Answer to "Big name in guerrilla warfare" crossword clue

The most common and most likely answer to this crossword clue is the 3 letter word CHE which also is the latest solution we found used in Crosswords Media in 2005.

Big name in guerrilla warfare crossword clue answers

Here's a list of possible crossword answers ranked by the most likely to least likely.

Answer Likelyness Letters
CHE100 %3

Words with a meaning similar to the clue: Big name in guerrilla warfare

These words may or may not be a possible solution to this crosswords clue.
  • shanxi
  • guevara
  • lear
  • ethiopia
  • tito
  • bushwhacking
  • gangs
  • gangsters
  • guerrillas
  • james
  • bushwhack
  • chetnik

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