New York Times Crossword Clues and Answers for 12 September 2023, Tuesday

Here's all New York Times Crossword answers for 12 September 2023, Tuesday (09-12-23). Find all answers and solutions here. We've also tries to explain why the answer is the correct solution for each clue.
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Clues and answers

Clues followed by answers and an explanation underneath.

4.0 is a great one : GPA

The answer "GPA" stands for Grade Point Average, which is a numerical representation of a student's academic performance. A GPA of 4.0 is considered excellent, making it a great one.

Almost any character in “Hamlet” : DANE

The answer "DANE" is the right solution because Denmark is the setting of the play "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare, and the characters in the play are mostly Danish. Therefore, "Almost any character in 'Hamlet'" can be referred to as a DANE.

Alternatives to Asics : NIKES

The clue "Alternatives to Asics" suggests that we are looking for other brands of athletic shoes that can be used as substitutes for Asics. "NIKES" is a well-known brand of athletic shoes and a popular alternative to Asics, making it the right solution for this clue.

Anne ___ (figure in Broadway’s “Six”) : BOLEYN

The answer is "BOLEYN" because Anne Boleyn is a historical figure who is portrayed in the Broadway musical "Six."

Apt name for a rock climber : CLIFF

The answer "CLIFF" is the right solution because it is an apt name for a rock climber. A cliff is a steep, vertical rock formation, making it a fitting name for someone who climbs rocks.

Aquatic denizen … or a phonetic hint to this puzzle’s circled words : SEA CREATURE

The clue mentions a "phonetic hint to this puzzle's circled words." The word "SEA" sounds like the letter "C," and "CREATURE" means a denizen or inhabitant. So, when you combine "C" with "CREATURE," you get "SEA CREATURE," which fits the clue.

Ashton Kutcher’s “That ’70s Show” role : KELSO

The answer is "KELSO" because Kelso is the name of the character Ashton Kutcher played on the TV show "That '70s Show."

Best-selling Japanese manga and anime series : NARUTO

"NARUTO" is the right answer because it is a highly popular and best-selling Japanese manga and anime series. It has gained a massive following worldwide and has been successful in both print and on-screen adaptations.

Braggarts : EGOTISTS

The answer "EGOTISTS" is the right solution because bragging is a trait commonly associated with egotistical people.

British singer/songwriter Rita : ORA

The answer to the clue "British singer/songwriter Rita" is "ORA" because Rita Ora is a British singer and songwriter.

Brusque : TERSE

"Brusque" means abrupt or blunt in manner or speech. "Abrupt" is a synonym of "brusque", meaning sudden and unexpected. Therefore, "ABRUPT" is the right solution for the crossword clue "Brusque".

Certain belly button : OUTIE

The term "outie" is commonly used to describe a belly button that protrudes outward. Therefore, "outie" is the correct answer for the clue "Certain belly button."

Challenge for a translator, perhaps : IDIOM

The answer "IDIOM" is the right solution because an idiom is a phrase or expression that has a different meaning than its literal interpretation. Translating idioms can be a challenge for translators because they often don't have a direct equivalent in another language.

Chomps on : BITES

The answer "BITES" is the right solution for the clue "Chomps on" because it is a verb that means to use your teeth to cut into or grip something.

Chowed down : ATE

The word "chowed down" is a colloquial expression that means to eat quickly and heartily. The answer "ATE" fits perfectly because it is the past tense of the verb "eat" and accurately represents the action of consuming food.

Color akin to khaki : TAN

The color "tan" is similar to khaki because both are earthy, light brown shades. They share a similar warm and neutral tone, making "tan" the correct answer for this clue.

Conks on the head : BOPS

The word "bops" is a slang term that means to hit or strike someone, often on the head. Hence, "Conks on the head" is a clue that suggests the answer "BOPS" as it fits the meaning of the clue.

Corn Belt state : IOWA

The answer to "Corn Belt state" is "Abbr." because the clue is asking for a state that is part of the Corn Belt, which is a region in the Midwestern United States known for its production of corn. "Abbr." indicates that the answer will be an abbreviation of the state's name.

Cuter than cute : ADORABLE

The word "adorable" means extremely cute or lovable. It is the perfect answer for "cuter than cute" because it emphasizes the idea of something being even more charming and endearing.

Dental coat : ENAMEL

The dental coat refers to the hard, outer layer of the tooth called enamel. It is the hardest substance in the human body and protects the tooth from decay and damage. Therefore, "ENAMEL" is the correct answer.

