functions. They are essential for the growth, repair, and maintenance of tissues in our bodies.

Pass : ENACT

The word "pass" can mean to approve or make into law, which is exactly what "enact" means. Therefore, "enact" is the correct solution to the clue "Pass."

Passageways : DUCTS

The answer "DUCTS" is the right solution because passageways are typically narrow channels or tubes, and "DUCTS" fits this description perfectly.

Peddle : HAWK

The word "peddle" means to sell goods by going from place to place. "Vend" is a synonym for "peddle" and means to sell goods, especially by going from place to place. Therefore, "vend" is the right solution for the crossword clue "Peddle."

Person who might call a child a bairn : SCOT

Place for a brace : KNEE

The answer "KNEE" is the right solution because a brace is often worn on the knee to provide support and stability.

Quizzes : ASKS

The word "asks" can be used as a verb meaning to pose questions or quizzes to someone. Therefore, "asks" is the right solution to the clue "quizzes."

Rubber overshoe : GALOSH

The answer to "Rubber overshoe" is "GALOSH" because a galosh is a type of rubber overshoe that is worn to protect shoes from rain or snow.

Seasonal phenomenon depicted six times in this puzzle : WINTER MIGRATION

The answer "WINTER MIGRATION" is the right solution because it fits the clue "Seasonal phenomenon depicted six times in this puzzle." In this crossword puzzle, there are six entries that relate to migration during the winter season.

Show indecision, in a way : HAW

The answer "HAW" is the right solution because it is a word that represents indecision or hesitation. It is often used to express doubt or uncertainty, making it a suitable answer for the clue "Show indecision, in a way."

Shows indecision, in a way : HEMS

The word "hems" can mean to hesitate or show indecision, which makes it the right answer for the clue "Shows indecision, in a way."

Some people on deck : SEAMEN

The answer "SEAMEN" fits the clue "Some people on deck" because seamen are individuals who work on a ship or boat, and they can often be found on the deck.

Some seating sections : LOGES

The answer to "Some seating sections" is "LOGES" because loges are specific sections in a theater or opera house that offer private or exclusive seating.

Sprinted : TORE

The answer "TORE" is the right solution because it is a past tense form of the verb "tear," which means to move rapidly or sprint.

State flower of Utah : SEGO

The state flower of Utah is indeed the "SEGO" lily. It was chosen as the state flower in 1911 due to its abundance and beauty in the region.

Structure built in a catenary arch shape : IGLOO

Tea brand : TAZO

The answer to "Tea brand" is "TAZO" because TAZO is a well-known brand that specializes in producing a wide variety of teas.

The Legend of Zelda console, in brief : NES

The answer "NES" stands for Nintendo Entertainment System, which is the console on which the game "The Legend of Zelda" was originally released.

They may precede cries of “GOOOOOAAAAL!” : OLES

The answer "OLES" is the right solution because it is a common exclamation used by spectators to express excitement and support during a soccer match.

Ticks off : ANGERS

The word "ticks off" is a clue that suggests being annoyed or angered. The answer "ANGERS" fits perfectly as it means to make someone angry or upset.

Tonsil treater, in brief : ENT

The answer "ENT" stands for Ear, Nose, and Throat, which is a medical specialty that deals with tonsil treatment. Hence, "ENT" is the right solution for the clue "Tonsil treater, in brief."

Toot one’s own horn : CROW

The phrase "toot one's own horn" is a figure of speech that means to boast about oneself or one's achievements. "Brag" is a verb that means to boast or speak with excessive pride about oneself or one's achievements, making it a fitting answer for the given clue.

Up to this point : YET

The answer "YET" fits the clue "Up to this point" because it implies that something has not happened or been completed until now.

What you do just for grins? : SMILE

The answer "SMILE" is the right solution because smiling is something people often do just for fun or amusement, which is what "for grins" implies.

When many businesses open : AT NINE

The answer "AT NINE" is the right solution because many businesses typically open at 9 o'clock in the morning.

Whole alternative : SKIM

The answer "SKIM" is the right solution because it is an alternative to "Whole" milk. "Skim" milk is a type of milk that has had the cream removed, making it a lower-fat option.

Wide ray : MANTA

The answer "MANTA" is the right solution because a manta ray is a type of ray fish that has a wide wingspan, making it a suitable fit for the clue "Wide ray."

Withered, climate-wise : SERE

The word "sere" means dry or withered, which matches the clue "withered, climate-wise." Therefore, "sere" is the correct answer.

___ de mer : MAL

The phrase "___ de mer" is French for "seasickness." The word "mal" translates to "sickness" or "illness" in French, making it the correct answer.

___ Verde, national park in Colorado : MESA

The answer "MESA" is the right solution because Mesa Verde is known for its mesa formations, which are flat-topped mountains or plateaus with steep sides.

“It’s a ___” : SIGN

The answer "SIGN" fits the clue "It's a ___" because a sign is something that provides information or direction, often displayed in public places.

“The $10,000 Pyramid” host : DICK CLARK

The answer to "The $10,000 Pyramid" host is "DICK CLARK" because he was the original and most well-known host of the game show.

“This again?!” : UGH!

The answer "ANOTHER ONE?!" is the right solution because it captures the exasperation and frustration expressed in the clue "This again!?" in a colloquial and emphatic way. It conveys the sense of repetition and annoyance that the solver may feel when encountering a recurring situation.

“___, verily” : YEA

The phrase "___, verily" is often used to express agreement or affirmation. The word "YEA" is a concise and appropriate response in this context, making it the right solution.

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