Drink brand with a lizard logo : SOBE

The answer is "SOBE" because SOBE is a drink brand that is known for its lizard logo.

Felt-tipped writing implement : MARKER

The answer to "Felt-tipped writing implement" is "MARKER" because a marker is a writing tool with a felt tip that is commonly used for drawing or writing on various surfaces.

Gets ready to skate : LACES UP

The answer "LACES UP" is the right solution because when someone is getting ready to skate, they need to tie their skates tightly by lacing them up.

Goes crazy : FLIPS OUT

The phrase "Goes crazy" is a common expression used to describe someone losing control or becoming very agitated. "FLIPS OUT" is a fitting answer because it means the same thing - to lose control or become extremely upset.

Hawaiian beach bashes : LUAUS

The answer to "Hawaiian beach bashes" is "LUAUS" because luaus are traditional Hawaiian feasts or parties that often take place on the beach.

Hoppy quaff, in brief : IPA

The answer to "Hoppy quaff, in brief" is "IPA" because IPA stands for India Pale Ale, which is a type of beer known for its hoppy flavor.

Huffy response to an untrue accusation : I DO NOT!

The answer "I DO NOT!" is a huffy response to an untrue accusation because it strongly denies the accusation, expressing a sense of indignation or frustration.

Income source for Meta : ADS

The answer "ADS" is the right solution because it refers to advertisements, which are a common source of income for online platforms like Meta.

I’ve got this : ON IT

The phrase "I've got this" is often used to express confidence and readiness to take on a task or responsibility. "On it" is a common response, meaning that the person is actively working on or addressing the situation. Therefore, "ON IT" is the right solution for the clue "I've got this."

Japanese rice wine : SAKE

The answer "SAKE" is the right solution because it is a Japanese rice wine commonly consumed in Japan and around the world.

Killer whales : ORCAS

The answer to "Killer whales" is "ORCAS" because ORCAS are commonly known as killer whales.

Ladder levels : RUNGS

The word "rungs" refers to the horizontal steps on a ladder. Therefore, it is the correct answer for the clue "Ladder levels."

Like tridents and forks : TINED

The answer "TINED" is the right solution because tridents and forks both have prongs or tines.

Little bell’s sound : TINKLE

The word "TINKLE" is the right solution because it is a common onomatopoeic word used to describe the sound of a small bell.

Loch ___ monster : NESS

The answer to "Loch ___ monster" is "NESS" because the Loch Ness monster is a famous creature believed to inhabit Loch Ness in Scotland. "NESS" is the shortened form of "Loch Ness" and is commonly used in crossword puzzles.

Mall map listings : STORES

The answer "STORES" is the right solution because mall maps typically list the different stores within the mall.

Mathematical grouping that contains no elements : EMPTY SET

The answer "EMPTY SET" is the right solution because in mathematics, an empty set is a set that contains no elements. It is denoted by the symbol Ø or {} and is a fundamental concept in set theory.

Mined stuff : ORE

The answer "ORE" is the right solution because it refers to the material that is extracted from the earth through mining. It is commonly used to describe minerals or metals that are found and processed for various purposes.

Muslim head scarf : HIJAB

The answer to "Muslim head scarf" is "HIJAB" because a hijab is a traditional head covering worn by Muslim women as a symbol of modesty and religious observance.

Nabisco wafer brand : NILLA

The answer to "Nabisco wafer brand" is "NILLA" because NILLA is a well-known brand of wafers made by Nabisco.

Of practical value : UTILE

The word "utile" means useful or practical, which directly matches the clue "Of practical value." Therefore, "utile" is the correct answer.

Opposite of day, in Germany : NACHT

The answer to "Opposite of day, in Germany" is "NACHT" because "Nacht" is the German word for "night," which is the opposite of "day."

Oscar, Golden Globe and Grammy winner Batiste : JON

The answer is "JON" because it refers to Jon Batiste, who is a musician and has won an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and a Grammy.

Parrot : APE

Parsley portion : SPRIG

The answer "SPRIG" is the right solution because a "sprig" refers to a small stem or twig, typically used to describe a small portion of parsley or other herbs.

Patti in the American Theater Hall of Fame : LUPONE

The answer "LUPONE" is the right solution because Patti LuPone is a renowned American actress and singer who has been inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame.

Pester persistently : BADGER

The word "badger" is the right solution because it means to pester persistently.

Place for a hot bath : SPA

The answer "SPA" fits the clue "Place for a hot bath" because a spa is a location where people go to relax and indulge in various treatments, including hot baths or soaking in hot tubs.

Precursor to rocksteady : SKA

The answer is "SKA" because it is a genre of music that originated in Jamaica in the 1950s. It is considered a precursor to rocksteady, which in turn led to the development of reggae.

Prefix with structure : INFRA-

The prefix "INFRA-" means "below" or "beneath." It is commonly used to indicate something that is underneath or beneath a structure. Therefore, it is the correct answer for the clue "Prefix with structure."

Prolonged attack : SIEGE

The answer "SIEGE" fits the clue "prolonged attack" because a siege is a military tactic where an enemy surrounds a location, cutting off supplies and launching continuous attacks, which can last for an extended period of time.

Release of confidential material to the media : NEWS LEAK

The answer "NEWS LEAK" is correct because it accurately describes the act of releasing confidential material to the media, which often results in the publication of sensitive information.

Rude omissions : SNUBS

The word "SNUBS" fits the clue "Rude omissions" because a snub is a deliberate act of ignoring or excluding someone in a disrespectful or dismissive manner.

Sicilian smoker : ETNA Down 1 Deg. for a creative type

The answer "ETNA" fits the clue "Sicilian smoker" because Mount Etna is an active volcano located in Sicily, Italy. It is known for emitting smoke and lava, making it a suitable answer for the clue.

Sister brand of Crest : ORAL-B

The answer "ORAL-B" is the right solution because it is a well-known sister brand of Crest in the dental care industry.

Slanted columns? : OP-EDS

The answer "OP-EDS" is the right solution because "Slanted columns" is a clever clue that is asking for a term related to opinion pieces in newspapers. "OP-EDS" stands for "opposite the editorial page," which refers to columns that express the personal opinions of the writers.

Soapmaking ingredient : LYE

The answer to "Soapmaking ingredient" is "LYE" because lye is a strong alkaline substance commonly used in soapmaking to help convert fats and oils into soap through a process called saponification.

Sounds like a blast! : FUN!

The answer to "Sounds like a blast!" is "FUN!" because "fun" sounds like "f-u-n," which is a common expression used to describe an enjoyable and exciting experience.

Source of waves in space : PULSAR

A pulsar is a highly magnetized, rotating neutron star that emits beams of electromagnetic radiation. These beams of waves can be detected from space, making pulsars a source of waves in space.

Successful search results : HITS

The term "hits" is commonly used to refer to successful search results. When you search for something online or in a database, the number of relevant and useful results you get is often referred to as the "hits." Therefore, "hits" is the correct answer for the clue "Successful search results."

Summer snack on a stick : ICE POP

The answer "ICE POP" is the right solution because it is a popular summer snack that is typically served on a stick. It is made by freezing flavored liquid or juice, and is enjoyed as a refreshing treat during hot weather.

Table scraps : ORTS

The answer to "Table scraps" is "ORTS" because "orts" refers to small leftover pieces of food or crumbs, which are commonly found on a table after a meal.

The Bells of St. ___ : MARY’S

The answer to "The Bells of St. ___" is "MARY’S" because "Mary's" refers to the possessive form of the noun "Mary," indicating that the bells belong to or are associated with someone named Mary.

Theoretical degree : NTH

The answer "NTH" is the right solution because "NTH" is a term used to represent an unspecified or indefinite degree in mathematics or theoretical discussions.

Toilet paper specification : PLY

The answer "PLY" is the right solution because it refers to the number of layers or thickness of the toilet paper.

Torts students, typically : ONE LS

The answer "ONE LS" is the right solution because "Torts students" refers to law students who are studying torts, which is a branch of law. "LS" is an abbreviation for "law school" or "law students," so "ONE LS" indicates that there is one law student studying torts.

Trailblazers : PIONEERS

The answer to "Trailblazers" is "PIONEERS" because pioneers are individuals who explore new territory and create paths for others to follow. They are the ones who lead the way and break new ground.

Turkey’s capital : ANKARA

The answer to "Turkey's capital" is "ANKARA" because Ankara is the actual capital city of Turkey.

Unwashed : DIRTY

The word "dirty" is the right answer to the clue "unwashed" because it directly implies a lack of cleanliness.

Yale student : ELI

The answer "ELI" is the right solution because it is a nickname for a Yale student. It is derived from the university's founder, Elihu Yale.

___-fashioned (cocktail) : OLD

The answer is "OLD" because "Old-fashioned" is a type of cocktail.

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